Daily Cut

The U.S. Is in a 5G Race Against China

The real war with China is over 5G. And it’s an investing trend you can’t afford to ignore.

Trump Blocks Tech Merger to Stimulate 5G Leadership

Whoever wins this struggle will be the economic powerhouse of the next decade…

Rising Government Debt Could Further Boost Gold’s Value

Just buy gold on dips, extract your money from the banks, and try to sleep well at night.

Pentagon Testing Surveillance Balloons Across the U.S.

With surveillance on the rise, a bear market could be the least of your worries…

China and Russia Building Out Network to Bypass U.S. Dollar

The feds are weaponizing our money. But our rivals have a plan to circumvent the U.S. dollar…

A Global Recession Has Likely Already Started

Take active measures now to shore up your wealth... before it’s too late.

Use the “Rubber Band” to Profit in a Bear Market

We can tell when a rubber band has been stretched close to the limit. The same goes for the...