Daily Cut

Central Bank Chaos Will Boost Cryptos

The Fed lost control of interest rates. That’s rocket fuel for cryptos.

Bitcoin’s Coming Surge Will Boost the Altcoin Market

Once bitcoin recovers, the rest of the altcoin market will play catch-up.

Bitcoin Is Set to Surpass Its All-Time High

Bitcoin’s reliability will only be more valuable as faith in government-issued currencies ebbs.

On the Edge of a 200% Rally in Oil

Past external oil shocks can help us figure out what might happen in the future…

Small Allocation to Bitcoin Can Dramatically Boost Portfolio Returns

Gold is the past… Bitcoin is the future.

Your Savings Are at Risk in the Cashless World That’s Coming

Are you ready for the “digital slaughterhouse”?

Crypto-Fiat Currency Is a Disaster for Your Privacy

The feds will know exactly where, when, and what you purchase…