“It’s a crisis”…

That’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo commenting recently on the global chip shortage.

She gave this stark warning in a press briefing…

We aren’t even close to being out of the woods as it relates to the supply problems with semiconductors.

This has the mainstream press fearmongering like crazy.

After all, computer chips – aka semiconductors – are essential to our tech-dependent economy.

A shortage impacts everything from cars… to healthcare… to gaming.

And artificial intelligence (AI)… 5G networks… self-driving cars… and other bleeding-edge tech trends need more semiconductors than ever before.

But where the mainstream sees doom and gloom, our tech investing expert here at Legacy Research, Jeff Brown, sees opportunity.

He’s now more bullish than ever before on the chip industry.

And as you’ll see today, he says one particular company can help you profit big.

Jeff calls what’s going on a “tech shock”…

We haven’t seen a supply shock like it since the “oil shock” of the 1970s. After the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) cartel put an embargo on oil exports, gas shortages became common in the U.S.

Some gas stations even adopted a flag system to cope. A green flag meant gas was readily available. A yellow flag meant there were rations. A red flag meant there was no more gas.

But the current chip shortage isn’t the result of a cartel blocking exports.

It’s due to supply-chain disruptions from the pandemic… along with booming demand for chips.

Now, a record level of investment is pouring into the industry to expand capacity.

Jeff says this will not only fix the chip shortage, but also fuel an explosion of innovation and the next generation of semiconductors.

Jeff is worth listening to on this…

He was an executive at chipmakers Qualcomm (QCOM) and NXP Semiconductors (NXPI).

While president of NXP Semiconductors Japan, he worked closely with Sony (SONY) to make chip sets for the latest gaming consoles and other consumer electronics.

And at Legacy, he’s devoted himself to researching bleeding-edge tech stocks for his readers.

That’s worked out well for folks who’ve acted on his recommendations.

For example, at our The Near Future Report advisory, Jeff has given his readers the chance to make a gain of 53% on payments processor Block (SQ)… 259% on cloud-based electronic signature company DocuSign (DOCU)… and 659% on chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA).

So I hope you act on Jeff’s “tech shock” recommendation…

It’s for the world’s largest semiconductor foundry company – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM).

A foundry makes chips to order for chipmakers that don’t have fabrication plants.

TSM controls about 63% of the global chip foundry market. And it’s responsible for about 90% of advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

It’s so powerful in the industry right now, it’s planned to raise its prices. Over to Jeff…

TSM is raising prices on its most advanced semiconductors by about 10%. These are the kinds of semiconductors that power iPhones and other advanced consumer electronics. For less advanced chips – the ones we use in cars and trucks – prices will rise as much as 20%.

Most mainstream reports say the supply-chain disruptions have allowed TSM to raise its prices and fatten its margins.

Yes, there are shortages. But something different is going on…

Demand for semiconductors is off the charts right now. And it’ll only ramp up from here. Tech is advancing exponentially, not linearly. That’s magnitudes faster than most of us can conceptualize. It’s turbocharging demand for the chips that enable this tech.

Last month, the Commerce Department released results from a survey of 150 American companies.

It showed that demand for chips jumped 17% from 2019 to 2021… a number that’ll keep growing as tech continues to advance.

Jeff says semiconductors will be the next $1 trillion industry…

As we connect more devices via the Internet of Things… build out cloud computing… roll out 5G… develop faster, more powerful gaming consoles… and scale up AIs and self-driving cars… the semiconductor market will have to grow to meet new demand.

Fortune Business Insights projects the global chip market will grow to $803 billion by 2028 – from $452 billion in 2021.

That’ll double TSM’s addressable market over the next six years. Some chipmakers even project $1 trillion in global chip sales by 2030.

That’s a massive opportunity. I’ll leave Jeff with the last words on that…

TSM can help you benefit from all the innovations the semiconductor space is driving. And we have the chance to buy in now, while this industry-leading company builds out the next generation of advanced semiconductors.

The company has proven time and again that it can improve semiconductor manufacturing better than its nearest competitors can. What’s more, TSM’s established position in the market ensures it’ll stay at the forefront of chip manufacturing for years to come.

So consider adding shares of TSM to your portfolio today.

That’s not the only opportunity Jeff is eyeing right now…

As he’s been showing his readers, there’s another chip-shortage-related tech trend that’s poised to soar this year… and beyond.

In fact, he’s spotted a stock in this sector that’ll easily double this year.

He’ll share all the details in a free special briefing tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

And he’ll reveal exactly why he’s so excited about this promising tech trend that’s just beginning to take off.

If you’re trying to navigate the global chip shortage as an investor… go here to reserve your spot for Jeff’s event.



Chris Lowe
February 16, 2022