In this week’s Weekly Pulse video, Tom and I take a close look at bitcoin’s skyrocketing price. And we reveal why it’s only the beginning of a historic bull run…

This month alone, the “king of cryptocurrencies” is up 31% (at writing). And so far this year, it’s up 152%. That crushes the returns you’d have made on the S&P 500… the tech-heavy Nasdaq… gold… or silver.

And when you take a longer view, bitcoin’s exponential growth really comes into focus. It’s up 228% over the past two years… and 5,293% over the last five years.

I first urged readers of my paid weekly publication, Legacy Inner Circle, to add some bitcoin to their portfolios back in July 2016. Bitcoin was trading for $665 at the time.

Today, the price is about $18,000. If you had invested $40,000 in bitcoin back then, you’d be a millionaire right now.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge, you might be wondering if the biggest returns are all in the past.

That’s why this week’s edition of Legacy Inner Circle is a must-read. I’ll be unlocking research by another of Legacy’s cryptocurrency experts, Nick Giambruno.

Normally only available to paid-up subscribers of The Casey Report, Nick’s essay will show you why bitcoin is a “harder” asset than even gold… why its price will keep climbing… and why it will be the ultimate winner in the government’s war on cash.

For a sneak peak, join Tom and I for this week’s Weekly Pulse video above…



Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle

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