David ForestSenior Analyst, International Speculator and Strategic Investor

Climate Activists Will Send Oil Prices Soaring

The oil bears have it wrong… Successful climate activism will be a boon for oil prices.

China’s Bully Tactics Will Cause an Epic Rally in Rare Earth Metals

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More Triple-Digit Gains Ahead in “Tech Metal” Stocks

Supply is set to overwhelm demand… and cause prices for these metals to surge even higher.

Four Lessons I Learned From Traveling the World

Sometimes, you need to change your view to see what’s around you all the time…

Lithium Will Fuel the Next Tech Boom

This lithium play is up 77% since June… But it’s still at just the start of its ascent.

Stock Warrants Can Help Cheaply Fund Your Retirement

This strategy is cheaper than buying stocks… and it has much higher potential upside.

Warrants Are Some of the Best Asymmetric Investments

Warrants are cheaper than buying stocks… and have higher potential gains…