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Today could be the day that sets you on the path to financial freedom.

At 8 p.m. ET, world-renowned crypto expert Teeka Tiwari will reveal the details of his next set of “Catch-Up Coins.”

These are six small crypto coins other than bitcoin (BTC).

And Teeka believes they’re a rare chance to go from your current financial life to where you want to be… in as little as 10 months.

That may sound crazy… especially if you’re new to crypto.

So I caught up with Teeka by phone ahead of tonight’s big event to find out more about it.

He told me about the life-changing gains that are possible from investing in his “Catch-Up Coins.”

It’s all in your Weekly Pulse video at the top of the page. It’s where I (Chris Lowe) and host Tom Beal break down the most important market story on our radar for the week.



Chris Lowe
Editor, Legacy Inner Circle


Tom Beal: The opportunity to make life-changing gains in crypto is still available. You have not missed the boat, by a long shot.

My name is Tom Beal, host of The Weekly Pulse, where we break down the biggest wealth-growth story of the week. Normally, I’m live with Legacy Inner Circle editor, Chris Lowe.

However, today is a unique episode. Chris had the opportunity to get on the phone with world-renowned cryptocurrency expert and Legacy Research Group expert Teeka Tiwari to discuss just that with you – how you can use crypto, following the methodologies Teeka has devised, to be a huge portion of your wealth growth in the upcoming months and years.

So I’ll pass it over to Chris and Teeka. Enjoy.

Chris Lowe: Hey, Teeka.

Teeka Tiwari: Hey, Chris. How are you?

Chris: I’m good. How are you?

Teeka: Good, good. I just want to apologize if we hear any background noise. I’m actually in Aspen right now, enjoying a little bit of time off. But I know I did promise that we would do a call together.

Chris: I’m delighted we could catch up. Because I know you have a big event coming up about six “Catch-Up Coins” you’ve identified. What are folks going to hear about from you later today?

Teeka: Well, the first thing I really wanted to let everybody know was that the opportunity to make life-changing gains in crypto is still available. But it’s not as easy as it was two years ago, three years ago, or four years ago. You have to be very focused on a certain subsector of coins that are exhibiting certain criteria.

I’ve used these criteria over the years to find absolutely life-changing recommendations, coins that have gone up 15,000%, 30,000%, 40,000%, 150,000%. What’s incredible about these criteria is it doesn’t matter if the market is going up, down, or sideways.

Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern, for the first time, I’m going to do two things. One, I’m going to share the criteria I use to find those coins. I’m giving that away for free.

I’m also giving away the name of the No. 1 “Catch-Up Coin” that I found – for free.

Then I’m also going to talk about an event no one else is talking about in the crypto market, something that’s going to spark what I’m calling a “Hyper Boom” in these “Catch-Up Coins.”

I call these coins “Catch-Up Coins” because they give you the ability to bridge the financial gap between where you are now and where you want to be… in as little as 10 months. They’re a sub-asset class within crypto that can do things for you that no other asset class on the planet can. Not private shares, public shares, commodities, futures trading. There’s nothing else I know of that can move the needle on your net worth as quickly and as safely as these investments can.

Chris: Teeka, I’m delighted you’re going to be doing it. There’s a lot of crypto FOMO [fear of missing out] right now. A lot of people feel they’ve missed those really big gains.

So the last question before I let you go and have your breakfast…

For folks who may think the big gains are in the past, what would you say to them about where we are in the crypto megatrend?

Teeka: I would say, if you have an expectation of being able to throw a dart at a dartboard of crypto coins and make life-changing gains on them, I’d say that period in time is over. 2015, 2016, and 2017, yes, that was possible. It’s not anymore.

So if you have any interest in learning how to select coins that actually can change your life rapidly, I suggest you tune in.

In terms of this idea that maybe it’s too late, I would say pull back the camera. The entire crypto market has a $2 trillion valuation. If you look at the traditional stock market, it’s over $100 trillion. Real estate is over $100 trillion. The bond market is over $100 trillion.

So this asset class, relative to traditional asset classes, it’s a pimple on an elephant’s behind. It’s still tiny. There’s still massive growth ahead.

But the key is you’ve got to be in the right projects. You’ve got to be in these “Catch-Up Coins.”

These are the coins that meet all the criteria of previous projects I’ve recommended that have made life-changing gains, that have given you the ability to take $1,000 and turn it into $300,000, or half a million – or in one case, as much as $1.5 million.

Now, I can’t guarantee that these six coins I’ve selected will do that. What I can guarantee is that I used the same selection methodology I’ve used to find all my other “Catch-Up Coins,” and another 22 coins that have risen more than 10x in value over the course of the last five years. All came from this set of criteria I’ll be revealing for free tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Chris: Teeka, I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. We’ll see you at the event.

Teeka: Absolutely. I can’t wait. And friends, thank you so much for tuning in. I look forward to seeing you tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Chris: Thanks, Teeka.

Tom: When Teeka talks, those seeking to grow and protect their wealth listen. I’m so happy we were able to bring that audio conversation with Chris and Teeka to you today. Now is the time for you to find the link below this video to sign up for the special event Teeka is hosting.

Click on that link, register, put it in your calendar. And be sure to set your alarm, so you’re able to be there live as Teeka breaks down the strategies he mentioned in the conversation with Chris.

He’ll go deeper into that for you, as well as sharing a free “Catch-Up Coin” pick. So you don’t want to miss out. I know I’ll be there. I hope you’re there as well.

We look forward to talking with you again in the next Weekly Pulse episode. Make today great.

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