“…and that’s how I arm-wrestled Fidel Castro.”

That was a line actors were asked to improvise around during casting for the lead role in the “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials.

You may have seen them. They were for Dos Equis beer. And they centered around this debonair silver-haired and bearded gentleman.


The “Most Interesting Man in the World” actor, Jonathan Goldsmith. Source: Dos Equis

In the beer commercial, footage of Goldsmith is spliced with a montage of his exploits when he was a dashing young adventurer.

He frees an angry bear from a trap… makes a trick shot in pool before a gobsmacked audience… wins an arm-wrestling match somewhere in South America… and catches a marlin while cavorting with a beautiful woman on the sun-drenched deck of a yacht.

As I (Chris Lowe) will show you today, we have our own Most Interesting Man in the World here at Legacy Research – Jeff Brown.

He’s a Silicon Valley insider… world traveler… and our resident tech expert.

And last night, he hosted one of the most popular online events we’ve ever held here at Legacy.

Jeff outlined five tech-investment opportunities he believes can 10x your money over the next five years.

He also opened up an opportunity to join a top-tier group of investors for a chance to share in a potential $1 billion in tech profits.

If you missed it last night, I urge you to catch the replay of Jeff’s Investment Accelerator event. Then read on below for more on how you can harness his experience and knowledge for your own chance at explosive gains.

Jeff is also a debonair, silver-haired, bearded gent…

Here he is at the podium at the U.S. Department of Defense…


Jeff behind the podium at the Department of Defense

But as far as I’m concerned, Jeff lives a more interesting life than the man in the beer commercials.

The numbers back it up.

In April 2019, Jeff launched a free daily tech-investing e-letter, The Bleeding Edge. Today, he’s built a following of over a million loyal readers. That’s insane growth.

But it’s easy to see why Jeff is so popular. His readers love that he’s on the road so much learning everything about the tech megatrends he follows.

In 2019, for instance, he attended two conferences at MIT… completed an executive leadership program at Yale’s School of Management… spoke with a group of U.S. senators about a new digital dollar… and traveled to Israel on a U.S. Certified Trade Mission on blockchain and digital payments.

And he continued to travel during the pandemic…

Last August, he traveled to La Jolla, California, to research a company called Health Nucleus.

The company specializes in precision medicine. This is an emerging approach to treat and prevent diseases by considering each person’s genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle.

Jeff personally underwent a battery of tests to better understand and vet this technology for his readers.


Jeff entering the MRI scanner at Health Nucleus

It’s lucky he did. The tests discovered previously undetected prostate cancer… and ended up saving his life. But that’s a story for another day.

Here’s a quick story about how Jeff and I met…

It was February 2016. We were at a remote ranch on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua to attend a meeting with some long-term subscribers of Legacy Research cofounder Bill Bonner.

The talk Jeff gave blew me away.

Under swirling ceiling fans in the tropical heat, he explained the hidden force driving the tech boom – exponential growth.

He predicted we were on the cusp of making a suite of sci-fi technology – such as self-driving cars, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence (AI) – part of our everyday lives.

And he urged folks to buy some shares in specialized chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA) as a way to profit from the boom ahead.

Nvidia went on to be the top-performing stock in the S&P 500 that year. It rose 227%.

Since Jeff’s talk, it’s up about 2,000%.

Jeff’s been hitting it out of the park for his readers, too…

At his flagship tech-investing advisory, The Near Future Report, Jeff has repeatedly given his readers the chance at triple-digit gains on blue-chip tech stocks.

For example, chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) is up 252% since he recommended it in March 2019.

Online payments processor Square (SQ) is up 240% since he recommended it in April 2019.

And electronic agreements company DocuSign (DCU) is up 382% since he recommended it in June 2019.

Of the 31 open positions in The Near Future Report model portfolio, there are 11 triple-digit gainers… 19 double-digit gainers… and just one losing position. (It’s down all of 2.2%.)

It’s a similar story at our Exponential Tech Investor advisory, where Jeff recommends smaller, higher-growth tech stocks.

Top gainers there are up 100%… another 100%… 136%… 149%… 240%… 252%… 290%… 332%… 339%… and 382% in the model portfolio. That’s 10 triple-digit winners.

And at Early Stage Trader, Jeff’s readers have had a chance at returns of more than 100% on three biotech stocks… including one that’s up over 432%. It’s Jeff’s trading service that delivers fast gains from small tech stocks.

As insane as it is to deliver those kinds of gains across three separate advisories, it’s not the most interesting thing about Jeff.

It’s his life story… and his knowledge about the technology that’s changing the world around us.

Jeff was always fascinated by space…

He started off life yearning to be an astronaut.

He earned a B.S. in aeronautical and astronautical engineering – aka rocket science – from Purdue University. It’s the program 25 astronauts have attended before heading into space.

Then, for more than 25 years, he worked as a high-tech industry executive in everything from semiconductors to mobility… to digital broadcasting and video… to IT networking and security… to automotive tech… and consumer electronics.

He’s also been a pre-IPO (initial public offering) investor in dozens of early-stage tech deals.

Did I mention that Jeff is fluent in Japanese?

He spent close to two decades in Japan working in the high-tech industry.

And he doesn’t just speak the language. He’s also a third-degree black belt in Shotokan karate.

Here he is in his ceremonial robes…


Jeff is a third-dan black belt in Shotokan karate

You’d think with all the time it takes to master a language… and an ancient martial art… you’d be tapped out.

But as I mentioned, Jeff recently found the time to complete postgraduate work at Yale…

Jeff wasn’t a quiet student…

He engaged in spirited debates with the Yale bigwigs.

In December 2018, a professor lectured him on how electric carmaker Tesla (TSLA) was on the verge of bankruptcy. This professor recommended shorting the stock.

Jeff knew Tesla had world-class AI capabilities. And he stuck to his guns. He told the professor he was wrong. Since that exchange, Tesla stock is up 1,022%.

Here’s Jeff with the Yale mascot, Handsome Dan.


Jeff with Handsome Dan, the Yale mascot

Jeff then enrolled in two quantum computing courses at MIT…

As I’ve been showing you in these pages, “quantum supremacy” is here.

A quantum computer can now complete a calculation in just over three seconds that would take the world’s most powerful digital supercomputer 10,000 years to complete.

It’s one of the hottest themes with Jeff’s readers. And it’s no wonder.

Here’s Jeff on why this theme needs to be on your radar…

Think about how fundamental computing is to every technology company. It’s the most fundamental tool they have. Now, we have quantum computing. It’s exponentially more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer on Earth.

Quantum computing is a fundamental change in computing architecture. The existence of quantum computers will literally change the world. It’s that profound.

It’s just one of several bleeding-edge technologies – including 5G, self-driving cars, augmented reality, cloud computing, and AI – Jeff tracks.

Jeff is also an expert in investing in early-stage tech companies via “blank check corporations,” or SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies).

These allow you to get in on early-stage companies from the ground floor.

That’s why I urge you to watch the replay of Jeff’s recent event…

You may have already caught it last night.

If so, you’ll know Jeff covered how to combine his favorite investments and investing strategies to turbocharge the gains in your portfolio.

If you missed it, here’s that link again to watch it for free now.



Chris Lowe
February 11, 2021
Bray, Ireland