Mitch McConnell is no “stoner”…

I (Chris) am willing to bet that the 77-year-old Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky has never smoked a puff of weed in his life.

But he’s a leading advocate of the kind of cannabis that doesn’t get you high.

I’m talking about hemp and its most valuable extract – CBD (cannabidiol).

As you’ll learn in today’s dispatch, it’s just another tailwind for the CBD megatrend we’ve been telling you about.

Regular readers will already know more about CBD than most people…

We first put this profit trend on your radar right after we launched The Daily Cut last summer.

But if you’re new to the story, let me catch you up real quick.

CBD is one of the 113 known chemical compounds in the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. They interact with receptors in our nervous and immune systems.

As we’ve been showing you, humans have used CBD as a medicine going back millennia. And for good reason.

Recent studies reveal that CBD shows promise in treating schizophrenia… anxiety… autism… inflammation… and even cancer.

And last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a CBD-based drug, Epidiolex. It cuts down the rate and severity of seizures in kids with life-threatening forms of epilepsy.

Last year was also when McConnell helped push the 2018 Farm Bill through the Senate, which legalized hemp.

Now, the Senator from Kentucky is pushing to see the FDA lay out clear guidelines for adding hemp-extracted CBD to food and drink products.

Take it from McConnell’s press team…

Last week, they sent out a tweet about a meeting between McConnell and the acting head of the FDA, Ned Sharpless.


We don’t know exactly what the two men said behind closed doors.

But we do know McConnell is the most powerful politician in the country after the president and the Speaker of the House. So it’s great news he’s jumping in on behalf of the CBD industry.

As colleague Teeka Tiwari has been telling his readers, he’s experienced the effects of CBD firsthand. And they’re real. Teeka…

I have a lot of pain in my joints from lifting weights – especially in my shoulder. CBD doesn’t eliminate the pain. But it does drastically reduce it. Its anti-inflammatory effects are real.

In the past, I’d wake up with every joint in my body hurting. I’d have to gradually get out of bed. Some days, it took much longer than others.

But I started taking half a dropper full of CBD every day, and I can move again like I did in my early 30s. It no longer takes forever to get out of bed. Getting up the stairs isn’t a struggle anymore, either.

It’s why one of the profit opportunities Teeka is most excited about right now is in the CBD market. Teeka again…

CBD has the potential to treat dozens of health problems. It’ll be a boon to the pharmaceutical industry. But it has even more profit potential as a cash crop.

Hemp has about 50,000 industrial uses. You can use it to make textiles… paper… even biodegradable plastics. So we’ll see a lot of hemp and CBD added to thousands of products.

Figures from Grand View Research show the global industrial hemp market size will grow at an annual rate of 14% from now until 2025. So legal cannabis will be great for farmers. There’s simply not enough hemp in the world to meet this demand right now.

That’s why Teeka has been immersed in research into the CBD market for the past few months. He even vetted a private California company in the burgeoning legal cannabis space recently.

You may know Teeka as the “crypto guy”…

He was one of the first guys in our industry to focus an advisory, Palm Beach Confidential, exclusively on profiting from the crypto revolution.

Teeka was so early on his call that he had to battle our publisher, Amber Mason, to get the green light for his project.

Paid-up Palm Beach Confidential subscribers are happy Amber finally agreed. Teeka recommended the world’s first cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), in April 2016. Since then, it’s up 2,370%.

He also recommended Ethereum (ETH) that month, less than a year after the crypto launched. Ethereum is now the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market value. And it’s up 3,173% since Teeka recommended it.

And even after the brutal “Crypto Winter” bear market we went through last year, his other top open recommendations in the Palm Beach Confidential model portfolio are up 949%… 1,664%… even 13,400%.

Cryptos and legal cannabis are not as far apart as you may think…

Like cryptos, legal cannabis is an explosive new market that didn’t exist a decade ago. Both have delivered life-changing gains for early investors.

And like cryptos, Teeka believes legal cannabis has the potential to keep delivering life-transforming gains over the next several years.

He zeroed in on new opportunities in legal cannabis at the Pocket Change Millionaire Summit last week. He also revealed his most powerful wealth-building secret. And he showed how you can now use it, too…

It’s a chance to get in on a “sweetheart” deal for the private California CBD company we mentioned earlier. Plus, Teeka shared the details of five cannabis stocks he believes have 10x potential.

And until midnight, you can watch a replay of Teeka’s exclusive event right here.