How our most widely followed analyst lost everything… How he got it all back… The secret that rebuilt his fortune… In the mailbag: “The debate makes us a stronger country”…

Today, a story that will change the way you invest – forever…

It’s a story of downfall and redemption… from the most widely followed analyst here at Legacy Research, Teeka Tiwari.

And it will help you build a more solid foundation for your wealth than you’ve ever thought possible.

Most Legacy readers know Teeka as the guy who started pounding the table on bitcoin in April 2016 – when it was selling for $428. (Today, it sells for $6,460 – a 1,400% gain.)

And if you’ve been following along with Teeka’s crypto recommendations at our Palm Beach Confidential and Palm Beach Letter advisories, you’ll know he’s the guy who’s helped more than a few readers become millionaires.

But that’s not all there is to “Big T,” as his readers know him…

He almost quit investing for good when – at the age of 27 – he lost 10 years’ worth of wealth in three weeks.

The loss ended up forcing him into bankruptcy. And as you’re about to learn, it left him with deep and painful psychological scars… as well as a life-changing investment lesson.

“When the crisis hit, I lost it all…”

At 20, Teeka become the youngest-ever vice president at Wall Street investment bank and brokerage firm Shearson Lehman.

He spent the next seven years managing money for wealthy investors. His first big success was trading Treasury bonds… and then buying junk bonds when they were hated.

By the mid-1990s, he started making bets on tech stocks using “leverage” – or borrowed capital. It’s a decision that came back to haunt him. Teeka…

The 1997 Asian financial crisis was my downfall. I was borrowing stocks on the margin. I was using leverage in the futures markets. I was using leverage to speculate in the options market. When the crisis hit, I lost it all.

I lost 10 years’ worth of wealth in just three weeks. It crushed me mentally. I couldn’t work my way out of it. I was done for almost two years. I couldn’t look at a ticker symbol. If I saw The Wall Street Journal on a newsstand, I felt like throwing up.

That’s when Teeka discovered the secret that rebuilt his fortune…

After the loss, he had plenty of time to reflect on what went wrong. It was one of the toughest experiences he’s had. And that’s saying something for a guy that grew up in Britain’s foster care system.

But it led him to a discovery that would change his life… and his wealth… for good. Teeka…

After I went bankrupt, I did some serious soul-searching. I realized I was a great stock picker and knew how to ride a trend. My mistake was taking on too much risk. My portfolio had been 100% speculative.

I realized I couldn’t build long-term wealth on all speculation all the time. I had to build a base of safe, income-generating investments first, and then use that income to speculate with.

I understood if I focused on generating safe, reliable streams of cash payouts, I could actually speculate more without ever risking my lifestyle.

This breakthrough finally got Teeka off the boom-and-bust merry-go-round. As he told us…

What I learned is sometimes you have to go slow in order to go fast. Building a base of income-generating assets meant that even if I lost on my speculations, my income would be replenished by my safe income investments.

This constant stream of safe income gave me tremendous confidence. So long as I didn’t speculate with more than what my safe investments were throwing off, I could never go broke again.

It’s a common misconception about Teeka…

Sure, he’s helped thousands of readers make fortunes in the crypto market. But these days, he’s the furthest thing from a risky speculator.

He tells his readers to always make sure to diversify their portfolio. For instance, he advises they keep their high-risk crypto speculations to just 5% to 10% – at most – of their liquid wealth.

That may sound boring. But Teeka’s top crypto recommendation is up 14,162%. At that rate of return, even a $7,000 bet can turn you into a millionaire.


In fact, Teeka says being “boring” is the ONLY way you’re going build lasting wealth…

When you’re able to force the markets to kick out chunks of cash on a regular basis, you stop going from wealthy to not so wealthy… wealthy to dirt poor… as I was doing. That single insight allowed my wealth to accelerate dramatically.

But when you learn to generate safe, easy, dependable income, regularly, you’re free to use that income however you want.

You want to speculate with it? Go for it. You want to buy your wife a beautiful piece of jewelry and not feel any guilt about it? Do it. You want to go to Vegas and go gamble it away? Have fun. You want to go on vacation? You want to donate to charity and not have it negatively impact your lifestyle? Go for it.

That’s what steady, reliable income does for your life.

It’s why Teeka is launching Alpha Edge

It’s a new advisory dedicated to sharing the three income strategies he’s used to build a solid foundation for his own wealth.

As he learned the hard way, when you have more money coming in than going out, every aspect of your personal life gets better.

That’s what Alpha Edge is all about. Teeka will show you how to force the markets to pay you income so you can speculate – or spend – guilt-free.

Teeka is closing the doors on his new service at midnight tonight. But you still have time to join him on the mission to transform readers’ lives with safe, reliable income.

And if you don’t take advantage of your last few hours to join Teeka’s new advisory…

Do yourself a favor, and consider the investment lessons Teeka had to learn the hard way…

  • Always keep your portfolio diversified.

  • Keep the amount you invest in any individual idea a small portion of your liquid wealth.

  • Always speculate with money you can afford to lose.

Wins like the ones Teeka has given readers the chance to make can change your standard of living for the better – for good. But always make sure to protect your downside.

Finally, in the mailbag… “The debate makes us a stronger country…”

Last Thursday, reader David C. seemed to find an Achilles’ heel in the argument for free speech. Taken to its extreme, wouldn’t it mean allowing ISIS to recruit in the U.S.?

And it sparked more debate in the mailbag today…

I think Dale M. gave the clearest take on a definition of free speech. Taking his point a bit further, that what is offensive to some would be called “hate speech,” while that same speech may be acceptable to others, would be applied culturally rather than individually.

So, what is culturally acceptable in the United States? One measuring stick might be how it would stand up in a court of law… say, murder, as an example. If speech is in any way motivating or condoning murder, that would not be legal (unless in self-defense). In the case of ISIS, if their communications in the U.S. are condoning murder that would be hate speech given what is offensive culturally and legally in America.

It’s not their religion or dress that is offensive. It’s their condoning of committing murder that is offensive and hateful.

– Amy D.

David C. did not find the exception with ISIS free speech in America, but some may argue that he has! I feel that if everyone involved in the debate is honest, ISIS, Hitler, or the new kid on the block will be defeated every time.

The debate makes us a stronger country, but that is not to say that there aren’t bumps in the road while having the debate!

– Kerry B.

Let ISIS have free speech; as soon as they publicly conspire to commit a crime, charges for that offense can be leveled… and the right to free speech stands.

– Glen S.

ISIS should be free to recruit in the U.S. so long as they do not advocate the violent overthrow of the U.S. government… which ISIS does, so they are out of luck.

– Geoffrey A.

What’s your view on the freedom of speech debate? Is there a place you can draw the line? Let us know at [email protected]



Chris Lowe
September 17, 2018
Mahon, Menorca

P.S. I spent the weekend on one of the smallest Balearic Islands – Menorca, off the coast of Spain. A friend has bought a “bolthole” here – a 4.8-hectare piece of land in a valley next to a beach. Price tag – €250,000 ($292,000).


It certainly scores high on the “remote” factor. Menorca has only 91,000 inhabitants. The only direct flights year-round are from Barcelona and Madrid.