Our top cannabis stock pick is up 665%… Why it could be the Budweiser of pot… It’s not too late to grab a livestream of our Bermuda event … In the mailbag: “A fresh class of clueless clowns”…

It’s legalization day in Canada…

Today, Canada becomes the first major industrialized nation to legalize cannabis for recreational use nationwide.

Right now, 29 million Canadian adults can buy pot and not risk jail time.

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has been planning the move since 2015. And the Canadian parliament passed the cannabis legalization bill – known as Bill C-45 – into law in June.

Canada has had medical cannabis laws on its book since 2001.

But today is the day that dispensaries serving the recreational pot market will start selling their wares across the country.

Depending on what province you’re in, you’ll be able to buy cannabis in government-run dispensaries or private stores… or a mix of both.

All you’ll need is a valid ID… and proof you’re over the age of 18 or 19, again, depending on the province you’re in.

The mainstream press has finally caught up with us on this…

This week, you couldn’t open a newspaper… or turn on the TV… without hearing about pot going legal north of the border.

But colleague Nick Giambruno has been tracking this profit wave since last summer. And his early call has given his readers the chance to make triple-digit gains long before cannabis became legal in Canada.

Nick first recommended legal pot stocks to paid-up subscribers of our elite Crisis Investing advisory in June of last year. And it’s been a great call so far.

The average gain for the eight stocks Nick has in his “End of Marijuana Prohibition” model portfolio is 146%.

The top performer, Canadian pot grower Canopy Growth Corporation (listed in New York under ticker symbol CGC) is up 665%. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 stake into $76,500.

Crisis Investing readers now have a “free ride” on Canopy…

Canopy isn’t just any pot grower. It’s the biggest pot grower in the world.

And Nick says it’s on its way to becoming the “Budweiser of pot” – in other words, one of the most dominant brands in the cannabis market.

And paid-up Crisis Investing subscribers now have a “free ride” on future gains. Last Friday, Nick instructed them to sell enough shares to recoup their original investment stake.

He hasn’t turned bearish on this stock – far from it. But this way, his readers get all the future upside growth in the company… with zero downside. (Crisis Investing readers can catch up on Nick’s “free ride” alert here.)

Nick is in Bermuda to talk about what’s ahead for legal pot…

We’re just a few hours away from kicking off our first annual Legacy Research Investment Summit at the luxury Fairmont Southampton hotel here in Bermuda.

We have subscribers who’ve made the trek from all across North America… and even as far as Indonesia, Japan, Ukraine, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia.

And Nick will be telling them why the legalization wave won’t stop with Canada… and why the U.S. could be the next major country to fully legalize pot.

A lot of folks are wondering if it’s too late to buy into this profit trend…

It’s a question I (Chris) put to Nick over lunch. Here’s what he told me…

The legal cannabis mega trend is closer to its beginning than its end. This is a long-term story that will culminate in the global legalization of cannabis and the emergence of a new industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. It will make investors in the right companies rich in the process, too.

But it won’t be a straight shot up forever. There’ll be plenty of pullbacks along the way. And to maximize your profits, you want to buy on those dips.

If you’re a Crisis Investing subscriber, you can access the eight recommendations Nick has made as part of his “End of Marijuana Prohibition” theme right here.

If you’re not a subscriber, an alternative way to profit from this trend is to buy the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ).

It’s an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks a broad basket of cannabis growers… as well as pharmaceutical and tobacco firms… set to profit from the legal cannabis boom.

In Bermuda, we’ll also be taking a deep dive into the dark side of tech…

As regular readers will know, we’re witnessing the creation of the modern mass-surveillance state.

We’re also witnessing the birth of a new era of online censorship.

And tomorrow Dan Denning, Doug Casey, Teeka Tiwari, Bill Bonner, Jeff Brown, Jeff Clark, and I will discuss what’s going on over the course of two panel discussions.

That may sound like an odd topic for an investment summit. And it’s certainly unusual. As far as we can tell, most folks aren’t aware of the threat from these Big Tech platforms… let alone what the solutions may be.

But echoing something colleague Dan Denning wrote recently over at The Bill Bonner Letter, our mission at Legacy isn’t just to identify the next big profit trend. It’s to understand the bigger picture… and your place in it.

And that means understanding big trends playing out not just in the stock market and the economy, but also in society in general…
and the world.

And it means figuring out ways to preserve and protect your wealth – and your liberty – in a time when both are under threat.

You don’t want to miss these discussions…

If you’re flying in to Bermuda, we hope to see you at the welcome reception tonight – and bright and early at our first panels tomorrow.

If you can’t join us at the Summit, don’t worry. We’ll be livestreaming the whole thing. You can catch our two full days of insights, ideas, and recommendations from the comfort of your home.

There’s still time to snag livestream access… But don’t wait. Sales end tonight. So go here now to get the details.


In the mailbag, the conversation turns back to Facebookcensorship… and the search for a less intrusive alternative

I only use Fakebook to post short videos of things that I find valuable. Never private info. So, in fact, they provide me with my own personal – libertarian – channel. Isn’t that great! I beat them with their own means.

– Hubert N.

I don’t know what percentage of young Americans ever heard of Ayn Rand or George Orwell, or even care about the future of the U.S. I also do not know what percentage of the group under, say 35, have been homeschooled or educated in a private school.

Those who attended an independent school system have a legitimate excuse since they were educated, for the most part, by liberals who hate the country, our Founding Fathers, and the Constitution…
not to mention people who are believers. So these people have very little guidance to steer them toward productive lives.

A fresh class of these clueless clowns are graduated each year from these liberal institutions, and they can become voters at some point. Do the math! It is just a matter of time until you can blow taps over this once great country. It will take a miracle to turn this tide, in my opinion.

– William M.

I got a Facebook account a long time ago, but even though I had the highest security on my account, I was hacked. I only got the account to appease my family that lives worldwide. I may have looked at family pictures twice, but that’s it. What really turned me off was the hacking, even though I had the highest security level on.

Facebook told me I had to send my birth certificate to them to reactivate the account. I said good-bye forever to them many, many years ago and haven’t been back since. I will not use them ever again. I was told by the security black hats where I worked as a computer scientist that Facebook was nothing more than a data analytics company for the government.

I have not tried Steemit yet but will do so within the week to see if that is worth using. I find that by not using social media, I have a lot more time for productive pursuits. The same way I feel about television, which I’ve not had since 1985. The TV technology may be great, but the content leaves a lot to be desired.

– Judy G.

Thank you for your work. Facebook has come a long way from the undergrad dorms, to social connection, to billionaire success, to privacy loss, to mass censorship. What a trip! Seems like yesterday we were at “Don’t be evil.” But nothing exceeds like greed – for money and control.

I never saw a need for social media and still don’t. Obviously, I’m the child left behind, and happy to say I did not participate in, or become a victim of that progression… Or shall I say devolution? It’s nothing new, that United Statesmen never understood constitutional freedoms while benefiting from Africans imported in chains to work ethnically cleansed Indian lands for “You Row” Christian squatters.

As Mao Zedong said, political power comes out of the barrel of a gun, whether it’s an NRA gun or a Second Amendment gun. But today we have tech guns at social media websites, killing us with old school “kindness” of protectionism. Adolf Hitler, Mao, Papa Doc (François Duvalier), Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, Pieter Botha, Divine Right kings, and dozens more would approve.

– Lionel H.

This latest assault is the last for me. I hate to lose touch with so many contacts on Facebook, and we use it to schedule my class reunions, but at some point (probably a while ago) you have to take a stand.

– Warren T.

Do you still use Facebook? Or are you done with it for good? Write us at [email protected].



Chris Lowe
October 17, 2018
Southampton, Bermuda