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Below, in our continuing series on the EV boom, Dave recalls a secret helicopter ride he took to a reclusive billionaire’s island… and what it taught him about investing in this tech megatrend.

He told me to meet him on the docks.

“Don’t ask too many questions,” my good friend, a lawyer I’d worked with for years, said.

I went along with his request and joined him one gray morning by the dark ocean.

Eventually, a loud whirring sounded over the horizon.

A helicopter appeared and landed. I followed him inside.

As the chopper took off over the water, he explained we were heading for a tiny island off the Pacific coast.

A very wealthy man wanted to see us there…

Breakthrough New Energy Tech

It turned out my friend was working with a reclusive investor who’d identified a new energy technology.

The tech turned crude oil and natural gas into clean-burning hydrogen. It all happened in the ground. You didn’t even need to pump the oil to the surface first.

This investor believed it was a breakthrough. But geology played a key role in making or breaking the project.

Because I’m a professional geologist, he wanted my opinion on whether he should move forward.

Eventually, the investor’s island compound appeared in the distance. He greeted us once the helicopter set down.

We spent the day in his living room overlooking the lush cedar forest. And we hashed through every aspect of the new tech.

In the end, I wasn’t convinced. I told him the tech held promise, but it was more of a science project than a sure thing.

He didn’t seem put off. And his cheer surprised me. He’d already invested serious money getting the hydrogen tech to its current stage.

But for him, it was peanuts. He said he’d keep working on the tech, no worries.

I realized something that day… a critical part of how the richest people grow their fortunes.

Most investors chase trends. The world’s wealthiest investors create them.

It’s tempting to jump on what everyone else does… says… or buys.

But that’s not the way to make a fortune.

The world’s top investors are in trends from the start. Then they ride the wave all the way up.

This means bigger gains… and smaller losses. If a sector hasn’t moved up yet, it doesn’t have far to fall.

The hydrogen tech I viewed on the island getaway is a prime example. When I visited a few years ago, no one cared about next-generation energy tech. Today, hydrogen is one of the hottest sectors on the planet.

I suspect the wealthy investor I met is raking in millions from his tech.

Targeting Copper

I’ve applied this lesson to my own work as a natural resource hunter.

For the last several years, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to new satellite imaging tech. It’s the biggest breakthrough I’ve seen for finding massive supplies of “hard tech” metals. Hard tech is a mix of hard assets and tech – two of the biggest trends in the world.

Plus, I worked with a PhD mathematician. He developed completely new ways of crunching satellite data.

We applied the tech all over the world… Colombia, Mongolia, Roman ruins in Europe.

One of our biggest tests of this new tech came in the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar.

We ran our satellite over hundreds of thousands of square miles – nearly half the country. Then I drove thousands of miles to check what we found.

Our target was copper. That’s one of the biggest hard tech plays now. It’s critical to the EV revolution. Every EV has over 180 pounds of copper.

But when I got to the desert, I realized I wasn’t alone looking for hard tech. As I drove through, I came across a massive settlement in the middle of nowhere.

It was a Chinese conglomerate busy digging up copper. It shipped the metal back to China to feed the country’s massive tech sector.

I asked around and found they’d been at it for years. Just like the wealthy gentleman on the island, they took a long view on tech investing. They’d sunk millions back when no one cared about copper.

They were ahead of everyone. With copper prices hitting record highs, I bet they’re making billions today.

They beat me… which was disappointing. But it was also an important lesson.

It clued me in on just how big EV hard tech was becoming. That revelation came when no one cared about EVs yet.

Next EV Winners Are Here

It’s worked out…

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Keep walking the path,


David Forest
Editor, Strategic Trader