Ethereum is up nearly 500% this year.

That’s roughly 5x the return of the “King of Cryptos,” bitcoin.

And world-renowned crypto expert Teeka Tiwari says Ethereum is on track to surpass bitcoin as the world’s most valuable crypto.

Teeka’s crypto recommendations have given his readers the chance to really move the needle on their wealth.

For instance, they’ve seen gains of more than 47,000% on Ethereum since Teeka first recommended it in 2016.

And tonight at 8 p.m. ET, he’s lifting the lid off his latest profit prediction.

It’s called the “Super Halving” event. And as Weekly Pulse host Tom Beal and I discuss in this week’s video, it’s shaping up to be one of the most profitable predictions of Teeka’s career.

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Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle

P.S. If you prefer to read along, we’ve included a transcript of our conversation below.


Tom Beal: With Ethereum having over 400% growth in 2021 so far, what type of growth awaits for the remainder of this year, as a possibility?

My name is Tom Beal, host of The Weekly Pulse, where we break down the largest wealth-growth story each and every week. I’m here today with my guest expert, the editor of Legacy Inner Circle, Chris Lowe.

So, Chris, the topic of Ethereum is huge. There’s been so much happening and so much growth. Where do we begin our conversation on Ethereum today?

Chris Lowe: Tom, I think the best place to start the conversation is just to look at the returns of Ethereum this year.

We’ve been talking a lot on The Weekly Pulse about bitcoin. It’s the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, and it was the first cryptocurrency. It’s up 90% in 2021. We’re only in May. That’s an incredible return.

Ethereum, which is the second-most valuable cryptocurrency by market value, is up 430% this year. So really, it’s Bitcoin-trouncing. It’s just a crazy return.

So I thought today, what we’d do is look at what Ethereum is, what’s making it go up so much, even compared to bitcoin, and where it’s going in the future, according to our cryptocurrency expert here at Legacy Research, Teeka Tiwari.

Tom: I’d love to hear all that because this is one of the big movers of the year. As we’ve always witnessed, Teeka has his finger on the pulse of where things are going.

So what is Ethereum?

Chris: I think the first thing to get our heads around is what Ethereum is not. Because a lot of people think, “Oh, Ethereum is some other cryptocurrency that wants to displace bitcoin as the store of value, or as a medium of exchange, or as a global payments network.” That’s got nothing to do with it. That’s very important.

Ethereum isn’t really trying to solve the problem of electronic cash in the way that bitcoin is.

Ethereum is really a software development platform for crypto. Teeka compares it to Microsoft Windows or the Apple App Store. These are development platforms that allow app developers to build their apps and sell them to the public. That’s really the same thing that Ethereum does, but Ethereum does it in the crypto world.

So what’s very important, Tom, is that the apps that you can build on Ethereum, they’re much more secure than the apps you’re going to get on Microsoft Windows. Which, as anyone who’s ever used that system knows, it’s very insecure. You’ve got virus software, and there are all sorts of ways in which data or programs you are using can be attacked.

Crypto is extremely secure. We know that because bitcoin has been up and running for a decade and it’s never been tampered with. No one has forged a single bitcoin.

So we know from bitcoin that the blockchain technology, which underpins all this, this decentralized technology is highly secure.

It also cuts out middleman. If you look at a financial app like Robinhood. We saw what happened with the GameStop saga. Robinhood, which is a broker app, basically said, “You can’t trade GameStop anymore. We’re going to shut it down. We’ve decided, as the board of management, or the CEO of Robinhood, we’re just not going to have this.”

That can’t happen in the crypto world because it’s decentralized, there are no middlemen.

For this reason, Teeka is extremely excited about what cryptos can do, and what Ethereum can do in terms of something called decentralized finance, which we can talk about on this video. But have I brought you with me so far?

Tom: Yes. The app store comparison. Then you mentioned the beginning of Microsoft Windows. So it gives that platform.

So it actually has a real-world value. It’s not competing with bitcoin. People can use that to create, just like you said, apps on the App Store inside Ethereum.

So it’s got a real-world value. It actually provides a service that people are eager for. Obviously, it must be something in demand because the price has skyrocketed, as you mentioned, this year alone.

Chris: Exactly. When someone builds a new app, you don’t expect them to go and build an operating system, like the Apple iOS operating system. If you’re building an app, you don’t go and rebuild Windows.

These new crypto projects can just use the Ethereum blockchain and piggyback on that. They all share that blockchain. They’re all in the same environment and that is very powerful.

I think what’s really driving this rally that we’ve seen, this nearly five X bitcoin… I mean, Bitcoin is up 90%. It’s just mad. When you think about the S&P 500, that typically rises about 10% a year – in a good year. So we’re talking absolutely phenomenal growth.

The reason for that, Teeka says, is that decentralized finance (DeFi), this new type of financial system, essentially a total do-over of the financial system, in which you can borrow and lend cryptocurrencies. You can earn yield or income on cryptocurrencies. You have new insurance markets.

