“Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Teeka and I (Chris) were walking through the Mitte district in Berlin, Germany.

I was living there at the time. Colleague Teeka Tiwari and I had just been to a cryptocurrency conference. We had some free time after the event. And I was showing him around the city.

We were strolling along a quiet street talking crypto. And we came across a girl in her thirties sobbing uncontrollably into a sodden tissue.

I’m more the introverted type. My instinct was to avoid dealing with those painful emotions and pass by without a word… even to cross the street to give the girl some space.

But without hesitating, Teeka walked straight up to her. He asked her in a gentle voice if she was okay… and if there was anything he could do to help.

There wasn’t much Teeka could do…

He doesn’t speak German. The girl didn’t speak English.

Maybe her boyfriend had broken up with her. Maybe someone close had passed. Maybe she’d just gotten some bad health news. I’ll never know.

What stuck with me was Teeka’s unwavering instinct to reach out and help a total stranger.

I’m telling you about this because it sums up “Big T,” as his readers call him. He has this near boundless empathy for the people around him… even if they’re strangers who don’t speak his language.

And as I hope to show you in today’s dispatch, it’s made him not only the most widely read analyst at Legacy. It’s also made him one of the best people to have on your side if you want to achieve financial freedom.

Teeka has already given his readers the chance to make enormous gains…

If you’re a Daily Cut regular, you’ve heard me on this before. But it makes me damn proud to be a member of the Legacy Research team.

Last year, Teeka contacted third-party performance verification service Alpha Performance Verification Services. He wanted them to run the rule over the performance of his Palm Beach Letter advisory.

And the company confirmed that, since it launched in April 2011 through June 2019, the recommendations Teeka and The Palm Beach Letter team made to readers averaged annualized returns of 123.6%.

That compares with average annualized gains of 10.3% over the same time for our regular U.S. stock market stand-in, the S&P 500.

Teeka and his team beat the market by more than 10 times, in other words.

This has helped thousands of his followers retire in comfort and dignity, which is Teeka’s mission with the letter.

And Palm Beach Confidential is the best crypto advisory in the world…

Back in 2016, Teeka persuaded the partners at Legacy Research to take a leap of faith.

He wanted to recommend cryptos at his Palm Beach Confidential advisory.

This was back when bitcoin traded hands for $428. (At writing, it trades at $8,005.) And most folks hadn’t even heard of crypto, let alone invested in it.

It took some persuading to get the partners on board. Keep in mind, cryptos were extremely niche back then. But Teeka knows that to make a fortune without a fortune to invest, you need to focus on asymmetric investments. That is… trades where the potential upside is much higher than the potential downside.

He just knew in his guts that cryptos were exactly that kind of fortune-making opportunity.

And today, his top open crypto recommendations in the model portfolio are up 592%… 700%… 1,495%… 1,811%… and 7,729%.

Teeka didn’t stop there…

In 2018, he launched Alpha Edge, a new advisory all about helping ordinary investors use Wall Street’s best-kept secrets to boost their wealth.

And last year, they booked gains of 89%, 140%, 150%, and 263% – without a single losing trade.

That’s the Holy Grail of investing – triple-digit returns with strictly limited downside risk.

But I’m not writing to you about Teeka today because of his track record…

What makes Teeka so special is his intense drive to help his readers… and the mountains of energy and heart he puts into that mission.

You see, he knows from experience what it’s like to get knocked down… and to get back up again.

He started off life in the foster care system in Britain. But by pure force of personality, he made his way to New York as a teenager with barely a hundred bucks in his pocket.

He flipped burgers. He washed cars. He even talked his way into a job on Wall Street by offering to work for free. And at just 19 years of age, he became the youngest-ever vice president at Shearson Lehman.

Since then, he’s run a hedge fund trading millions of dollars of global stocks… he’s made several fortunes… and he’s gone flat broke.

That was such a traumatic experience, he even thought of jumping in front of an oncoming New York City train.

But he’s never given up…

His longtime managing editor, Chaka Ferguson, put it best…

As he wrote at our Palm Beach Daily e-letter, “Teeka respects his readers – and fights tooth and nail for them.”

That’s why Teeka takes so many risks with his life to help others – many of them strangers – achieve financial freedom. Here’s Chaka with more on that…

I spoke to him right after he was almost arrested in Belarus last year. It’s one of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard.

I’ve seen him after he’s flown overnight from Moscow to Fort Lauderdale, arriving at our Delray Beach headquarters bleary-eyed to brief staff on his latest research.

The next day, he’d catch a red-eye to California to research an investment opportunity. Then, he’d be off to the Colombian highland jungles with an armed escort in search of more life-changing gains.

Chaka says he’s not sure if Teeka even sleeps. When he’s not flying, he’s writing the next blockbuster crypto issue or special investment report.

Teeka isn’t wasting any time in 2020 to make his readers money…

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, he’s holding a live event called Freedom 2020.

During this broadcast, Teeka will reveal his No. 1 wealth-building opportunity of the year. And he’s inviting Daily Cut readers to join him for free.

I can’t give too much away here.

But I can say that, for the first time ever, you’ll have the chance to get in on a pre-IPO deal with a billionaire – before it lists on the Nasdaq.

Now, space is limited. You see, this deal closes forever on January 31. So click here to learn how you can secure your stake in this pre-IPO deal for as little as $250.

And on the day that it does go public, you’ll have the chance to secure financial freedom for you and your family.

So make sure to avoid disappointment by signing up to attend here.



Chris Lowe
January 8, 2020
Dublin, Ireland

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