Let’s start this Friday mailbag with a question for former hedge fund manager and crypto expert Teeka Tiwari.

We’ve heard different versions of this question hundreds of times over the years, and I’m willing to bet you’ve probably wondered about it once or twice yourself…

Reader question: Hi Teeka. Given the current stage of the national debt cycle, what is the best way to hold cash now? Paper bills in the home safe? Big banks? Credit unions? Foreign currency?

– Dave K. (Legacy Research member)

Teeka’s answer: This is a very controversial answer that almost no one will agree with. But the safest, most liquid way to hold cash is to hold very short-term (think 90-180 days or less) Treasury Bills directly with TreasuryDirect.gov or in an FDIC insured brokerage account.

Strategic Investor editor and avowed contrarian E.B. Tucker agrees. He’s also a big fan of TreasuryDirect.gov, and here’s what he had to say about it…

E.B.’s answer: I opened an account with the U.S. Treasury at its Treasury Direct website. It took about five minutes to complete the forms. This account links to my bank account. Trust me, the feds need the money, so they’re not making it too difficult to set this up.

I just log into my Treasury Direct account and pre-schedule bids in any bill auctions that interest me. I prefer the four-week auctions.

After each auction, I see Treasury Bills in my account with the corresponding interest rate and maturity date. Four weeks later, the bills get redeemed, and the principal plus interest is deposited back into my bank account. If I don’t need the money right away, I can schedule the bills to roll over for another four weeks.

For every $20,000 I hold this way, I’m generating $320 per year in interest income. That beats the $20 per year my bank offers.

And since I don’t see the U.S Government failing in the short run, this is a completely risk-free return.

Here’s a link to the Treasury Direct website if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

Moving on… we’ve also received more than a few emails asking our blockchain experts if quantum computing will be a threat to cryptocurrencies.

Here’s what Disruptive Profits editor Marco Wutzer had to say…

Marco’s answer: That’s a popular myth. People are worried that quantum computing could crack the encryption of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and make them worthless.

In other words, people fear quantum computing would make blockchains hackable.

This is simply not true.

Cryptocurrencies are based on something called hash functions. A hash function is a complex, mathematical puzzle that can only be solved in one direction. It’s like a one-way street.

There are many different hashing algorithms, most of which are quantum secure. It’s just a matter of using the right hash function.

In other words, a quantum computer cannot crack the hashing algorithm of a blockchain.

Plus, hashing algorithms are under ongoing development and faster, more efficient, and even more secure ones will be available soon.

Not only is the timeline for the commercial availability of quantum computers up for debate, but quantum computers are no threat to cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain technology in general.

Marco just published a new report that shows how blockchain technology will change every aspect of our lives… and make millionaires in the process.

The report is titled Welcome to the Blockchain Era, and he’s giving it away for free. Just go here and enter the email address where you’d like us to send it.

Now before we sign off, we have to share some of the emails we received in response to Wednesday’s Daily Cut.

If you didn’t read the issue yet, Bill Bonner Letter co-author Dan Denning proposed a Declaration of Digital Rights… and the response was overwhelming. (Catch up here if you missed it.)

So great to hear about these things before they actually hit the fan, Dan. Yes, please do ramp up your campaigns.

– Kristina F. (Legacy Research member)

Yes, a commitment by politicians to support these rights (and defend the Constitution), could be viewed as a litmus test by Daily Cut readers. However, that assumes that; 1) they are honest in their oath, and 2) that they follow through with appropriate action.

I suspect that most politicians are already aware of and applaud (or are at least indifferent to) our loss of personal freedom and the rise of the authoritarian police state. They believe they have nothing to fear… they have forgotten the lessons of all totalitarian histories.

I commend you for your articles which report just how serious and pervasive the losses to our freedoms are. Unfortunately, you are largely “preaching to the choir.” Let us hope that the “choir” grows exponentially.

– Kendrick M. (Legacy Research member)

All your ideas are very much welcome! It is about time! Enough of the surveillance state! Thank you for speaking up!

– Jeff G. (Legacy Research member)

I am all in favor of what Dan is trying to do. We must protect our data and privacy.

– Jim S. (Legacy Research member)

I agree with Dan 100%. Cash is king. Data is private. Facial recognition is evil in the wrong hands, i.e. the govt.

– Randall D. (Legacy Research member)

Please continue to do everything you can to prevent censorship of all kinds by the government and companies such as Google. Please also alert the public to this travesty of democracy and freedom.

– Eloise K. (Legacy Research member)

I agree with Dan’s digital privacy proposal and would be interested in an online Constitutional Convention to create more awareness in the public.

– Judy G. (Legacy Research member)

I get very upset trying to keep myself informed. As an individual, we have a small voice. You folks have a platform that will be well-received, and I will be waiting for further information.

Thanks for your work and leadership!

– Vicki S. (Legacy Research member)

What a great idea! You will go down in the history books if you can pull it off.

You know better than most that the likes of Google, The Deep State, and others will fight like hell to abort this project.

I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us posted on your efforts, and on ways the hoi polloi can assist in our small way. Thanks.

– Harold C. (Legacy Research member)

Thank you! I heartily support your plans to secure our information from an increasingly untrustworthy government.

– Richard C. (Legacy Research member)

Good ideas but will never happen to any degree. Corporate money whispers louder than we can scream.

– Mark P. (Legacy Research member)

I truly love your commitment to freedom and a free society as well as your consciousness about an ever-creepier surveillance Deep State.

I’ll spread your ideas wherever I can in Germany and do welcome your digital rights project.

– Andre E. (Legacy Research member)

Thanks to everyone who wrote in and everyone who’s reading along with us each week. We’ve been truly awed by all your feedback.

Keep it coming at [email protected].



James Wells

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