The rise of a shadow government… Silicon Valley – a private branch of the Deep State… An agency for unimagined weapons… In the mailbag: “We have lost enough freedoms already…”

The biggest story of our time…

Our mission at The Daily Cut concerns the true nature of the Deep State… and its goals.

It’s the biggest story of our time. And exposing it is part of our mandate from Legacy Research co-founders Bill Bonner, Doug Casey, Teeka Tiwari, and Jeff Clark.

There are many details still left for us to uncover. But already, the picture that’s emerging is disturbing if you value your personal liberty.

What we’ve learned so far…

The Deep State isn’t just made up of shadowy government agencies and faceless federal employees.

Its tentacles also reach deep inside corporate America.

For years, Bill has been exposing this nexus of corporate and government power for his readers. Bill…

The lobbyists… the Wall Street sharpies… the bureaucrats and cronies in government… academics… the military-security complex… the medical industry… the mainstream media… and many others… We call this group the Deep State.

They make up a loose collection of elite who control the government and use it just as you’d expect – for their own benefit.

No matter who is in the White House, no matter which party controls Congress, these people – with their own internal rivalries and internecine wrangling for favors – are the real deciders.

Silicon Valley – a private branch of the Deep State…

Of all the elements of corporate America now interwoven with the Deep State – Wall Street, military contractors, defense companies, lobbyists, and the pharmaceutical industry – Silicon Valley is one of the most vital.

That’s because the Deep State relies on Silicon Valley’s data gatherers – mainly Google and Facebook – to keep track of groups and individuals in cyberspace.

As documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden show, America’s spy agencies can’t even begin to fulfill their mission without Silicon Valley’s vast data gathering dragnet… and its cooperation with their online snooping.

And the connective tissue between the two is the billions of dollars in research funding that has been flowing out of Washington and into Silicon Valley.

Google is a case in point…

As we told you yesterday, the NSA and CIA seed-funded Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, in the early 1990s while they were doing their PhDs at Stanford University.

The spooks did this via a series of grants organized by the National Science Foundation.

And they did it under the stated aim of “stimulating research in the efficient management of massive databases.” In other words, figuring out how to keep track of data online.

But that’s not where the connections end…

Google also got early funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.

It’s an agency inside the U.S. Department of Defense that’s responsible for developing new military technologies.

In 1958, President Eisenhower created DARPA in response to the launch of the first Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, by the Soviets.

The new agency’s mission was to make sure Soviet technology never again blindsided America. It was also tasked with creating what the author of a recent history of DARPA called the “unimagined weapons of the future.”

Precision-guided missiles… stealth helicopters… armed drones – all started out as DARPA projects.

During the 1960s, DARPA dealt with the big threats of the day…

It focused on defending against ballistic missiles (codenamed Project Defender) and detecting nuclear tests by America’s Cold War enemies (codenamed Project Vela).

But as the Cold War exploded into a hot war in Vietnam, DARPA began to focus more on electronic surveillance research and development (under a new codename – Project AGILE).

It’s a secret history Bill Bonner Letter coauthor Dan Denning has been unearthing. Dan…

During the Vietnam War, DARPA’s deputy director was a U.S. intelligence officer called William Godel. He was the guy that approved the use of chemical defoliation, using Agent Orange, in the jungles of Vietnam.

But he also believed counterinsurgency was about more than just developing modern killing methods. It was also about surveilling, studying, and understanding the people and cultures behind various insurgencies.

DARPA built a surveillance network in the jungles of Vietnam…

Godel believed that if he could create total information awareness – if he knew everything about everything that was going on – he could defeat the enemy.

So he had DARPA operatives place thousands of radio-controlled seismic devices, sensors, microphones – even heat and urine detectors – in the jungle.

Godel’s jungle surveillance failed to turn the tide of the war in favor of the U.S. But it proved DARPA’s commitment to collecting and analyzing data for surveillance purposes.

And as we’ll show you this week, it was the precursor of a more extensive – and more successful – attempt by the Deep State to build a mass surveillance system…

…this time, by harnessing a new technology called the World Wide Web… and the businesses – including Google – that would end up defining it.

Finally, in the mailbag: “We have lost enough freedoms already…”

Our inaugural issue of The Daily Cut got more than a few of your fellow readers riled up about Silicon Valley’s censors… who, as we told you, have come after Bill Bonner, Doug Casey, Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Clark, and the rest of the Legacy Research team.

But first, some responses to yesterday’s mailbag question: Should we have taken down Bill’s essay about how the feds have hollowed out parts of Baltimore – where Bill has lived and worked, on and off, for the past 40 years – with their win-lose deals?

NO! All voices need to be heard. – Pearl T.

In no way should Bill or any of you remove informative content because of threats. We must never give up our freedoms; we have lost enough already.

I do not want to live in a Socialist/Communist country, and that appears to be the goal of a small select group. They are like a cancer that is slowly consuming our right to live free. – Brian F.

Of course you should leave it up.

Print whatever you want as long as it isn’t uber offensive, like Alex Jones’ denial of the Sandy Hook massacre. I’m not sure how you police these things, but I think we should err on the side of the First Amendment. – E.W. and B.W.

Thank you, Chris, for keeping us informed about the actions of the Silicon Valley “gurus” who know what’s best for all.

I really liked Bill’s essay on Baltimore and the win-lose deals that led to the downfall of multiple communities across the city. As an original reader of that essay, I could see the truth of it in many communities all across the U.S., and not just limited to Baltimore.

You can see the same effects in Denver, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, Chicago, Detroit (a major example of government and liberal stupidity), and other places. You’ll note I didn’t list any cities from California. I won’t go there.

Keep up the good work! – James P.

And now for those fiery responses…

Google, Facebook, and all the other censor groups out there are only intent on removing our freedom of speech. If they can make slaves and robots out of us they will. They wouldn’t even exist today if they were censored in their infancy as they are now censoring others.

They are anti-American, and the worst kind of hypocrites. Thank you for fighting the good fight to allow all of your readers the opportunity to read and think for themselves. – Jeremiah W.

We appreciate what you guys stand for and respect that you are standing up to these people on our behalf. Your subscribers support your actions and will follow you anywhere. Thanks for all you do. – Gary W.

Thank you for protecting one of the few freedoms we have left! – Ed H.

I thank you for your commitment to our freedom of expression and commitment to truth. I know the power of corruption when only one point of view is allowed through censorship.

It divides families, societies, and nations and ultimately leads to totalitarian regimes. Thank you for standing up against that. I look forward to your reports. – Pilar M.

Thank you for making this stand. The same thing is happening in Australia. Very limited media outlets are prepared to air conservative views and allow open debate on right and left issues. – Warren K.

I’ve been cheering you all on since I read your announcement letter last week – THANK YOU for joining together to stand up for freedom!

Many thanks, also, for the GREAT newsletters and recommendations you all put out – you have funded my husband’s retirement and my own! – B.J. A.

Have your personal liberties come under attack from the Deep State or Silicon Valley? Should Google and Facebook police the internet? Write to us at [email protected].



Chris Lowe
August 21, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal