In this week’s Weekly Pulse video, Tom and I discuss our favourite precious metal here at Legacy Research – gold.

As regular Daily Cut readers know, gold investments come in a wide range of shapes and sizes…

You might hold gold bullion as “disaster insurance.” You might have a basket of shares in a gold exchange-traded fund (ETF). And your portfolio might include a speculation on stocks of smaller exploration companies – so-called “junior miners.” 

But there’s one thing the wild market swings of 2020 make crystal clear – the price of gold is never a straight line up.

That’s why this Friday’s edition of my paid weekly subscription, Legacy Inner Circle, is an absolute must-read. I’ll be unlocking an issue of Casey International Speculator.

In it, Legacy’s resident geologist and mining industry insider Dave Forest will reveal how to invest in gold to protect yourself from market volatility. 

I’ll also be sharing a recording of a call I just had with Dave. We talk about why we’re on the verge of a renaissance for the American mining industry… and which metals will profit as the big tech trends of the future and the old world of mining converge.

And Dave gives us a brief insight into a little-known way of investing in gold that can amplify your profit potential.

For a sneak preview, join Tom and I for this week’s Weekly Pulse video above…


Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle

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