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Water filters, smoke detectors, non-stick pans, and cordless phones…

What do these four innovations have in common?

They’re all products of the Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 1960s.

So are satellite-based communications and satellite-based navigation, otherwise known as the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Most folks don’t know it yet. But today, there’s a new “Space Race” underway – one that will unleash an even bigger wave of technological innovation.

Except this time, it’s being fought between the U.S. and its new chief rival, China.

And it isn’t a race to the moon. It’s a race to create the world’s most advanced “thinking machines” – aka artificial intelligence (AI).

Why should you care about this battle for AI supremacy?

As you’ll learn in today’s dispatch, this is the mother of all tech trends.

And it will have even more profound effects on the technology we use and the world we live in than the Space Race did a few decades ago.

In fact, it will change nearly every aspect of our lives… even what it means to be a human.

That’s because we’re living through the first chapter of history when humans are no longer the smartest creatures on the planet.

Here’s our tech investing expert at Legacy Research, Jeff Brown, with more…

AI is the most disruptive technology of our age… by far. People will look back and see these breakthroughs that we’re having right now in artificial intelligence as the next revolution. AI technology will remake our society in ways we can’t yet predict.

It will also create new investment opportunities – from self-driving cars… to AI virtual assistants… to new types of AI-specific semiconductors.

The AI mega trend is so important, we’ll be focusing on it all week here at the Cut. But before we dig in further, you should understand why AI technology is so groundbreaking.

Simply put, AIs are intelligent machines…

And depending on the task you set them to, some AIs are already smarter than we are.

Way smarter.

Take the ancient Chinese strategy board game Go. There are more possible Go board positions than there are atoms in the universe. There simply aren’t computers powerful enough to calculate every possible outcome.

So to outsmart the top human Go player and win the game, an AI has to think for itself. It can’t rely on crunching through a database of past moves, as most human-beating chess AIs do.

And in May 2017, that’s exactly what happened. A Google-made AI called AlphaGo beat the world’s No. 1 Go player, a Chinese man named Ke Jie.

Then, five months later, Google built a second AI that learned to play Go from scratch… except this time, without access to any human data about the game other than its rules.

As Google AI guru David Simon explained it…

It starts from a blank slate and figures out only for itself, only from self-play, and without any human knowledge, or any human data, or features, or examples, or intervention from humans. It discovers how to play the game of Go from first principles.

By running millions of simulated games against itself, AlphaZero was able to beat the best existing AI Go players in just 40 days.

Let that sink in for a moment…

The race to AI dominance will see hundreds of billions of dollars in investment… and the governments of the two most powerful nations on Earth will be throwing their full weight behind R&D.

We’re only at the start of this race. But we’re already living in a world where thinking machines are already smarter than people.

They don’t even need to rely on humans to make them smart. They can figure stuff out on their own.

That includes figuring out the best way to make a nation’s weapons systems impervious to a cyberattack. Or figuring out how to launch an unstoppable cyberattack against a rival’s weapons systems.

AIs can also deliver more accurate targeting for weapons… help save the lives of wounded soldiers on the battlefield (via robotic surgical systems)… even help predict what the enemy will do next (AIs excel at spotting predictive patterns in data).

In short, whoever has the most powerful AI will have an unbeatable edge over any rival.

It’s why China has launched a program to build the world’s most advanced AI…

Two months after AlphaGo defeated Ke Jie at Go, the Chinese government announced a national development policy on AI.

It’s called the New Generation AI Development Plan. And as Jeff put it…

China has put the stake in the ground – or better said, the sword in the ground. The aim of the new initiative is to make China the most dominant country in the world with respect to AI by 2030. That’s it.

The government there is going to put laws in place to stimulate innovation. It’s putting investment funds behind AI research. And it’s putting a policy in place at the national level to support these initiatives.

China means business. And it’s thrown down the gauntlet on AI dominance.

And the U.S. is answering this challenge…

In February, President Trump signed an executive order called the American AI Initiative.

Its goal is to make sure the U.S. is investing enough in research and development to remain the world leader in AI.

And you can expect a wave of new tech innovations to come out of the race for AI supremacy… just like what happened with the Space Race in the 1950s and 1960s.

AIs could give the U.S. or China a decisive advantage in warfare…

But having superior AI technology will also bring economic advantages.

Most folks aren’t aware of it. But AI technology is already becoming part of our everyday lives. Here’s Jeff…

Anyone that’s used a search engine… spoken to an Amazon Echo speaker… called into a call center… or driven a Tesla… has used AI without even realizing it. It’s that pervasive.

AI is also being used right now for self-driving cars, image recognition, speech recognition, facial recognition, high-frequency trading, and network optimization.

And Jeff says that AIs will also be able to help us solve some of the biggest problems we face…

Machine learning can optimize any process, any development, any design. It will do everything from helping us design and develop nuclear fusion, which will be essentially limitless clean energy for the world… to analyzing crops to determine which parts of the field may need more or less fertilizer or water in order to improve yields… to helping educate every child on the planet.

This is why the AI industry is set to explode.

In 2017, the market for AI software was $2.75 billion. By 2025, it’s forecast to hit $78 billion.

That’s a 2,736% increase in just eight years.

In tomorrow’s dispatch, we’ll show you how you can harness that growth in your portfolio to make extraordinary gains as the AI mega trend plays out.

So stay tuned for that in your inbox at the regular time of 5 p.m. ET.

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In the mailbag: “Capitalism is what has made America great”…

Last Thursday, in the ongoing debate over socialism vs. capitalism, reader Marlow M. said: “There is no contest. Capitalism is absolutely superior to socialism.”

And today, we’re getting mixed responses to Marlow’s stance…

I would add one other thing to Marlow M.’s comment that “as long as someone’s activities are peaceful, voluntary, and honest, what they do is no one else’s business.” My addition after “honest” in the above comment is, “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.”

And capitalism, freedom, and personal liberty is definitely preferable and superior to socialism, with its lack of freedom and lack of personal liberty.

– Chris Z.

It’s unfortunate that many younger Americans and/or millennials don’t have a clue about the very negative atrocities and pains that socialism and/or a Green New Deal will bring!

Also, unfortunately, many of them have no higher education under their belt and are generally low-wage earners and blue collar, who probably can’t even spell socialism, or Marxism, or communism, and likewise, have not had any training or education of either term. They don’t know what they’re asking for, for Big Brother to get deeper and deeper into our lives and control us.

There is no place for a mixed system here in America! Capitalism is what has made and still is making America great. Personality doesn’t put food on my table, neither does tact, sweetness, or emotion. A person, a man, a woman, his or her performance is what puts food on my table, and money in my pocket.

– Ronald M.

There is nothing in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence that refers to capitalism. Capitalism is a cancer that invaded the United States and really got crazy in the 1950s. It serves very few. Those who benefit do very well. Most are left behind.

Capitalism is a game of Monopoly. At the end, one person has all the money and all the property. That is where we are headed. Two percent will hold almost everything, and the rest are told to fight each other for the scraps.

– Mike A.

Is there no place for a mixed system in the U.S., as Ronald M. says? Do you agree with Mike A. that capitalism is what made America great? Write us at [email protected].



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April 9, 2019
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