Chris’ note: In volatile times like these, it’s tempting to seek the “safety” of cash. But no one ever got rich that way. And inflation means you’re actually losing wealth if you sit out in dollar bills.

So we’ve been unearthing inflation-beating ways you can profit in spite of the volatility. Colleague Jeff Brown says the way he’s sharing today is the closest shot at guaranteed returns he can find.

But it requires being a contrarian – or going against the crowd. It’s something we pride ourselves on doing here at Legacy Research. And as Jeff reveals below, it pays off…

2022 has been painful for investors.

The S&P 500 is down over 21% year to date. The tech-heavy Nasdaq has fallen almost 30%. Bitcoin (BTC) has plummeted more than 56%.

That means all three are in a bear market. That’s when stock prices fall 20% or more from a peak.

You may feel tempted to sit out this current volatility and wait for better times. But U.S. inflation is eating away at our cash at about 8.6% a year.

So today, I’m putting a kind of “safe” investment on your radar. It’s a chance at returns that are as close to guaranteed as I can find…

Against the Crowd

To understand this opportunity, you must first understand a key principle. One factor to my success over the years has been finding investments that go against the crowd.

Sometimes a technology is too early for most people to understand.

I started writing about 5G wireless networks in 2017, long before it began showing up in the mainstream press.

Some readers scoffed at my confidence in the 5G revolution. Some didn’t understand that 5G was more than an incremental improvement. It would be as much as 100x faster than 4G networks.

Since then, my 5G recommendations are up 42%, 56%, and 74% – even after the recent market pullback.

Or sometimes Wall Street doesn’t see the bigger potential of a company.

At a 2016 conference, I recommended Nvidia (NVDA), which was largely known as a gaming company at the time. Its graphics processing units (GPUs) were popular in gaming laptops.

But I could see a growing field that needed its GPUs: artificial intelligence (AI).

Wall Street didn’t account for the exponential growth of AI applications in data centers. And investors didn’t understand that Nvidia’s products were perfect to accommodate this demand.

Today, Nvidia chips are essential to AI.

Summit – one of the world’s fastest supercomputers – uses more than 27,000 Nvidia GPUs to do its calculations.

Investors who followed my 2016 recommendation could have since made 2,160%.

With 5G and AI, going against the crowd allowed us to profit while the mainstream missed out.

I believe we have a similar opportunity now in some of the most exciting tech trends of the decade – from electric vehicles to the next generation of the internet.

Bad Headlines, Good News

This opportunity not only has the potential for incredible gains. It also can let us invest safely in exciting tech startups – even in a volatile market.

It’s a special type of deal enabling mass adoption of the most exciting tech trends. And they’re as easy to buy as stocks.

Yet the mainstream has been describing these deals as “dangerous” or “complicated.” That’s hardly what we like to hear about our investments.

Even Congress has been trying to prevent companies from marketing these deals to everyday investors.

And this is where you need to be a contrarian.

Despite the dire headlines, you shouldn’t dismiss these deals. They have a special safeguard you won’t find in ANY other type of investment.

It gives us the legal right to redeem shares and get our money back – all in a set time frame. That’s why I call this opportunity “Mandated Money.”

Elected officials, hedge funds, and the wealthy are all profiting… and want to keep all these deals for themselves.

There’s little time to waste.

So tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, I’m hosting a briefing all about these deals.

I’ll explain what these contrarian investments are… and my strategy for picking the best ones.

I believe this strategy is the best you can use today as an investor. And I don’t want you to miss out.

So go here to put your name down to attend. I look forward to seeing you there.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Bleeding Edge