You’re basically getting this parallel system building up in the crypto-sphere, where you can get these decentralized versions of mainstream financial apps.

Here’s the thing, Tom. Ethereum is becoming the go-to platform for those DeFi apps. So just as developers flocked to Microsoft as a platform to build their software services on to sell to the public, DeFi developers are flocking to Ethereum.

So it’s really very much a play on this DeFi revolution, which Teeka has been following.

Teeka set up an advisory all about how to profit from DeFi. That was in December 2018. I looked at the performance of the cryptos [in that model portfolio] and they are incredible. There’s something like 32 open recommendations. There’s one loser, 31 winners. The average gain is over 1,000%. The top gain is 26,000%.

So this is just a huge, surging market. And Ethereum is a very core way to play that DeFi boom.

Tom: Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one raising my hand, saying, “Yes, I would love some of those types of returns.” We heard the great growth with Ethereum, which leads… I’m not wanting to jump over the points you want to mention.

My question is, and I’m guessing some other readers are the same, with the massive growth that we’ve seen with Ethereum so far, is it at its max? Or does Teeka – and the other experts at Legacy – see it continuing to grow?

If we’re here to grow our wealth, did we miss the boat with Ethereum? Or where are we now with where it stands? As we’re recording this, Ethereum’s about $3,900.

Chris: Tom you’re right. It’s the question we should answer. Teeka went live with a large, online event on the 31st of March. He said, “Ethereum is going to be the next trillion-dollar crypto coin.”

Now, what did he mean by that? Well, if you add up all the bitcoins that are in existence, they add up to more than $1 trillion. We call it the bitcoin market cap.

Ethereum has doubled since Teeka came out with that call on the 31st of March. It’s up over 100%. Bitcoin is actually down 5% since that call. So Teeka has absolutely nailed it in terms of timing.

His view is that Ethereum’s going to surpass bitcoin as the world’s most valuable crypto.

So are you too late? No. But it was great for readers who got in on the trillion-dollar coin event, because that was a really good price, right? We’re up 100% from then.

But even with that rally, the market cap of Ethereum is still under half a trillion, under $500 billion. So the answer is no, there could be at least a doubling from here.

$1 trillion isn’t where Teeka sees things settling. It’s a milestone, but it’s an important milestone.

So are you too late? Absolutely not. Kudos to folks who got in when Teeka was really banging the drum at the end March. But no, there’s still plenty of time to get in.

Especially as we continue to see the buildout of this DeFi economy, that’s really taking on Wall Street and taking on some of the fees of Wall Street, some of the corruption of Wall Street.

So this is a really good news story that’s making a lot of ordinary investors a lot of money.

Tom: One thing I’ve learned in working with you, Chris, and the experts of Legacy Research, is follow what Teeka and the other experts within Legacy say. Because whenever I allow anyone to get in my ear that’s outside of that circle, that’s when I do stupid things.

So if Teeka is saying it still has potential to double, and that’s just, like you said, another milestone, that makes me feel comfortable.

On that note, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a straight shot. As we’ve seen with crypto, you have to have a strong stomach, recognize that it may drop, and it’ll have that rollercoaster ride as it gets to where its market cap is leading, according to Teeka.

Chris: That’s right, Tom. I should note that Teeka first recommended Ethereum at $9. It is nearly $4,000 now. I calculated it yesterday. It would’ve taken you a $2,000 grubstake to become a millionaire in Ethereum, if you’d followed Teeka’s original recommendation in April 2016. It’s incredible.

Teeka actually interviewed Vitalik Buterin, the 27-year-old programmer who created Ethereum. Teeka actually says it was that conversation with Vitalik that opened up the doors to a lot of very high-level crypto folks that are in Teeka’s network.

Teeka has another big call out right now. It’s not about Ethereum, but it’s about something very, very big, which he calls the Super Halving.

Now, I know you’ve probably heard of the halving, this phenomenon where the bitcoin supply tightens up as a result of the tapering off of the issuance of new bitcoin, which is actually built into the bitcoin code.

The Super Halving is something different, but it’s going to have a huge effect.

I’m not going to say much about that here, but I just took down some figures because they’re just so stunning. I really want folks to be able to tune in to this Super Halving event, which happens tonight, kicking off at 8.00 p.m. ET. I just wanted to read out some of the details of what happened for folks who showed up to these events before with Teeka.

Folks who followed his recommendations ahead of the 2016 bitcoin halving have had the chance to make gains as high as 14,619% and 26,977%. Folks who positioned themselves before the 2020 bitcoin halving saw his recommendations go up 2,950% and 5,121%.

Since just last November, a basket of altcoins coins – coins other than bitcoin, who had their own internal halvings – they have delivered gains of over 1,000%.

So I’m not going to go into what the Super Halving is, but I will tell you that these events have been extremely profitable events for folks.

