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Chris Weber

Chris Weber may just be the most successful investor you’ve ever heard of.

He started investing in 1971 when he was just 16 years old… turning $600 from his paper route into $1.8 million in cash within a decade through a series of remarkably insightful investments… including buying gold coins when the U.S. got off the gold standard.

By the time he was 18 and out of high school, Chris Weber was independently wealthy.

He’s lived all over the world and retired at 40 years old. He prides himself on never having had to work a normal job – ever.

He started writing for the Oxford Club in 1993. He took over Inside Biotech, the newsletter that turned into The Weber Global Opportunities Report on May 1, 2002. 

Today, that newsletter is The Weber Report.

In this twice-monthly letter, Chris writes about his latest thoughts on what’s happening in the markets… his views on stocks, the dollar, gold, and any other issues relevant to your profits and future wealth… the latest investments he thinks you need to be in today… and a summary and overview of his current portfolio of investments.

He’s written or coauthored eight books on economics and investing, including the best-selling Getting Rich Outside the Dollar.

Today, he lives in Miami with his wife on a private island.

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