It’s been crypto week here at Legacy Research. And it’s a crypto-filled mailbag today.

On Wednesday, nearly 33,000 of your fellow readers showed up to hear world-renowned crypto investing expert Teeka Tiwari lift the lid on what could turn out to be the biggest opportunity he’s shared so far.

It’s all down to six tiny cryptos that contain a special piece of code. This code functions as a built-in timer that counts down to a catalyst for explosive growth.

And the first of these catalysts is expected to hit just five days from now.

In the past, coins with this code have delivered an average peak gain of about 29,465%. Even a tiny $250 investment in each could potentially grow to about $443,475.

That makes this one of the best, low-risk ways to grow your wealth.

Since Teeka’s big event (which you can catch up on here), we’ve had a ton of questions about the cryptos with a countdown in their code.

And below, Teeka addresses the questions we saw most often…

Reader question: How much should I invest in each play?

Teeka’s answer: As a general rule, I recommend $200–400 for those with a small portfolio… and $500–1,000 for those with a large portfolio.

The reason is because these tiny cryptos are explosive. All it takes is a few hundred dollars to make a life-changing fortune. Remember, in the past they’ve shot up as high as 20,225%… 21,267%… and more.

You can make life-changing gains – without putting your current nest egg at risk.

Reader question: What’s the name of Teeka’s top pick?

Teeka’s answer: Near the end of my event, I gave the name and ticker of my top pick – and I even gave away its “launch date.”

Plus, I also discussed five more coins I believe could deliver even bigger gains.

One of them is considered to be Ethereum’s biggest rival… yet it’s trading for 42 times less than Ethereum.

Another of them is 2,200 times smaller than bitcoin…

And another is a privacy coin that’s set to have an explosion in demand.

Most importantly, all these coins are on the clock. They’re all approaching their “launch dates” – the first one is set to hit November 18. That’s just five days from now.

If you want the chance to make the biggest gains from them, you need to get some money in them right away. To get more details on these coins – including the name of my top pick – go here now.

Reader question: Why haven’t I heard about “countdown cryptos” anywhere else?

Teeka’s answer: These coins are small. They make up a tiny fraction of the overall market.

Even I didn’t know about them until recently. I stumbled upon them by accident.

Apart from some insiders and development teams, these coins and their “countdown clocks” are almost completely unknown.

But now that I’ve broken the story on them, they’re not likely to stay hidden for long.

So, if you want to get in on them before the crowd, you’ll want to act right away.

Next up, a question about bitcoin for Casey Report editor Nick Giambruno.

Nick recommended bitcoin in June 2018. That’s given his readers the chance to make 158% gains. And he says those gains are just getting started.

As Nick showed you in these pages, bitcoin is one of the world’s scarcest assets – scarcer than even gold.

That’s because there’s a fixed limit of 21 million bitcoins. And bitcoin’s supply will keep tapering, even as investor demand surges.

But one reader wants to know how Nick can be so sure that no one will meddle with the supply of bitcoin…

Reader question: Nick Giambruno claims that bitcoin cannot be controlled by anyone and that it will always be limited to the present maximum number. That somehow makes it better than gold. I agree with almost all he says. But surely bitcoin is under someone’s control? Otherwise, how is it cut in half every four years? Whoever that is could just as easily double the maximum number. If this is not an accurate statement, please explain.

– Jackson G.

Nick’s answer: It is true that no other crypto has a monetary policy with the credibility of bitcoin. 

All other cryptos have key players, insiders, and development teams that can potentially act like central banks and increase the supply if they choose to. 

Why is this the case?

To understand bitcoin’s immutable nature, you need to understand the basics on how it works. I go into great detail on this in this issue of The Casey Report.

Further, I suggest you read about the Bitcoin Cash fiasco in August 2017. It was the biggest and most serious attempt to change bitcoin. 

That’s where the most powerful group of insiders in bitcoin tried to get together and alter the bitcoin protocol. 

It was an abysmal failure. They couldn’t do it.

Actually, it was a terrific reinforcement of bitcoin’s value proposition – nobody can control it, not even the most influential insiders.

That’s what gives bitcoin monetary properties that no other crypto has.

We’ll wrap up today with a question about another of the investment megatrends we’ve been tracking here at the Cut – the rise of legal cannabis.

As Teeka reassured his Palm Beach Daily readers, the U.S. election results are great news for legal cannabis stocks.

On Election Day, five states passed laws legalizing cannabis in some form. This means Americans across 38 states now have access to legal cannabis.

And after the election, cannabis stocks took off… Market leaders Canopy Growth (CGC) and Tilray (TLRY) surged as much as 20% and 50%. Aurora Cannabis (T.ACB) jumped as high as 128%.

Next up, a reader wants to know how to capture the gains that lie ahead. On hand with an answer is Teeka’s right-hand man at our elite Palm Beach Venture advisory, William Mikula…

Reader question: I enjoyed William Mikula’s article on cannabis investing following the election. I tried some cannabis stocks previously and lost money on nearly every one. I tried to place a small purchase of the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMLSF) at TD Ameritrade on Friday, but it was rejected. The representative said the ETF is too speculative. Any other suggestions?

 – Karla S.

William’s answer: At our elite advisory, Palm Beach Venture, Big T and I have been positioning our readers in high-upside legal cannabis private deals – and select stocks. For both, here are the things we look for:

  • A founding and executive team with plenty of experience and a track record of success

  • Revenue that is growing at least double-digits quarter after quarter

  • The ability to become EBITDA- and cash-flow-positive within two years

  • More cash than debt on the balance sheet

As you can see, this is a pretty stringent list. And it’s that way by design…

You see, as with any new, exploding market, there are plenty of landmines that come along with meteoric growth. These can come in the form of frauds, fakes, and fiscal mismanagement – the three “F’s” of doom, if you will.

And the checklist above will help you avoid the three F’s.

At this point, legal cannabis makes the perfect asymmetric bet. These are trades where you can put down a little bit of money for the shot at massive gains. This allows you to participate in huge upside without putting your current lifestyle at risk.

Legal cannabis fits the bill perfectly.

You mentioned the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMLSF). It holds a basket of some of the best names in the space. It’s a good way to nibble on the sector. And on the heels of positive sentiment and momentum, this ETF is already up 20% over the past month, with more gains to come.

Since that wasn’t possible with your brokerage, consider Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) for a more targeted approach. It’s the largest cannabis retailer in the U.S. And it’s well-positioned in the hottest markets.

Again, these are not formal recommendations that we’ll be tracking. But we will continue to track the legal cannabis industry closely. The opportunity is riper than ever for life-changing gains.

That’s it for this week. If you’d like to put a question to your favorite Legacy analyst, be sure to get in touch at [email protected].

Have a great weekend.



Chris Lowe
November 13, 2020
Bray, Ireland

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