Chris’ note: Bitcoin is up 830% since its March low last year. And it’s all over the mainstream news now. We’re still bullish on the world’s first and most famous crypto. But as you’ll see today, there’s an even bigger opportunity in a niche of the crypto market relatively few people know about.

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Then read Teeka’s insight below. He shows how bitcoin’s gains are peanuts compared with the gains in this under-the-radar crypto niche.

For nearly five years now, I’ve been betting institutions would embrace bitcoin as a legitimate store of wealth.

Today, that’s paying off in spades…

Earlier this month, electric car maker Tesla (TSLA) announced it had bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin… and would accept bitcoin as payment for its cars.

This is the first time an S&P 500 company has put bitcoin in its treasury. But this is just the start of a wave of buying by institutional investors.

For those of you who were with me in the crypto bull market of 2016 and 2017… we lived through individual FOMO (fear of missing out). That pushed one bitcoin to $20,000.

Now we’re living through institutional FOMO. Money managers are scared to death their clients will fire them if they don’t own bitcoin. That’s why I believe bitcoin could hit $200,000 this year…

That’s great for bitcoin… But what if you missed out? Or what if you don’t have millions to put into bitcoin to hopefully quadruple your money?

Here’s what I want you to focus on: What’s bullish for bitcoin is very bullish for altcoins (any crypto coins other than bitcoin).

It’s already happening…

You see, there’s a tiny subsector of the crypto space that’s quietly exploding in value.

Early readers of my work in this niche area have already had the chance to see extraordinary gains of 1,635%, 2,745%, and 5,094%.

And this is just the beginning.

The huge FOMO-driven move higher hasn’t arrived. But it will soon…

Introducing “Tech Royalties”

The gains I mentioned above are from a small group of coins I call “Tech Royalties.”

Unlike bitcoin, which hit a recent high of about $58,000, these coins are still cheap. Some trade for a fraction of a penny.

That means you can change your life without having to take life-changing risks. You can literally get crazy rich risking as little as $1,000.

“Tech Royalties” are unlike any other crypto you may have heard of. They have the explosive upside of small cryptos… plus they pay massive ongoing “royalty-like” payments.

Right now, my subscribers are using this type of crypto to clock average capital gains of 604%… and “Tech Royalty” payments averaging 10% a year.

“Tech Royalties” can do this because they share a cut of the crypto project’s revenue with you.

Imagine owning a small stake in a portfolio of 10 music acts, and one becomes the Beatles, while another becomes Elton John.

This is the opportunity in front of you right now with “Tech Royalties.”

Some of these names will end up being worth hundreds of billions of dollars. It’ll be like owning a piece of the Beatles when they played seedy nightclubs in Hamburg before hitting it big in Britain and the U.S.

You’ll own a piece of them… and the income they kick out – forever.

I’ve had one rare case where the technology became so popular that early readers who listened to me are now collecting a “Tech Royalty” of 323%.

That’s 323% in income on top of the 1,907% they made from capital gains.

Can you see how the right “Tech Royalty” investment can change your life?

I haven’t been this excited about cryptos since I first recommended bitcoin in April 2016… when one coin was about $400.

If you had put just $1,000 into bitcoin back then… you’d be sitting on about $114,520 today.

Now, imagine that you got an annual “Tech Royalty” of several thousand dollars on top of those capital gains. That’s the power of “Tech Royalty” investing.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Just as the Beatles blew up in the U.S. after appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, there’s an imminent announcement that will blow up the prices of “Tech Royalties.”

Now, I’m not talking about a 50% or 100% move higher. I’m talking about 1,000%, 2,000%, 5,000%, and even 10,000% in potential gains.

Sounds crazy, right?

  • Was it crazy when I recommended bitcoin (BTC) at $400 and change? It’s now up 11,452%.

  • Was it crazy when I recommended ether (ETH) at $9? It’s now the second-largest crypto by market value… and up almost 16,058%.

  • Was it crazy when I recommended a Chinese cryptocurrency called NEO (NEO) at $0.13? It’s now up 27,654%.

Just $1,000 in each of those would be worth $551,640 today.

Friends, the only thing “crazy” is for you to get left behind.

With those types of gains on the line, it’s imperative you understand the catalyst that will put “Tech Royalties” on the front page of every media outlet in the world.

There’s a lot to unpack here. That’s why, tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding my first “Tech Royalty Summit.” I’ll explain what “Tech Royalties” are… how you can profit… and why you must act now.

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Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily