My name is Chris Lowe.

And I’d like to share some important news regarding legendary newsletter men Teeka Tiwari, Bill Bonner, Doug Casey, Jeff Clark… and you.

You see…

Your freedoms are under assault

A handful of Silicon Valley companies now have tremendous power over what you see and what you can say.

Earlier this year, dozens of independent newsletter publishers – including us – received notices from Google, Facebook, and several other online media services.

They said they were banning us from publishing on their web platforms – and that they would continue to do so unless we complied with their “guidelines.”


Not because we were saying anything illegal or untrue.

But simply because they didn’t like the things we had to say.

They didn’t agree with our forecasts or analysis.

They called our research “sensationalist.”

They said it didn’t fit with what they believed we should and shouldn’t say… and what they believed you should and shouldn’t read.

But they said the solution was simple…

All we had to do was stop sharing certain opportunities with you… change our ideas… tone down our style… Then we “might” get approval from the censors to appear on their networks again.

Many of our colleagues in the publishing industry kowtowed. But we did not.

Here’s why we refused to comply

As an independent publisher of financial research, traditionally, we are the only real alternative press.

We’re not supported by advertisers.

We’re not supported by government.

We’re not owned by powerful figures like Warren Buffett (who owns a majority share of 31 newspapers) or Jeff Bezos (who owns The Washington Post).

We’re not paid by any Wall Street firms to tip certain stocks.

We are the only channel for information and advice directly supported by readers.

Our business is supported 100% by you – our readers.

Independent, thoughtful readers who know there is an alternative to the ideas fed to them by the mainstream press… who want insights they can’t get from the agenda-pushing “fake news” media…

As I’m sure you know, over the years, our group has successfully predicted:

✓  The fall of the Soviet Union

✓  The collapse of the Japanese stock market in 1990

✓  The dot-com bust in 2000

✓  The rise of Muslim terrorism

✓  The financial meltdown of 2008

And by giving our readers the chance to prepare for world-changing events, we’ve helped tens of thousands around the world protect their wealth and turn our predictions into profits… simply by doing our best to connect the dots and share our findings with you.

We are not always right. We are not always wrong. But we are always independent. And always focused on helping you – our reader.

Do you really want Facebook and Google deciding what research you can and can’t read?

“Brought to you by our sponsors”

It wouldn’t bother us one bit if a private company decided to refuse service to a customer. YouTube, Apple… you name it… They don’t have to provide a platform to everyone. Or anyone.

The problem is these companies are masquerading as something they’re not.

Google… Facebook… even traditional media outlets like CNBC and The Wall Street Journal… They’re all advertising platforms.

They exist to serve their advertisers… their stockholders… and their sponsors.

Their duty is to help their advertisers sell their goods – otherwise, the advertising dollars dry up… the newspapers shut down… the TV shows are canceled.

As a subscription-based publishing service, our only loyalty is to you – our reader.

If our analysis proves insightful, intelligent, and benefits you, you will continue to read and subscribe. If not… you’ll stop reading and move on.

It’s a business model we’re proud of… because it’s win-win. For us to be successful, we first have to help you succeed.

And so long as we remain independent – unbeholden to advertisers or corporate sponsors – we’ll continue to bring you the same level of research and expertise you expect from us.

But we are just a small fish in a big pond filled with a growing number of busybodies, regulators, and censors who want to control what we say, how we say it, and the ideas you have the opportunity to read.

Which is why Bill Bonner of Bonner & Partners, Doug Casey of Casey Research, Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Research Group, and Jeff Clark of Delta Report have joined forces.

We’re not going to stop connecting the dots other people aren’t… We’re not going to stop saying things just because the censors in Silicon Valley find them disagreeable… And we’re not going to stop calling out B.S. when we see it…

And we figure that if we stand together against the censors, we have a better chance of protecting the legacy of independent research Bill, Doug, Teeka, and Jeff have spent decades creating.

Introducing Legacy Research Group…
An Alliance of Independent Minds

Our group will remain fiercely independent… and loyal only to you – our reader.

We believe our Number 1 loyalty is to you. That’s why every piece of research we publish is aimed squarely at sharing only information that matters to you. Whether that is an update on the economy, the truth behind the latest headlines, or an investment recommendation – we only share the news that matters to you.

Second, we believe it is our duty to tell you the truth – no matter how uncomfortable or unlikely. In 1989, when we wrote “The long-running bull market in Tokyo may be nearing an end,” people thought we were crazy. Months later, the Japanese stock market crashed. It has never recovered. When we predicted the crash in the housing bubble in 2008, along with lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mainstream press laughed. But we told you these stories because they were important for you – even though they seemed unlikely. And ultimately, we were proven right.

Third, we believe in connecting the dots with integrity. We accept no advertising dollars from the companies we recommend. We receive no kickbacks. We have policies in place that prohibit our analysts and researchers from trading companies before we recommend buying them and after we recommend selling them. This way, our advice remains completely independent. So long as it remains beneficial to you – so long as it makes you a smarter, better-informed, and well-advised investor – you will continue to subscribe.

If you share these three beliefs, we invite you to join us in this new partnership.

And the first thing we’d like to offer you is a chance to find out what’s really going on in the world today… a chance to cut through all the mainstream phoniness… and a chance to continue benefiting from our independent research and insight…

Yours FREE: Legacy Research Group’s New Letter, The Daily Cut

To thank you for your loyalty to Bill, Doug, Teeka, and Jeff, we’d like to offer you complimentary access to our newest letter – The Daily Cut.

It’s the only place you’ll find all the top ideas, insights, and investment opportunities from Bill, Doug, Teeka, Jeff, and their “brain trust” of analysts… the only place you’ll hear unfiltered accounts of the organized assault on your personal liberties… free of censorship and interference.

And it’s all in one easy-to-read format you can digest in five minutes each day. No fluff.

And as you’ll see as you read our issues, the motives behind the Silicon Valley censorship are much more sinister than you can imagine. It’s a story we can tell from the inside looking out… a perspective you won’t get anywhere else.

But it’s yours free every weekday in The Daily Cut.

That’s why our research must remain fiercely independent.

As you know, for almost four decades, the founders of Bonner & Partners, Casey Research, Palm Beach Research Group, and Delta Report have been responsible for sending you independent financial analysis and recommendations from award-winning investors, traders who have managed millions of dollars, PhDs, advisors to the president and the CIA, best-selling authors, and even the former head of British broadcaster the BBC.

And we’ll continue sending that advice without interruption. We’re just adding this new letter to our already stellar lineup of publications.

If you’ve already profited from our advice, it will come as no surprise to you that The Daily Cut will feature the best research from the best experts.

And this is just the first of many benefits we will share with you over the coming months as we carry on our mission to protect our legacy of independent research.

Best regards,


Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut