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As you’ll see, you’ll need some outside-the-box thinking… and a refusal to accept the never-ending treadmill that most folks are stuck on.

A lot of so-called experts in the newsletter industry think it’s all about the money

They’ll put together events and say, “What percentage return can I guarantee? What can I promise to sell the most newsletters?”

I won’t lie to you… I’ve made similar claims about big returns. And I’m proud to say I have the track record to back them up.

For instance, I recommended a tiny altcoin called NEO at less than 13 cents in 2017. It ran as high as $196.85 – a 156,753% gain. That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $1.5 million.

In 2020, I recommended two crypto equity plays that have gone as high as 1,859% and 2,666%.

And even the free webinar picks I’ve given away in the past have an incredible average peak gain of 1,691%.

But the fundamental truth is this: Money by itself isn’t enough.

You have to ask: “What life do I want to lead? Whose lives do I want to impact? And how much money would it take for me to get the freedom I’ve always wanted?”

To show you what I mean, I’m going to reveal something about myself…

Many of you know I grew up in the foster care system in England, living with different families and in group homes. I lived in a cramped, unheated room on top of a garage. At night, I watched my breath coil into a frigid mist.

It wasn’t easy… But one day, something changed my life forever. I had been in and out of hospitals because I had a kidney illness. And the side effects of the medicine made me obese.

I was bullied. I got into fights I never started. And when I was at my lowest point, one of my foster parents yelled at me…

He said, “You should be grateful for the life we’ve given you.”

That changed me forever. I had a choice. I could believe this was as good as things would get and that I should be “grateful” for it… Or I could change my life for the better.

So that’s when I decided I would live the life I wanted… not the life someone else thought I deserved.

I refused to accept another person’s view of what my life should look like. And that started me down a path that would change my life forever.

Dream of a Better Life

From that point on, I began dreaming of a better life. I cut out photographs of New York… of Wall Street… and I imagined myself in those photos…

…with a good job… a comfortable home… a nice car… a beautiful girlfriend.

Sure, they were teenage fantasies. But what I learned later in life is that I was doing the same thing many successful people do. I was visualizing my future.

By imagining it as something tangible, I could at least begin to take steps to achieve it.

This allowed me to discover which emotions and thoughts moved me forward… and which ones held me back. I learned not to overthink things. Not to get frustrated.

Instead, I learned to act. Today, I’d like to invite you to do the same.

Here’s the first step…

Visualize your ideal financial future… What would that look like?

Then ask yourself, “How much would I need to achieve this future?”

The number you write down is the amount of money you need to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

That was the first stage of my journey. But the path doesn’t end there.

In the second step, you need to ask yourself this question: “How much time do I have left to do all the things I want to do?”

If you’re looking to reach the kind of freedom you want with stocks in the public markets… then I have some bad news for you: It could take you decades.

I’m talking 30, 40, even 50 years.

But what if you could cut that entire journey down to as little as 24 hours?

Accelerate Your Wealth Journey

You’re told your entire life that if you want a shot at complete financial freedom, you have to invest for decades and decades.

That’s Wall Street’s playbook, and it’s anything but true…

I know because I worked on Wall Street for more than 15 years. First as a vice president at Shearson Lehman Brothers. And then as head of my own private equity fund.

Wall Street promises you freedom… on its terms… and laughs all the way to the bank.

Here’s the ugly truth: Most people never reach the level of freedom they want… not even after decades of investing.

They’re stuck on Wall Street’s treadmill while being told financial freedom is just around the corner.

My mission is to get you off that treadmill. And I believe I’ve found an idea that could accelerate your journey to financial freedom in just 24 hours.

It’s an idea Wall Street takes advantage of at every opportunity. And it’s an idea they hope you never use yourself.

Going down the path to 24/7 freedom isn’t always easy. You’ll hear the naysayers… the cynics… the people who tell you, “You should be grateful for this life.”

They’ll try to hold you back.

I heard the same thing from crypto skeptics… And I’ve arguably helped make more crypto millionaires than any other newsletter editor.

That’s because my subscribers dared to think outside the box. And I believe you can, too.

That’s why I want you to join me tonight at 8 p.m. ET for my “24 hours to 24/7 Freedom” event.

During this special broadcast, I’ll explain how you could potentially accelerate your entire wealth journey in as little as 24 hours.

It involves a unique way of investing. It’s mostly unknown to individual investors (and it has nothing to do with buying individual cryptos or SPACS). Again… Wall Street has no incentive to ever tell you about this way of making money.

Typically, you’d need to invest $250,000 or more to get access to an opportunity like this. But there’s no way I would ever advocate you taking that kind of risk with your hard-earned savings.

That’s why I’m so excited to let you know I’ve found a way to drastically lower your initial investment to just $1,000… while keeping all the potential upside intact.

Similarly sized investments have transformed into as much as $44,012, $377,227, and $132,647… all within 24 hours.

Let me be clear… I can’t guarantee those returns. But what I can say is that this idea has all the hallmarks I look for when hunting for a life-changing idea. So join me at tonight’s free event.

I’m going to give you all the details on this rare type of investment so you can make up your own mind and decide if it’s a good fit for you or not.

What you do with that information is up to you.

Friends, even if you don’t join me tonight at 8 p.m. ET… don’t let anyone dictate the direction of your life. Chart your own financial journey. And then take action to make it happen.

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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