Chris’ note: Today, I’m sharing an insight on the best opportunity in crypto right now from world-renowned crypto expert Teeka Tiwari. If you’re looking to really move the needle on your wealth in 2021, I hope you pay close attention.

In April 2016, Teeka was one of the first in our industry to recommend bitcoin. At the time, one bitcoin would have set you back $428. And most reports on it in the mainstream press – if it appeared at all – were about how it was going to zero.

Teeka’s contrarian instincts paid off, though. And readers who followed his recommendation are up 14,181%.

But now, his top pick is NOT bitcoin. It’s in a subsector of crypto he calls “Tech Royalties.” He’s hosting a livestream tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET with all the details. So if you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for that, for free, here.

Then read on below for more from Teeka himself on his next big call…

On April 12, bitcoin (BTC) hit a high of $64,863.

By June 23, it had plunged to a low of $28,000.

That’s a 57% drop.

That day, I rushed out a video update to calm the jittery nerves of my subscribers. Here’s a taste of what I said…

Thirty years ago, I made the mistake of giving in to my fears… and it cost me and my clients millions of dollars in lost profits.

If this is your first cycle in the crypto markets, my bet is your stomach is churning right now. Back in the early 1990s, I went through the same process with my tech investments. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.

I urged folks not to sell their bitcoin. I recommended that, if they were still building their positions, they use the pullback to buy more. And I predicted bitcoin would hit a new all-time high.

Since that video went out, bitcoin has done just that. It hit a new all-time high of $66,398 last month.

That’s a 137% gain in less than four months… more than 20x what the S&P 500 has returned over that time.

And today, things are looking even brighter for the world’s most popular crypto.

Last week, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced that a team of U.S. bank regulators will give banks a roadmap on how to engage with crypto assets.

Friends, I can’t overstate how bullish this is.

When this regulation passes – and I believe it’s a matter of when, not if – you’ll be able to deposit bitcoin in a bank and get a line of credit against it.

And there’s a good shot the crypto hits $100,000 before the end of the year.

The Party Isn’t Over Yet

I’ve been recommending bitcoin for more than five years. And I’ve traded through many market cycles – including the 2017 crypto bull market and the 2018 Crypto Winter bear market…

So I can tell you with confidence that the party isn’t over.

It won’t be until you see extreme mania. And we’re just not there yet…

We last saw extreme mania at the end of 2017. From January to the end of December that year, bitcoin shot up as much as 1,780%.


We haven’t seen that type of parabolic move so far this year. Bitcoin has had mini-booms and mini-busts. But every time it’s fallen, it’s gone on to new highs.


It’s been a relatively tame rally compared with the one in late 2017, when bitcoin soared 300% in 30 days.

So when will I know it’s “last call” at the bitcoin party?

When everybody thinks it can only go up…

…when your mother, grandmother – heck, even your great-grandmother – calls and asks you for advice about bitcoin.

That’s when I’ll tell you, “We’ve got to sell.”

We’re not there yet, though. If I’m right – and I’ve been right about crypto for the past five years – we’ll see bitcoin go to $100,000 and then to $500,000.

But the chance to turn tiny grubstakes into life-changing gains here is over.

How to Make a Fortune in Less Than a Year

Fortunately, there’s another opportunity in a subsector of crypto that could make you a fortune in less than a year.

And that party’s just getting started…

I’m coming to you with this opportunity earlier than when I recommended bitcoin at $428… and earlier than when I recommended ether (ETH) at $9. (Since these recommendations, bitcoin is up 14,181%… and ether is up 49,877%.)

This is almost virgin territory in the crypto space.

I call the cryptos in this subsector “Tech Royalties.” 99% of people don’t know about these coins yet.

And if I’m right, what’s at stake in Tech Royalties is nothing less than generational wealth.

I’m talking about the opportunity to secure not only your future… but also the futures of your kids and grandkids.

And you could see that wealth in the next 365 days. It has to do with a catalyst I call the “Second Phase.”

You’ve probably heard of bitcoin halvings. Every four years, new supply of bitcoin is cut in half. And after each halving, we’ve seen bitcoin’s price explode.

But unlike the four-year cycle of bitcoin halvings… the Second Phase is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

It’s preprogrammed. So it’s guaranteed to happen. And it has nothing to do with bitcoin.

When the Second Phase triggers, you could make 10 lifetimes of S&P 500 returns in just one year.

That’s why I’m hosting a “Tech Royalties 2.0: The Second Phase” livestream tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET.

During this event, I’ll share the name of my No. 1 Tech Royalty to buy now. (It recently traded for less than 77 cents.)

Plus, my VIP Pass Holders will get a special bonus – my premium research report that shows why you should buy it, how to buy it, and how to claim your own Tech Royalties.

Joining my VIP list is easy and free. Just go here for details.

Friends, owning Tech Royalties will be like buying ether at $9 and watching it climb to $4,400… or bitcoin at $400 and watching it soar to $66,000.

Go here now to sign up for tomorrow’s livestream. And secure your spot to learn the name of my No. 1 Tech Royalty to buy right now.

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Crypto Income