This week… we introduce the newest member of the Legacy Research team.

Her name is Nomi Prins…

And she has a stellar resume.

A math whizz from an early age, Nomi got her first job as an analyst for Chase Manhattan Bank.

She went on to work at Bear Stearns and at Goldman Sachs.

But in 2001, she quit Wall Street in disgust.

Ever since, she’s been blowing the whistle on its shady practices.

Nomi has dedicated her life to helping regular investors get ahead by leveling the playing field between them and Wall Street.

And she’s coming on board here at Legacy to show readers like you how to navigate the distorted market central banks have created.

Although these distortions lead to wealth threats, such as inflation… there are also ways regular investors can profit.

It’s all in this week’s update with me and Weekly Pulse host Tom Beal at the top of the page.



Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle


Tom Beal: As we begin to wind down the 2021 calendar year, it’s with great excitement that I’m here to introduce you to one of the new Legacy Research Group analysts that’s going to be there to assist you in growing and protecting your wealth in the upcoming months and years. And wait until you hear her resume. It is stellar and impressive, to say the least.

My name is Tom Beal, host of The Weekly Pulse, where we break down the biggest wealth-growth story of the week. I’m here today with the editor of Legacy Inner Circle, Chris Lowe. Chris, how do we kick off today’s discussion?

Chris Lowe: Tom, this week, we have something a little different than our usual insights into what’s happening right now in the markets.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard at Legacy to bring on our newest analyst onto the team. She’s a former Wall Street insider turned investigative reporter and financial author. She brings a wealth of experience and insider knowledge of how Wall Street works to Legacy.

And she’s going to be launching a range of new investment advisories with us in the new year.

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So let’s go straight over to Nomi, who has recorded an introductory video to what she’s all about and what readers can expect of her in 2022.

Nomi Prins: Hi everyone. Nomi Prins here, speaking to you from Los Angeles, California. I hope that you all had lovely and peaceful holidays this year.

LA is actually one of my home bases. That’s when I’m not on the road, uncovering some on-the-ground trend or meeting with various senior officials somewhere.

But I cannot tell you how super-thrilled I am to be embarking upon this new journey with you.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, before I tell you more about some of the really exciting things that we’re working on for you, let me tell you a bit about myself. And also, why my experience can actually help you to grow your wealth, especially during this incredibly pivotal time of opportunity in the markets.

Now, I’m an investigative journalist, an author, and an advisor on economic and financial matters globally.

But once, I was actually a Wall Street insider. Yes, I was.

I started my career in finance, at the Chase Manhattan Bank on Wall Street, when I was just 19 years old. That was while I was still finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.

Over there, I designed some cutting-edge models that captured how money was flowing in the foreign exchange markets, the bond markets, and the stock markets.

After that, I went on to take a job sitting on the trading floor at Lehman Brothers. Also there, I developed innovative analytical tools. And because of that, I was sent to discuss these with central banks around the world.

After that, I left Lehman Brothers to join Bear Stearns in London. That was during the nineties, when there was a lot of stuff going on in finance. There, I created a 30-person research team. We covered the gamut of emerging market bonds, mortgage bonds, stocks, and we also created all sorts of tailormade securities specifically for our customers.

We actually became one of the most respected analytical teams in London. I was awarded the position of Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns as a result.

And that’s when Goldman Sachs hired me as a Managing Director at their headquarters in New York City. Over there, I ran two groups.

One of them was dedicated to the analysis of a fast-growing part of the market called credit derivatives.

And I was also head of a group called First. That determined some really cool portfolio and investment strategies for pension funds, hedge funds, money managers, corporations, and other financial players.

But I left Goldman right after 9/11. There were two main reasons for that. First of all, it just didn’t feel to me anymore like Goldman Sachs was putting its clients ahead of its own interests. The rest of the world found that out when the financial crisis hit in 2008. But I knew it from the inside.

But also, when those two planes struck the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, so close to my office that I actually saw one fly by my window, I realized that life is just too short.

I realized that my real calling was to educate others about the inner workings of Wall Street and how to make them work for you.

That’s why I am thrilled to be able to bring you our cutting-edge newsletter, special reports, and a host of other products, that are going to benefit from my analytical expertise, my inside Wall Street experiences, and my ongoing, on-the-ground analysis from around the world.

Because at the end of the day, I truly, truly believe that it is so important to keep observing and reassessing information on patterns and trends as they are evolving. Because we are actually standing at the precipice of an epic restructuring of the markets, the economy, and finance in general. Money, in general.

I believe a number of things: That central bank money will continue to cushion the markets, no matter what noise there is about tapering or tightening. I believe that the markets will continue to be distorted from the real economy.

But I also believe that this means that there are incredible opportunities in the shifting of patterns and trends, and that this is the time to take advantage of all of that distortion.

That’s why I’m hard at work on my January issue, where I’m going to reveal some specifics about the five top trends and sectors that are on my radar for 2022.

They are:

  • New energy

  • Infrastructure

  • Transformative technology

  • The metaverse and AI (artificial intelligence)

  • New money.

They are the result of a permanent distortion between the markets and the real economy. You are going to hear a lot more from me about that going forward, I promise you.

But for now, what I can say is this: I’m going to be following the money, just like I’ve been doing for decades. And I will soon unveil our new core model portfolio – seven names, based on these sectors and our new models – so that you can take full advantage of that distortion and the disruptions that I see that are coming right away.

Going forward, what we’re going to do is we are going to be bringing you, immediately actionable trade recommendations, that are going to expand upon this core portfolio every month.

We’re also going to bring you special reports and other tools that you can use to grow your own wealth.

But we will absolutely never just leave it at that. My global team and I will be with you on every step of your wealth-building journey. We will constantly be monitoring how these recommendations are performing for you. And we’re also going to be providing you alerts along the way about when to take profits or reduce exposure.

I can’t give you all of the specifics just yet. But I promise you I will be in touch again next week. And I’m going to let you know a little bit more as we continue to develop these models to be ready for you.

But until then, thank you so much for joining me on this journey. You will not regret it. Talk again soon.

Tom: Wow! That is a wealth of knowledge, indeed. And what a resume, to go through all that at such a young age at the beginning. I’m super-pumped to be benefiting from that wisdom, knowledge, and experience that she’ll be sharing here at The Weekly Pulse and inside Legacy Inner Circle. So, pretty exciting.

And we’re going to hear more from Nomi, I believe, in some upcoming issues as well.

Chris: That’s right, Tom. I was in one of the initial meetings with Nomi. I dialed in via Zoom from my base here in Ireland. Nomi has so many ideas that she’s going to be bringing to Legacy Research readers next year. We’re all super-pumped at Legacy to have someone with, as you say, such an accomplished resume on board.

She’s a macro person. She knows Wall Street inside out. And next week, folks who tune in will hear more from Nomi about what she’s going to be bringing to the table and what to expect from her. So I hope everyone watching this tunes in again next week.

Tom: I’m looking forward to it. And thank you, once again, Chris.

Chris: Thanks, Tom.

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