Chris’ note: Tonight’s the night… At 8 p.m. ET, colleague Jeff Brown will share all the details on a type of investment he’s been using in his personal portfolio to rack up gains as high as 7,300%.

Jeff calls them “crypto placements.” They’re private investments in some of the most exciting crypto projects at the ground floor. Even better, they help shield you from market volatility. And you don’t need to be an accredited investor to get in on them.

Jeff’s event kicks off in just a few hours. But there’s still time to secure your spot here. Then read on below for more from Jeff on how crypto placements can help you achieve generational wealth without the day-to-day shifts we’re seeing in public markets now.

It took me only a few seconds to pull the trigger…

It was August 2017. I was able to invest in a private company that aimed to be the premier exchange for cryptocurrencies.

I’d been studying the company for years. I knew its product, its executives, and its vision. When I had the chance, I grabbed as many shares of Coinbase (COIN) as I could.

Fast-forward to April 2021, when Coinbase held its IPO (initial public offering). That’s when a private company lists its shares on a public stock exchange for the first time.

Since then, volatility in the crypto market has thrashed Coinbase.

As I write, the stock is down roughly 81% from its IPO. If you bought in at the IPO, that’s gut-wrenching.

But I’m up roughly 500% on my investment.

How? I invested when Coinbase was still in private hands. So its valuation was still ultra-low, and most of its growth was ahead.

I invested when the market valued Coinbase at $1.5 billion. The company will eventually grow into a $100 billion company.

So the volatility along the way doesn’t bother me. Those who invested at the IPO can recoup their losses. But I’ll still do way better.

I don’t tell you this to show off. I’m saying it to show you the profit potential of “crypto placements”…

Quadruple-Digit Returns

As I’ve been showing you this week here at the Cut, crypto placements are private investments in blockchain and crypto companies.

Of the more than 300 private investments I’ve made, my main focus is on this investment type.

I’ll give you another example…

In June 2015, I invested in crypto exchange Abra. The market gave the company a $10 million valuation at the time.

Back then, there weren’t the sophisticated crypto exchanges there are today. And Abra had a vision to create a global ATM network for cryptos.

Investors could find an Abra “teller” through their phone. That teller would take dollar cash and exchange it for a crypto. From there, you could send that crypto anywhere in the world.

Abra was one of the first movers in the industry. I knew it would be in a great position to offer complementary new crypto services from there.

The company recently held a Series C funding round. That’s a chance for folks to invest in established private firms.

Now, Abra has a valuation of $500 million. That’s a nearly 4,900% return from where I bought in.


Another of my favorite crypto placements in my portfolio is Ripple Labs. It’s revolutionizing cross-border transactions using blockchain technology.

It’s also the company behind Ripple (XRP), the sixth-most valuable cryptocurrency network in the world.

I invested when Ripple Labs had a $250 million valuation. Today, it’s a “decacorn.” Its valuation is $15 billion. That’s a 5,900% return on my investment.


And I’m not the only one noticing the massive potential in crypto placements right now.

VC Flood

Last year was a record for venture capital (VC) money entering the crypto industry.

As the next chart shows, VC investors put a record $35.1 billion into crypto and blockchain companies.


This is a major inflection point for blockchain and crypto.

And I want to show you how you can profit in your own portfolio.

Volatility-Proof Your Portfolio

If you’re worried about the year’s spike in volatility, I encourage you to allocate part of your portfolio to private investments.

They aren’t subject to day-to-day plunges because they don’t trade back and forth on exchanges. Instead, prices change with each funding round.

And the returns these investments offer dwarf any available in public stock markets.

I’ve racked up returns of 4,900%, 5,900%, and 7,300% on deals like these.

That last one is enough to turn every $1,000 into $74,000. At that rate of return, investing just $15,000 makes you more than $1 million.

I’ve been investing in private tech deals for 20 years. And in my experience, private companies are a refuge in times like these.

They’re also the best way I know to create generational wealth.

The returns I’ve seen from my private investments make me confident my family will be comfortable should anything happen to me.

That’s why this type of investing is so common among wealthy investors.

As I showed you yesterday, high-net-worth investors tend to allocate almost half of their portfolios to private companies.

Here’s that chart again…


How much of their portfolios wealthy investors have in private investments. Source: UBS/Campden Wealth Global Family Office

Meanwhile, the average retail investor has no exposure to these investments.

I’m about to change that…

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a Crypto Placements Summit.

In this first-of-its-kind event, I’ll reveal the details of the specific crypto placements I’m looking at right now. I’ll also share my next crypto placement recommendation.

I hope to see you there. Go here to reserve your free spot.


Jeff Brown
Editor, Unchained Profits