Tonight’s the night…

At 8 p.m. ET, America’s No. 1 crypto expert, Teeka Tiwari, will lift the lid on his latest crypto prediction.

It’s all to do with a massive “supply shock” about to hit bitcoin (BTC)… and send its price – along with some smaller crypto investments – skyrocketing.

I (Chris Lowe) have rarely seen Teeka so pumped about a crypto catalyst. So I’m not going to beat around the bush today…

If your goal is to pay off your mortgage early… or buy a dream vacation home… or even have the financial freedom to never work another day in your life… I urge you to clear some time in your schedule and tune in to what Teeka has to say.

I don’t usually bang the drum this hard on an opportunity…

But if I didn’t do my best to bring this to your attention, I wouldn’t be doing my job.

The Daily Cut is about helping you move the needle on your wealth by flagging major market moves ahead of the crowd.

I do that by plugging you into the best ideas from Teeka and the rest of the Legacy Research team.

And this is one of the biggest ideas I’ve come across lately.

The supply shock that’s coming is still off most investors’ radars. And Teeka believes it’s the best “asymmetric” opportunity in the crypto market today.

As regular readers know by now, an asymmetric bet is one where you risk only a small sum for the chance at windfall returns.

So make sure to secure your spot at Teeka’s event here. There’s no charge to attend.

Teeka’s track record is the best I’ve ever seen…

By a long shot

And I’ve been working in the financial newsletter industry for the past 14 years.

A good example is his recommendation to paid-up subscribers of our Palm Beach Letter and Palm Beach Confidential advisories in April 2016 to buy ether (ETH). It’s the crypto native to the Ethereum network.

As part of his research, Teeka met and interviewed the whiz kid programmer who’s one of the cofounders of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.


Teeka (on the right) with Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin in 2016

Since this recommendation, ETH is up 47,676%.

That would have turned every $1,000 investment into $477,760. All you needed to become a millionaire was $2,093… and the fortitude to hold for the long term, as Teeka urged.

And in February, he handed Palm Beach Confidential subscribers the chance to take profits of 38,055% on Ethereum competitor NEO (NEO).

Crazily, these are just two of several quintuple-digit winners Teeka has recommended.

Teeka hasn’t been resting on his laurels…

In December 2018, he launched a new crypto-focused advisory, Palm Beach Crypto Income.

His goal was to capture the explosive profit potential of the DeFi (decentralized finance) revolution.

It’s the complete reworking of the mainstream financial system using crypto technology I’ve been putting on your radar. And it allows you to unlock fat streams of income on your crypto.

Teeka and his chief analyst, Greg Wilson, have hit it out of the park with their crypto income picks.

At this writing, of the 31 open recommendations in the model portfolio, all but two are winners. The top gainer is up 12,099%. And the average gain is 1,123%.

The average gain for U.S. stock market bellwether the S&P 500 is about 10% a year.

You’d have to wait more than a century in an S&P 500-tracking fund to match the average gain of Teeka and Greg’s picks.

And judging from the flood of thank-you notes Teeka’s readers have sent him (read some for yourself below), his recommendations have radically transformed their lives for the better.

So what will Teeka be talking about tonight?

I’m not going to steal his thunder. What I can say is it’s a phenomenon he calls the “Super Halving.”

If you already know all about bitcoin, you’ll know what a halving is. It’s a pre-programmed reduction by half of the supply of new bitcoins that happens every roughly four years.

The days and weeks leading up to past halvings have been great times to buy bitcoin.

Readers who followed Teeka’s advice and positioned themselves before the 2016 bitcoin halving had the chance to make gains as high as 14,619% and 26,977%.

Folks who positioned themselves before the 2020 bitcoin halving saw his recommendations soar as high as 2,950% and 5,121%.

And a basket of “altcoins” (cryptos other than bitcoin) he recommended last November before their own internal halvings have delivered average gains of more than 1,000%.

The “Super Halving” is different from past halvings…

Teeka believes it will turbocharge the bitcoin price… like halvings have done before.

But unlike past halvings, it has nothing to do with bitcoin’s code.

Instead, it’s a one-off event mainstream investors… and most analysts on Wall Street… have missed.

Teeka will reveal all… and show you why he believes it will be a bigger catalyst than all the other halvings combined… when he kicks off his event at 8 p.m. tonight.

That’s just hours from now. So here’s the link again to reserve your seat.

A final word if you’re still undecided…

If you’re still on the fence… or if you think these kinds of transformational gains happen only for other people… I get it. I really do.

Like with all breakthroughs, they can seem odd – even screwball – at first.

I’m old enough to have been around for the early days of the internet.

In 1999, one of my first serious jobs was at an internet startup in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I got the job because I was able to explain to the founder in my interview how web pages worked.

I remember the dumbfounded expressions when I explained this new technology to folks who’d never heard about it before…

They’re exactly the same expressions I see today when I talk about crypto.

That’s only natural…

This stuff is hard to wrap your head around. Only a small fraction of investors understand what’s going on in the crypto market.

So instead of trying to figure out what a blockchain is… or the difference between bitcoin and Ethereum… here are some thank-you notes Teeka’s readers have sent through.

To me, they’re the most persuasive reason to put your doubts and fears aside… and at least hear Teeka out tonight.

Teeka, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my husband. We started with you last August, when Jeff Brown told his subscribers to listen to one of your talks on bitcoin.

I had never heard of bitcoin. After reading one of your reports, I was lost. So I asked my husband for help. He stayed up all night trying to figure it all out.

But 10 months later, we are up over $2 million! Every night we pinch ourselves in disbelief. How can we ever thank you?

– Bobbi S.

Before I joined Palm Beach Confidential, I was terrified of retirement. My investments had never done well enough to support me in my old age. 

Now, thanks to your advice, I’m earning nearly $1,000 per week in interest on my crypto holdings. I no longer need to fear I’ll have to work ’til my dying day.

– Dale A.

I want to express my gratitude for the expertise you pour into Palm Beach Confidential and your other services. Our portfolio has grown to almost $1 million. It is a very surreal time for us.

My wife and I recently got a Yorkshire terrier. We named it Teeka in honor of you and how you changed our lives.

– Adam P.

Teeka, you have changed my family’s life and helped us tremendously.

What took me 38 years to build in the stock market, I did in four years by following your advice.

I appreciate all you do and the difference you have made in others’ lives. Thank you so much!

– Brain B.

I’ve paid for advisory services before – to guys who talked big, and delivered small. Teeka talks big, but he delivers big. The gains I’ve made in six months (328%) would have taken 10 years or more using typical investments in growth stocks. Signing up for Teeka’s advisory services has been the best investment I ever made.

– Michael H.

Thank you for the great recommendations. My son is severely disabled, and money is always a little tight. Over the past few years, I’ve made some crypto purchases and am thrilled with the results so far.

I really appreciate the reassuring notes you leave for us subscribers, and the guidance you’ve provided. You’ve helped me get onto a path that will help me build a nest egg and make sure my son’s financial future is secure. That’s no small thing when it comes to disabilities. Again, thank you!

– Gregory R.

Tonight, for the first time ever, Teeka will open up access to six explosive crypto-related investments that will benefit from the “Super Halving.”

He’s never discussed these plays in any publication before.

But he’ll share details on them at his event tonight. That alone should be reason enough to secure your spot now.



Chris Lowe
May 12, 2021
Barcelona, Spain