Last week, I introduced you to the newest member of the Legacy Research team – Nomi Prins.

She’s a former Wall Street insider, who knows how to beat financial elites at their own game.

And since she quit Wall Street in disgust two decades ago, she’s been on a mission to help everyday investors like you really move the needle on your wealth.

As Nomi has been spreading the word on, central bank money-printing has led to a growing disconnect between the markets and the real economy.

It’s leading to deep societal problems… including inflation and widening wealth inequality.

But don’t worry. Not everyone will suffer. There are even ways to profit…

In this week’s video at the top of the page, Nomi reveals the five investment themes she’s focused on that will help you boost your portfolio returns in 2022.



Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle


Tom Beal: The feedback from the introduction of Legacy Research Group’s newest analyst, Nomi Prins, has been off the charts, tremendous. [To catch up, just click here.]

This week, we’re going to dive a little bit deeper, as Nomi explains what she’s going to be focusing on to assist you in growing and protecting your wealth in the upcoming weeks, months, and years.

My name is Tom Beal, host of The Weekly Pulse, where we break down the biggest wealth-growth story of the week. I’m here today with the editor of Legacy Inner Circle, Chris Lowe. Chris, how do we kick off today’s conversation?

Chris Lowe: Tom, last week on The Weekly Pulse, we introduced you to the newest analyst coming on board at Legacy Research, Nomi Prins. This week, we have another video from Nomi, where she explains the five sectors she’s going to be watching in 2022.

She’ll also introduce you to the big-picture theme that she’s going to be tracking throughout the year for us and for her readers, which is something she calls a permanent distortion.

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And as you’ll hear from Nomi in this video, that’s got to do with the gushing central bank stimulus we’ve seen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nomi Prins: Hi everyone. Nomi Prins here again.

I’m speaking to you from the beautiful Los Padres National Forest. It’s between Santa Barbara and the gorgeous town of Ojai, California, near to my other home base, when I’m not on the road uncovering some key global trend for you or speaking with senior officials about what they see coming.

First of all, though, I want to wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

In my last video to you, I told you about my background as a Wall Street executive and how I thought that sharing that insight from my experiences, as well as my modeling skills, can help you to grow your wealth.

I also described for you the top trends on my radar for 2022. I mentioned that these trends stem from a once-in-a-century phenomenon that’s occurring right now. This condition is a permanent distortion between the financial markets and the real economy.

Before all of the turbocharged central bank activity that happened in the wake of the pandemic, it was just a distortion. Markets were floating on the back of gushing money flow. And the real economy was maybe, maybe getting a few drops of that.

But now, there’s absolutely no going back to what was. There’s only moving forward, with us providing you the best possible tools, approach, and investment strategies to meet this particular moment.

To recap the main themes I see unfolding in 2022 to do just that, we’ve created our own sectors. These are:

  1. New energy

  2. Infrastructure

  3. Transformative technology

  4. The metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI)

  5. New money

They combine some sectors or industries that are already out there, but in a fresh way.

We’re going to be explaining what types of industries, precious metals, and innovations fall into each of these sectors as we move along.

We’re also going to be constantly recalibrating our models around them to reflect how they capture today’s – and also tomorrow’s – marketplace.

But what’s super-interesting to me is that these five areas are not really separate. They’re not mutually exclusive. They have major overlaps between them.

And that’s where I believe we’ll find some terrific opportunities.

We’re going to be talking to our subscribers in depth about each of these sectors, and also, giving more color about other factors that we’ll be examining as we go forward and as the markets evolve. So stay tuned for that.

But what I can tell you about those factors now is that they incorporate shifts of money flows around the world that are constantly in flux.

We’re going to leave no stone unturned here in our models, our strategy, or our recommendations.

Also very soon, I’m going to be unveiling our new core model portfolio of seven names that correspond to those sectors. These names form the foundation of our strategy for 2022.

I want to point out right now, though, that a couple of those names fall in the same sector. And that’s because as we analyze money flows, we also monitor where that money’s likely to settle at any given time. And based on that, we weigh certain sectors in our portfolio more than others and send recommendations based on that.

Our subscribers are going to be receiving some easy-to-follow tools as well in our upcoming January issue to see how we do that.

We truly believe in sharing all of this information with our subscribers in our journey to help them build and protect their wealth. If you sign up to receive that portfolio, you can immediately begin taking full advantage of the distortion and the disruptions that I see on the horizon.

And as I said last week, and I cannot stress this enough, it’s critical for me, and for my global team, to be constantly watching these positions and looking out for new opportunities on behalf of our subscribers.

We will always be monitoring how these recommendations are performing and providing our subscribers with timely alerts about when it’s time to take positions off at profit. Or sometimes, when it’s necessary to reduce exposure to certain names or sectors based on the shifting patterns of money flows and other parameters of our models.

Going forward, my global team and I will be providing our subscribers actionable trade recommendations that expand upon our core portfolio every single month.

We’ll be giving specific guidance as well on the entry and the exit levels along the way.

But right now, we’re also putting the finishing touches on our first exclusive special report. That’s where I’m going to be giving a sneak peek into our exciting upcoming January issue.

We hope you join us on this journey.

Talk again soon.

Tom: Wow! Last week, we were introduced to Nomi. And this week, I am super-excited to hear what she’s going to be focusing on. Because we’re here to help you grow your and protect your wealth. But guess what? I also am looking to grow and protect my wealth. And it sounds like Nomi’s got a lot of great insights that will be helpful for all of us in doing just that in 2022. So I’m super-excited about this, Chris.

Chris: I am, too, Tom. I was actually in the room when we were talking to Nomi about the big ideas that she’d be bringing to the table and sharing with Legacy Research readers. And they’re really fascinating.

Nomi’s a macro person. She’s a big-picture thinker. And she has that crucial insight into how Wall Street works. And how our readers can get ahead of the Wall Street crowd using some of the insights that she picked up working on the Street.

So we’ll be hearing a lot more from Nomi. If you tune in to The Weekly Pulse, no doubt you’ll be hearing in more depth some of the ideas that Nomi will be sharing with her readers.

Tom: I’m excited. 2022 has begun. And with Nomi on board, we’re all excited to hear how we can grow and protect our wealth even further.

Thanks again, Chris.

Chris: Thanks, Tom.

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