We’re going to put a link beneath this video. I really hope folks who want to catch the next big wave, if you like, the next really big Teeka call, do turn up.

It’s at 8.00 p.m. tonight. Clear the schedules, tune in. It’s going to be a fascinating event.

I think I’ll hand it over to you again, Tom, for some final words.

[To register for tonight’s Super Halving event with Teeka, just click here.]

Tom: Well, I will be there because as mentioned, I’ve learned through trial and error, when I listen to Teeka, I win. When I let anyone else get into my ear, or anyone outside the Legacy Research experts that you bring to our awareness, I make dumb decisions. So I will be there listening to Teeka because, as you mentioned, the track record speaks for itself.

I know folks watching this will also be raising your hands saying, “I would love to experience some of those types of gains.” So check it out. See how what Chris brings to you with these experts – Teeka and the others – is the inside scoop to see things in a way that others don’t in the mainstream media.

This is a way for you to get insights that can help you receive those growth numbers that Chris just shared with you, that will be life-changing. So check it out. Enjoy it. Man, I’m excited to be a part of that as well.

Tom: If you’re still here, that means you’re not yet part of Legacy Inner Circle. This is the tip of the iceberg. What you just heard here is Ethereum, one of the many moving parts that Chris is able to look into.

Not just Teeka, but all the other experts within Legacy Research, to see what are the big gainers and why are they doing that? He brings to the members of Legacy Inner Circle the awareness of those portfolios that are getting those ridiculous gains. So you can know that information and make the proper move.

So Chris, for those who aren’t yet part of Legacy Inner Circle, how can you share how important it is now to get in, with all of the craziness that’s happening in the world?

Chris: Things are very crazy in the world. It’s a very unusual time. Things are going up and down like crazy. So it is a really important time to be well-informed.

Maybe we should just pedal back a bit and say that Legacy Inner Circle comes from Bill Bonner, the co-founder of Legacy Research, which is the publishing firm behind Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Brown, Dave Forest, and Nick Giambruno, on all the experts that we publish.

Bill is a serial newsletter entrepreneur, a very famous guy in our industry. He’s really the “Godfather,” if you like, of the financial newsletter business that exists today.

Five years ago, he was like, “When I want to know something about what’s happening in the market, I can just tap into one of my experts. If I want to know something about gold, I can talk to Doug Casey, my friend. If I want to know something about crypto”…

Now, Bill, isn’t a big crypto guy, but if he wants to just understand it, he can call Teeka. If he wants to know about commodities, he can go and talk to our geologist and mining entrepreneur, Dave Forest.

The point is that Bill could have that 360 degree view. Whenever something popped on the radar that looked interesting, he could really drill down.

What he wanted to do with Legacy Inner Circle was recreate that level of access for our most loyal readers. That’s really what it’s about.

Legacy Inner Circle is not a crypto recommendation newsletter. But when Teeka started banging the drum on this new thing called bitcoin back in April 2016, we recommended it to our readers. I called up Teeka and I said, “Hey, Teeka, what’s this all about?” We sent out a dispatch on it.

Bitcoin wasn’t quite as low as when Teeka told his readers to get in. He got his readers in at $428 per bitcoin. By the time I talked to Teeka and put it in front of Legacy Inner Circle members, it was at $650, $660. But at nearly $60,000 a coin, you can kind of forgive a couple of hundred dollars. I think that just speaks volumes for the power of this service.

It’s not the only thing we’ve done. We’ve also been very early on legal cannabis stocks, psychedelic medicine stocks, 5G stocks. You name it.

Because I’m constantly in conversation with the experts, guys like Jeff Brown, Teeka, Doug Casey, Bill Bonner, and figuring out what is the most important, the most profitable story we can be telling?

Then, every Friday, we put it on our members’ radars. Typically, it’s a conversation I’ve had with one of the experts. It may be an audio conversation. We often share videos. We also share research.

We just dive into the big issues like crypto, like bleeding edge technology, like precious metals, and give folks a really deeper understanding than they’re going to get by just, say, reading a daily e-letter.

So if you’re new to investing, you’re trying to find your home, you’re trying to find what it is that excites you, or you just want to be informed about the really big market-moving stories, Legacy Inner Circle is a perfect subscription.

Tom: I couldn’t agree more. It is your GPS to keeping you on track to growing and protecting your wealth.

Not only that. Chris has put together an amazing special offer for viewers of The Weekly Pulse. You’ll be thrilled. It’s basically the cost of a venti at Starbucks.

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So click the link below, go check out the super special offer, watch the video, if you want to learn more about what’s inside Legacy Inner Circle.

We look forward to seeing you inside the members’ area, inside the iOS and Android app, and getting your feedback: “Holy cow! I took action. I can’t believe the results I’m getting!”

We look forward to seeing you in there.

Until next time, make today great.

Thanks, Chris.

Chris: Thanks, Tom.

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