Chris’ note: Inflation came in hot in September. The Consumer Price Index is up 8.2% over the last year. And if you want to know what inflation is really like, PepsiCo just revealed the average price rise for its snacks and drinks last year was 17%.

Everyone is feeling the pinch. So today, you’ll hear from friend of Legacy, Brad Thomas.

He’s one of the most widely followed income investing experts in America. And while most stocks plunge… energy costs spike… and inflation wipes out our buying power, Brad focuses on a low-risk way to create reliable income streams in any market.

His strategy isn’t flashy. But as he reveals below, it’s a way to secure your financial future and beat inflation… no matter where the market is headed.

One in two baby boomers thinks they’ll never retire.

That’s going by a OnePoll survey. And that was in mid-2021… before this year’s bear market.

I get that fear.

And the record inflation we’re experiencing hasn’t improved things.

Research firm Indeed Hiring Lab reports a recent uptick in retirees returning to the workforce.

And about one in four Americans have delayed their retirement due to inflation.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to give you the tools you need to retire in comfort.

Despite all the negative headlines… and horrible stock market action… you can still reach that goal. It’s something my team and I strive to show you every day at Wide Moat Research.

That’s the publishing business I set up from my kitchen table after I lost a successful real estate empire in the 2008 crash. (A story for another day…)

We use our collective decades of stock market experience to find you the world’s most dependable income generators.

And the best way we’ve found of building reliable streams of income is through what we call SWAN stocks.

That stands for “sleep well at night.” You can rest easy knowing these stocks have long track records of paying out income to their shareholders – no matter what the market’s doing.

And you can start to build your own reliable stream of income today on one of my favorite SWAN stocks…

SWAN in Action

SWAN stocks have strong businesses that support sustainable dividend payments.

These are regular income payments companies make to shareholders, usually once a quarter, out of their earnings.

And Altria (MO) is an excellent example.

It’s the 190-year-old tobacco company behind the Marlboro cigarette brands.

And it carries an inflation-beating yield of 8.5%.

Here’s what sets that apart from what I call “sucker yields” – yields too high for a business to support.

On top of its solid growth plans (which include phasing out of cigarette sales altogether), Altria’s earnings easily cover its dividend payments.

It’s making more than enough money to pay its dividend… raise it… and grow its operations.

And the company has raised its dividend every year for 53 years straight.

That makes it a Dividend King – a company that boasts at least a 50-year history of raising its dividend every year.

That kind of track record doesn’t guarantee Altria will keep raising its dividends. But it has no intention of breaking that streak unless faced with a full-on catastrophe.

It’s what keeps many of its shareholders so loyal.

And Altria plans to grow that dividend by about 5% a year.

So, it offers an inflation-beating yield of 8.5% you can count on today… along with dividend growth you can count on in the future.

Build Solid, Dependable Wealth

SWAN stocks like Altria aren’t common.

But they’re out there…

I follow a whole list of them. (To get a report I put together on how I find SWAN stocks – for free –go here.)

And they’re great ways to build solid, dependable wealth.

Had you bought Altria in 1986, and reinvested your dividends, your income stream would have grown to $25 for every $1 you invested.

That’s an 18% annual income growth over 36 years.

That’s the power of a SWAN stock.

Now, I’m not saying go out and put all your money into Altria today. There are plenty of other opportunities that offer SWAN benefits… including some for folks who don’t have 36 years to wait.

I’ve recently put together a presentation on one such opportunity.

On Wednesday, October 19, at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll reveal what it is. I’ll also share everything you need to know about a strategy you can use to force even higher income streams from the highest-caliber income stocks I follow.

I hope you tune in… I’m even passing along the name and ticker of one of my top SWAN stocks right now to everyone who does.

If you’re interested in learning how to boost your income stream and not have to worry about money in retirement, secure your spot here.

My mission is to help you build a portfolio that withstands today’s economic woes – including record-high inflation or whatever else comes our way.

Happy SWAN (sleep well at night) investing,

Brad Thomas
Editor, Intelligent Income Daily

P.S. I look forward to seeing you at my summit, but don’t forget…

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