“God Key” technology just got very real… The gains for investors are only getting started… In the mailbag: Is Doug Casey wrong about class warfare?

We call it the “God Key”…

At The Daily Cut, part of our mission is to put you ahead of the big money-making trends shaping the markets.

And we do that by plugging you into the latest ideas, insights, and recommendations from Bill Bonner, Doug Casey, Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Clark and the rest of the Legacy Research team.

In today’s dispatch, we want to introduce you to one of the biggest… and most profitable… trends on our radar right now.

It’s something Jeff Brown, our tech investing expert, calls the God Key – CRISPR genetic editing.

CRISPR gives us god-like powers over our bodies and our health…

Thousands of people around the world suffer from more than 6,000 genetic disorders. These are caused by a change in DNA away from the normal sequence.

For example, there’s Huntington’s disease, which attacks nerve cells in the brain, causing difficulty with talking… a lack of impulse control… and learning difficulties.

There’s also cystic fibrosis, which mainly damages the lungs, making it hard for people to breathe. And there’s muscular dystrophy, a group of diseases that causes sufferers’ muscles to weaken.

And even if you don’t have one of these disorders today, a variant in your DNA could trigger one later in life.

That’s according to a study last year in the Annals of Internal Medicine, an academic journal published by the American College of Physicians.

It revealed that roughly 1 in 5 people carry genetic variants known to cause genetic disorders. These folks have a time bomb in their DNA, in other words. They just don’t know it yet.

For example, two people in the study found out they had a genetic variant linked to heart rhythm problems – something that had yet to show up in regular heart screenings.

Thanks to CRISPR, these disorders could disappear entirely…

This breakthrough tech could cure thousands of diseases – permanently.

We won’t get too deep into exactly how CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) works. But here’s how Jeff explained it for his readers…

CRISPR is like a software development platform for “hacking” plant, animal, and human genomes – their complete sets of DNA. It is a way to program the genome and remove the “bugs” – or, in genetic terms, the mutations – from DNA.

CRISPR can fix or improve the genetics of any organism… just as a computer programmer can fix or improve any piece of software.

Think about that for a moment…

With CRISPR, you can “cut” an unhealthy segment of someone’s DNA and “paste” in a new healthy segment… just like you would cut and paste text in a computer.

To say this is revolutionary is an understatement…

Its impact on genetic disorders alone makes CRISPR revolutionary.

But the applications of gene editing go beyond fighting genetic diseases.

CRISPR will also allow us to eradicate malaria (by genetically changing mosquitos’ ability to carry and transmit the disease)… create higher-yield, pest-resistant crops that can solve the world’s hunger problem… engineer healthier livestock… and accelerate new drug development.

This is great news for humanity.

It’s also great news for the tech companies that can harness CRISPR’s god-like powers.

Take Swiss biotech firm CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP). Jeff added it to the model portfolio at our elite tech investing advisory, Exponential Tech Investor, in October 2016.

So far, CRSP – which trades on the Nasdaq – is up 181%.

That makes it one of the top 10 best-performing open recommendations across all the Legacy model portfolios.

It’s no surprise…

Yesterday, CRISPR Therapeutics became the first company in the world to use CRISPR gene editing in a clinical trial on humans.

It’s treating patients with a rare genetic blood disorder called beta thalassemia.

People with this disorder don’t make enough hemoglobin – a protein found in red blood cells. This causes fatigue and restricted growth. And it can leave sufferers dependent on regular blood transfusions.

CRISPR Therapeutics says it can cure the disorder with a simple gene edit. And yesterday, its shares catapulted 25% higher on the news that the first clinical trial had gone ahead.

Jeff reckons that’s only the start for CRSP. As he told me yesterday…

We’ve just seen the first trials of CRISPR in the U.S. and Europe. This just got very real… and very exciting. Our subscribers have nearly tripled their money on this stock already. Just imagine what will happen to this stock when the therapy is shown to be effective.

Keep in mind, one of the reasons Jeff’s subscribers have done so well already on this stock is the timing of his initial recommendation.

