Chris’ note: Inflation is one of the biggest risks to your wealth right now. Even though it’s cooled since its peak in June last year, it’s still eroding the buying power of your dollars.

But not all assets are getting eaten away by inflation. The collectibles market is booming. So are markets for contemporary art and rare luxury watches. And they’ve been delivering triple-digit gains as stocks and bonds have gotten hosed.

To show you why markets for these rare assets are on fire right now… and how you can get access for as little as $50… you’ll hear today from Andrew Packer.

He works alongside Teeka Tiwari at our Palm Beach Letter advisory. And as he shows below, if you’re worried about inflation in 2023, these are must-have assets.

“All of a sudden, we’re cool…”

That’s Ken Goldin, a sports card memorabilia trader.

Ken is also the founder of Goldin Auctions. It’s a sports collectibles auction business.

And business is booming.

Goldin Auctions grew more in the first four months of 2020 than it did in all of 2019.

It also earned nearly $500 million in annual sales in 2022.

That’s about one-quarter of the sports card trading volume on popular auction site eBay.

And it’s no coincidence.

As the pandemic hit… and inflation spiked… folks have flocked into scarce “trophy” assets such as rare baseball cards and art.

Investors know the government can’t inflate away the value of collectibles like it can the U.S. dollar.

The ultra-wealthy do this all the time. They buy iconic paintings… classic automobiles… and rare luxury watches.

And today, I’ll show you how to invest in these assets… for as little as $50.

Real, Rare, and Enduringly Desirable

Trophy assets have three core characteristics…

  • They’re real – Think art, real estate, and luxury cars. But they can be digital, too. Think scarce cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and music royalties.

  • They’re rare – You can’t easily manufacture or mass-produce them.

  • They’re enduringly desirable – Trophy assets have a history of high demand from ultra-wealthy investors over the long term.

And they’ve been bright spots lately.


Stocks and bonds got crushed in 2022. But luxury watches and contemporary art delivered positive returns.

And here’s the best thing about these and other trophy assets…

You don’t have to be in the 1% to invest in them. You can spend as little as $50 for fractional ownership.

I’ll show you how it works in a moment. First, you need to know the basics of how to spot the more profitable opportunities.

Best in Class

There are three main factors to consider…

First is the rarity of the collectible.

A high price doesn’t guarantee long-term appreciation. You want something truly rare – a scarce or unique item collectors will desire for decades.

Second, is the quality of the collectible…

Collectibles can come in varying conditions. You want one in that’s in a class of its own – the best of the best.

Third, you want to consider the valuation.

Ideally, you want an asking price lower than current appraisals or past sales. This sets you up for future growth potential and gives you a bargain.

Finding an ideal collectible often means screening through hundreds of opportunities.

Don’t worry if that’s not your thing. Most of the fractional investment platforms do some that for you. And it’s never been easier to get started…

Easier Than Ever

When a company fractionalizes a classic Ferrari, it allows you to buy shares in that car.

Same goes for artworks.

You can buy a share in a Picasso, or a Basquiat, or a Rothko.

Rally is one of my favorite fractional investment platforms.

It has more than 400,000 users. And it lets them buy shares of collectibles ranging from classic cars… to comic books… to dinosaur skeletons.

And it’s already delivered triple-digit profits to discerning buyers.

Twenty-seven of the collectibles trading on Rally have risen by triple digits since they debuted.

And since we first recommended Palm Beach readers buy fractionalized collectibles on Rally in 2019, a Star Wars comic book is up 495% and a Super Mario Bros video game is up 973%.

Even better, trophy assets aren’t bought and sold daily. So, they don’t go through the daily price swings that stocks experience.

And you can buy shares of some collectibles on Rally for as little as $50.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting started on Rally, I put together a Trophy Millionaire Masterclass with all the details.

In it, I show you how to find the best collectibles on these platforms. 

Palm Beach Letter subscribers can access the course here.

And if you’re not already a subscriber, don’t worry. Just go here to learn more about becoming one today.

Thanks to platforms such as Rally, trophy assets are more accessible than ever to Main Street investors.

If you want to beat record inflation – and the stock market volatility that comes with it – consider adding them to your portfolio today.

Good investing,


Andrew Packer
Analyst, Palm Beach Letter