The S&P 500 is hard to beat… Unless you know what these billionaire investors are buying… Watch our Wall Street insider unveil his system on camera

Imagine you’re sitting at an upscale Midtown Manhattan restaurant…

You’re waiting for a friend. So, you order a drink to pass the time.

While you’re waiting, you can’t help overhearing a conversation at the table next to you. It’s between a well-known hedge fund manager and his associate.

It’s unmistakable: They’re discussing plowing billions of dollars into one stock they believe will soar.

And you pick up the name.

Finally, the fund manager says, “Great. We’ll start first thing tomorrow.”

What would you do in that situation?

If you’re smart… you’d buy the stock.

As you’ll learn in today’s dispatch, when that kind of money flows into a stock… it doesn’t just happen at once.

These kinds of trades can take days… even weeks… to put together.

And if you can spot them ahead of time, you can get in before the price spikes… and before the rest of the market catches on.

In today’s dispatch, we’ll show you how a small group of Legacy readers are accessing that kind of information every week… and how you can join them.

And I (Chris) suspect you may want to.

As you’ll learn below, they’ve had the chance to make more than double the returns of the S&P 500 since we started sharing this information with them last June.

It’s all thanks to the man we call the “Billion-Dollar Trader” – Jason Bodner…

If you read yesterday’s Cut, you know Jason is the ultimate Wall Street insider.

During his 20-year career in the markets, he spent 12 years working at financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald. His job there was placing multibillion-dollar trades for some of the biggest investors and financial firms in the world.

In fact, he was one of the few traders at Cantor capable of making trades worth $1 billion… hence the nickname.

But after quitting Wall Street over five years ago, he struck out on his own. And he developed a proprietary trading system that detects when investors start taking multibillion-dollar positions in the stock market… before the rest of Wall Street finds out about it…

Positions that can lead to triple-digit price spikes in the stocks they’re buying.

That’s why I strongly recommend you watch the replay of last night’s free webinar.

Jason reveals on camera how you can use his breakthrough trading system to spot the biggest (and most lucrative) trades on Wall Street – up to 30 days in advance.

This system also helped Jason call the bottom of last year’s stock plunge with uncanny accuracy…

To catch you up to speed real quick…

Last year, the S&P 500 plunged 19.8% between September 20 and December 24. It was the worst sell-off for stocks since the 2008 meltdown.

And it caused widespread panic among investors. After all, a 20% plunge from a peak marks the start of an official bear market.

And the selling accelerated in December… putting it on track to be the worst December for stocks since the Great Depression.

But here’s what Jason told our Palm Beach Daily readers on December 17 – just five trading days before stocks bottomed…

We’re just experiencing a little pause in a bull market right now. […] It’s very minor in the grand scheme of the market. And my data says we’re going higher.

Getting one market-timing call like that right is impressive. But you may be asking whether it was a pure fluke.

And that’s what’s so astonishing about Jason’s trading system…

It isn’t the first time it’s helped Jason identify a major inflection point in the stock market.

Cast your mind back to the start of 2018. On January 26, the S&P 500 began a 10% peak-to-trough fall that didn’t bottom until February 8.

This caught most investors off guard. But not Jason.

Using the system he developed, he warned his clients that stocks were overbought and due for a fall.

Here’s what he wrote in a January 24 research note…

I believe near-term we could expect a technical sell-off. Many technical traders will find these overbought levels way too good to be true and begin to hammer it back into its rightful place.

That’s Wall Street speak for, “I expect stocks to fall.”

(This was before Jason joined the Legacy Research team. At the time, his clients were big money managers, not individual investors.)

And Jason did it again last August…

As we showed you up top, last year, the S&P 500 peaked on September 20. Then it dove by almost 20% into December 24.

And Jason didn’t just call the bottom of that move. He called the top, too.

Here’s what he told readers of our Palm Beach Daily e-letter on August 31 – just three weeks before the plunge began. Jason…

I’m incredibly bullish right now. But if there’s a time to be cautious in the market, it’s over the next month. […] I’m staying extra vigilant through mid-September… just in case something happens.

And on cue, in mid-September, the S&P 500 rolled over.

Even more amazing, these broad market calls aren’t even Jason’s bread and butter…

I’m telling you about them because it’s one of the most remarkable market-timing feats I have ever seen.

And I hope it’s convinced you that Jason is worth listening to.

But at our Palm Beach Trader advisory, his focus is on buying individual stocks that deep-pocketed investors are piling into.

And his track record there is equally impressive.

Since we launched it last June, the top performers in his model portfolio have shot up as much as 57%… 80%… and even 132%.

And the average gain for the 21 stocks Jason has recommended to his readers is 18.9%.

That’s more than double the 8% gain for the S&P 500 – our regular stand-in for “the U.S. stock market” – over the same period.

So how does he do it?

It really is just like the scenario I painted for you at the top of today’s dispatch.

If you knew a Warren Buffett, a Carl Icahn, or a Ray Dalio was about to plow billions of dollars into a stock, you’d know it was likely to shoot higher.