Jeff had CRISPR Therapeutics on his watch list before it went public…

At Exponential Tech Investor, Jeff looks for small- and micro-cap tech stocks with explosive growth potential.

That means he often recommends companies with exciting new tech right before they list their shares on a public exchange for the first time.

That’s what he did with CRISPR Therapeutics.

He first put the company on his subscribers’ radars in June 2016 as part of his “Venture Elite Hotlist” – a group of 19 tech companies he believed had high chances of going public within the next two years.

Four months later, CRSP listed its shares on the Nasdaq. And Jeff positioned his subscribers to pull the trigger two days before shares first became available to the public.

He’s looking to do the same thing again…

Right now, Jeff has on his watchlist two private CRISPR companies that are close to taking their stock public.

The idea is to give our paid-up Exponential Tech Investor subscribers another perfect window of opportunity to add to their CRISPR holdings.

So, if you’re a paid-up subscriber to that service, make sure to look out for more from Jeff on new CRISPR plays in the coming months.

And if you’re not signed up for Jeff’s recommendations, consider buying shares of CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP).

This won’t give you the same oomph as Jeff’s paid-up subscribers have gotten… as it’s now over two years since CRISPR Therapeutics went public.

But as Jeff has been telling his readers, the company still has massive upside potential. And at writing, it’s still under Jeff’s buy-up-to price of $42.

We’ll leave Jeff with the last word…

Genetic editing and the rise of precision medicine is a huge trend that will take a giant leap forward in 2019. I can’t tell you how excited I am…

The companies that control CRISPR genetic editing technology will either get acquired at a significant premium over where they trade today, or they will grow into multibillion-dollar companies, trading at levels that are at least 10 times higher than where they are right now.

That’s it… Those are the only two possible outcomes. CRISPR Therapeutics is in buy range today, but that won’t last long.

In the mailbag: “Is there a fake news ‘queen’ out there belching out ideological hormones”?

After one of your fellow readers told us to butt out of politics here at The Daily Cut, the debate continues over whether we should keep at it or steer clear

Everyone is following politics. So it is refreshing to read without it. Just my input.

– Brian J.

Please continue to write of our political climate. It’s our responsibility as American citizens to keep our elected representatives in the powerful law-making arena in check. Not to do so is willingly giving them control, when “We the People” should always be the ones to decide our course.

The people we send should always be watched and reported on because of what happens when you give anyone a modicum of power over others.

Treat government like fire – never let your eyes off it, for it will burn your house down.

– Anonymous

How can you have a cogent discussion regarding the economy and investments and simply ignore the political realities of the time and place? If you do that, it makes the sound of one hand clapping.

– Ray H.

I hope you continue to address political issues, especially since they are so entangled with economic ones. At least, with The Daily Cut commentary and readers’ letters, I get a variety of viewpoints and ideas, unlike the left media, with their incessant droning gabble.

They seem to be possessed of a hive mind, all in lockstep, with identical buzzwords, all spouting the same inane drivel.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a fake news “queen” out there somewhere controlling them all by belching out ideological pheromones. Keep up the good work and the forthright reporting.

– Wynn R.

Meanwhile, back on the topic of eating the rich, one reader takes issue with Legacy Research cofounder Doug Casey’s discussion of class warfare

Sure, there are always those lazy “have-nots” seeking handouts and enduring codependent relationships with the “haves.”

But just as surely, there are many souls in critical need, due to external circumstances (natural disaster, work layoff, economic recession, grave illness, entrapping poverty, and so on), who are worthy and of good character and only need a transformative hand up, not a handout to get them through and beyond their crises. Simply avoid the former and aid the latter.

For those blessed with abundant means, there is no better way to express sincere thankfulness for their just rewards than to help others in need.

– Scott M.

Do you agree with Scott M. that there’s a difference between a “hand up” and a “handout”? What has Jeff Brown missed in his investment case for CRISPR gene-editing stocks?

Share your thoughts with us at [email protected]. We read every piece of feedback you send in. And we love to keep up our lively mailbag debates. So don’t be shy…



Chris Lowe
February 26, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal