There has never… ever… been a doubt in our mind…

We’ve always believed it to be a hoax…

Nothing more than a socialist conspiracy to ‘guilt’ the gullible public into accepting a transfer of wealth.

The subject in question? The so-called “climate change” hoax.

Or as some of the more fanatical conspirators have labeled it, the “climate crisis.”

Well, if you’ve ever needed more proof it’s a hoax, look no further than the latest decision from the climate-change fanatics themselves, the European Union.

Details below…

It’s All About Control

Today’s Financial Times informs us:

Brussels is pushing ahead with Chinese electric vehicle tariffs that are set to bring in more than €2 billion a year, brushing aside German government warnings that the move risks starting a costly trade war with Beijing.

The European Commission is to notify carmakers on Wednesday that it will provisionally apply additional duties of up to 25% on imported Chinese EVs from next month, according to people familiar with the decision. Brussels argues that Chinese EV makers benefit from subsidies that undercut their European rivals.

The tariffs, championed by France and Spain, will raise billions of euros for the EU budget annually as sales of Chinese EVs grow in Europe. China, the bloc’s largest trading partner, exported €10 billion of electric cars to the EU in 2023, doubling its market share last year to 8%, according to analysts at Rhodium Group.

Remember how the story goes. The world has to act now… governments need to stop businesses and people from using fossil fuels…

Governments need to impose taxes on fossil fuels in order to speed up that process… and governments need to spend billions on all sorts of fanciful schemes to prevent (what we are told) is an impending Earth-ending “climate crisis”… or “climate catastrophe”’… or some other equally scary phrase.

Of course, if that really were true… why would the EU singularly make it harder and more expensive for European consumers to buy EVs?

After all, if it is a genuine climate crisis, isn’t the planet more important than a few hundred thousand European jobs?

After all, if the climate crisis is so much of a crisis… well… won’t we all be dead anyway? So there won’t be any need for folks to buy Renault or Peugeot or Citroen cars.

It just goes to prove there is no climate crisis… or certainly not one that is man-made… nor one that any government can solve by levying taxes.

It’s more proof that anything involving so-called climate change is only about control over and of the population. The attempt to tax the population into submission.

Thankfully, it seems people are starting to wise up on it. It probably goes towards explaining why EV car sales growth has hit a proverbial brick wall…

And it explains why the Environmental Protection Agency has adjusted its target for EV sales from 67% of new sales in 2032 to 35–56% (depending on the scenario).

We’ll bet our bottom dollar they’ll struggle to hit the lower end of that range once folks realize by then the whole climate crisis has been one big lie.



Kris Sayce
Editor, The Daily Cut