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Chris Lowe

In 2001, Chris began his career in London as an analyst for financial markets news agency Reuters.

He later became an investigative financial reporter in his native Ireland. He worked for The Phoenix magazine, covering the real estate boom and bust there in the mid-2000s.

In 2007, Chris decided to “go independent.” He became an analyst at The Agora, the publishing firm founded by Bill Bonner in 1979.

With Bonner & Partners publisher Will Bonner (Bill’s eldest son), Chris helped launch Agora’s first foray into the Latin American market – a financial publishing project in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Chris heads up our The Daily Cut e-letter and our Legacy Inner Circle advisory, where he brings you the best money-making ideas from the Legacy team.

Chris is happiest when he’s traveling the world, tracking down new profit opportunities for readers. When he’s not on the road, he’s based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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