Michael GrossAnalyst, Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Infinity, and Palm Beach Letter

Michael joined Palm Beach Research Group in 2019. Prior to joining he earned a degree in Economics from Florida State University and began his career as an internal wholesaler covering structured products.
He has a passion for analyzing the ins and outs of successful companies and can be found pouring through 10-Qs in his spare time. His work focuses on finding undervalued, high-quality companies for trading opportunities, tracking the bitcoin mining industry, and developing charts and tables to better highlight investment value.

Making Sense of This Backwards Market

With sky-high inflation… spiking interest rates… and raging market volatility… it’s no wonder folks are feeling rattled. This year’s upside-down markets are enough to make even seasoned investors dizzy. But things aren’t as gloomy as they seem. Palm Beach Research Group analyst Michael Gross explains what’s got things so backwards right now… and how you can take advantage.

Stocks Are Headed Even Lower

Stocks continue to plummet. But the Anomaly Window strategy can help you profit in the months ahead.