And if you can detect these trades early on… you can ride these stocks higher as the money flows in. Here’s Jason with more…

Some people in dark rooms on Wall Street know before these huge trades happen, and they profit from them. It’s just a fact. But if you’re experienced and watch carefully, you can detect early signals when the institutions get started early on, too.

And the massive trades I’ve handled throughout my career taught me how to recognize them before most investors catch on.

Remember, these kinds of multibillion-dollar trades don’t just happen all at once. They can take weeks to build. Jason again…

When we want to buy, we open our brokerage account, click buy, and move on with our day. The entire process takes a minute or two. But when big players want to buy 50 million shares, they do so over several days.

So Jason started creating algorithms that could spot right when these mega trades begin.

And unlike the Manhattan restaurant example I gave you earlier, because Jason’s system is automated, it can pick up these signals even if you’re sitting on a beach somewhere.

Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve heard so many pitches for trading systems over my 12-year career in financial publishing, I’ve lost count.

But Jason’s results speak for themselves…

I’ve already told you that the average pick at Palm Beach Trader is up nearly 19% since June – more than double the return of the S&P 500 over the same period.

But Jason’s track record of beating the market stretches back further than that.

Over the five years prior to him coming on board at Legacy – when he shared his recommendations with professional money managers – he averaged about 70% winners.

And Jason was so driven to prove his system works, he challenged 10 Ivy League students of quantitative analysis – or “quants” – to test it… and figure out if his success could be down to blind luck.

None of them could.

And several third parties – including the multibillion-dollar asset manager Navellier & Associates – studied Jason’s system across tens of thousands of stocks.

It found that close to 70% of his trades were winners. Talk about tipping the playing field in your favor.

If you can spare the time, I urge you to watch Jason explain his system here. I think you’ll agree after you watch it that it’s well worth tuning into.

In the mailbag: “Capitalism should never be tainted by government nonsense”…

The great mailbag debate over capitalism versus socialism continues below, after we passed along Legacy Research cofounder Bill Bonner’s thoughts on the matter (catch up here and here)…

I am a long-time subscriber to Bill Bonner’s works and respect his wisdom and insights, especially when it comes to finance. However, when it comes to the world stage, we all live in a very small proximate environment or “tiny bubble,” if you will.

Many of my friends who are world travelers only see a very small part of the countries they visit, yet are convinced that it represents the place or that they can extrapolate that small experience to the entire world.

Bill has a “refuge” in Nicaragua and extols its virtues as an escape when society collapses here in the U.S., but seems to ignore Nicaragua’s lack of individual freedoms, economic progress, or political stability.

He must be very confident he can maintain his isolation should he be labeled an “enemy of the people” because of his wealth. My point here is that we all view the world based on our very limited experiences and study – me and Bill included.

– Gary S.

Bill’s writing in today’s Cut made me want to leap out of my chair, put the Braveheart face-paint on and start yelling “Freedom!” in my cubicle space. It is exactly what I think to myself pretty much daily. He hit the nail on the head and then some. We are lucky to have his insight.

Regarding reader comments in recent mailbags, I agree with Peter M. There is no place for socialism in civil society. It should have died with the USSR (and several other failed attempts at socialist states).

With respect to Gerhard G.’s comments, it seems he simply does not understand what capitalism is. That appears to be a common problem nowadays. Before people take a definitive stance on something, they should really understand what they are talking about.

Perhaps what Bill wrote will clear up a lot of misconceptions. Capitalism is a beautiful thing that should never be corrupted or tainted by government nonsense and institutionalized coercion.

Everything Bill wrote applies to Canada just as much as the U.S. They rob us of our income; it’s shameful and indecent. Not sure how anybody can even use the word “taxation” without feeling like a pompous idiot. It’s called theft, plain and simple.

– Brendan V.

Turning to the other red-hot topic here at the Cut – the wave of cannabis legalization sweeping the globe…

In Tuesday’s dispatch, we showed you why prohibition’s days are counted. But one of your fellow readers isn’t impressed…

Portland, where I am, has a tremendous homeless problem. Seattle and many other cities also deal (or not), with this, as I am sure you’re aware. Hand in hand is the fact that said persons are in that position due to habitual drug use. Anyone who doubts that should go out in those streets and talk to them.

Oregon, in its “wisdom,” has legalized another ubiquitous drug. While doing little to actually solve the problem, they increase the drug use!

Only government office-holders, from the vacuum between their ears, can produce this kind of legislation. Then the “investors,” ever alert to be predators, eagerly pounce. Who cares about consequences as long as we make some easy money, eh?

– Ron K.

Is there a link between cannabis use and homelessness, as Ron K. suggests? Are investors “predators” for investing in legal pot stocks?

Write us at [email protected].



Chris Lowe
April 25, 2019
Dublin, Ireland


Our Wall Street insider Jason Bodner’s a very smart guy – whose system has an uncanny knack for finding the next hot sector.

And last night, Jason made history by revealing his system, which can spot the market’s fastest-growing stocks up to 30 days in advance.

You still have time to watch the replay… and find out how you can claim his No. 1 recommendation. And the profit potential could be enormous –as much as $9,385 in one trading day