Chris’ note: World-renowned crypto investing expert Teeka Tiwari hit it out of the park last night with his “Tech Royalties 2.0” livestream. More than 31,000 of your fellow readers showed up.

As regular readers know, when Teeka gets so excited about an opportunity that he broadcasts an event, it pays to listen. Tech Royalties he’s recommended so far have delivered gains of 3,689%… 4,167%… and even 35,862%. And he believes the opportunity ahead will unlock 10 lifetimes of S&P 500 gains over the next year. 

So if you missed the livestream, make sure to catch the free replay here. Then read on for my Q&A with Teeka’s chief analyst, Greg Wilson. We dig into what Tech Royalties are… and how they can pay you fat streams of income in addition to these explosive capital gains. As you’ll see, they’re part of a brand-new financial system revolving around crypto technology.

Q&A With Greg Wilson, Chief Analyst, Palm Beach Crypto Income

Chris Lowe: Hey, Greg. “Tech Royalties” are a tiny subsector of crypto coins that pay you to hold them. Some of your subscribers are making more than 1,200% a year on just one of these projects you and Teeka recommended. And six of your other picks are yielding more than 100%.

We’ll get into Tech Royalties in a moment. But let’s start with the basics. How is it possible to earn income on crypto? For a lot of folks reading this, that’s a new concept.

Greg: It is. But they probably grasp the concept of income-producing investments.

You get dividend payments on some of your stocks, for example. These are regular cash payouts from a company’s profits. You also typically get interest income on bonds. They come with a “coupon.” It’s a regular, fixed-dollar cash payout.

So it’s not such a leap to understand that you can get income on cryptos. But crypto income is different from the income you earn on stocks and bonds.

You’re not buying a crypto coin and getting a percentage of a company’s free cash flow, like with stock dividends. You’re not getting regular coupon payments, like in the bond market.

Instead, the most common opportunity to earn income from cryptos is participating in a blockchain network. By performing useful functions, such as validating transactions or participating in governance, you get the chance to earn income.

Chris: As you mentioned, there are other sources of income in traditional financial markets. Why should folks bother with crypto income?

Greg: The crypto income ecosystem is built on open, decentralized networks called blockchains. It’s the same technology that underpins bitcoin (BTC) and all other cryptos.

These networks are available to everyone in the world with an internet connection. Wealth, status, and location don’t determine access.

And because blockchains are decentralized, you don’t need a middleman such as a banker or a broker to confirm transactions. It all happens across the network through something called consensus.

Transparency and security are other big benefits. All transactions on the blockchain are publicly auditable. And nobody can tamper with records once they’re verified. That’s thanks to the blockchain’s decentralized design and use of advanced cryptography.

Chris: Can you give me a basic example of a crypto income project that’s up and running?

Greg: Sure. In 2019, crypto finance pioneer BlockFi launched the world’s first cryptocurrency-based savings account.

It’s called the BlockFi Interest Account. And it allows you to deposit bitcoin or ether (ETH) and earn up to 5% annual interest. The account pays you this in cryptocurrency every month.

Chris: What other crypto finance innovations are you tracking for your readers?

Greg: The area Teeka and I are most excited about is Tech Royalties.

One way to earn income is from the many crypto projects that pay out rewards. So at Palm Beach Crypto Income – the advisory Teeka and I set up to focus on these crypto income opportunities – we don’t just look for cryptos that will appreciate in price, we also look for cryptos that pay rewards.

As interest rates reach record lows and many companies cut their dividends, Teeka and I have given our subscribers the chance to earn an average yield of 10% in crypto.

That blows out of the water the average interest rate of 0.5% on a certificate of deposit (CD). It also trounces the 1.28% average dividend yield on the S&P 500 and the 1.57% yield available right now on the 10-year Treasury.

And remember, these rewards are paid in crypto. That’s different from stock dividends, which are paid in U.S. dollars. So your rewards appreciate in value at the same rate as the cryptos they’re paid in do.

Chris: Can you give me an example of what you mean?

Greg: Sure. One of the cryptos we have in the Crypto Income model portfolio had a reward rate of 7% a year when we first recommended it.

Since then, the price of that crypto has surged 1,250%. And so has the value of the rewards we earn from it. Today, we’re logging an effective reward rate of 75%. At this rate, investors will recoup their initial stakes in less than two years – just from these crypto rewards.

You won’t find this caliber of yield anywhere else in the world.

Chris: For folks looking to escape the traditional financial system – and the corruption and rip-off tactics of Wall Street – this sounds like a game-changer.

Greg: It is. Right now, this is all still off most folks’ radars. But as Teeka has been hammering home, there’s a blockchain revolution underway. It’s way bigger than just bitcoin. It’ll transform just about every facet of our society… including our financial system.

Chris: What do you say to folks who worry crypto income is too unproven to take seriously? After all, this is a brand-new market.

Greg: I know a lot of this may be flying over folks’ heads right now. Crypto income is new. Most folks know nothing about it. But imagine, back in the 1990s, hearing that people would soon be shopping online… downloading their favorite books through Amazon (AMZN)… and streaming their favorite movies on Netflix (NFLX). You’d have no clue what it was all about.

That’s the thing about early-stage tech. Most people don’t understand it until it becomes mainstream. By then, it’s too late to make life-changing profits.

As Teeka and I have been telling our readers, crypto finance will be as common in a few years as e-commerce and online banking are now. And as Teeka revealed last night during his livestream, there’s a major catalyst coming to the whole Tech Royalties sector in 2022. He calls it the “Second Phase.” It will trigger an explosion in value. So now is a great time to get involved.

Chris: I know you and Teeka recommend Tech Royalties and other crypto income opportunities at Palm Beach Crypto Income. But if readers are just starting out, what are the first steps they should take?

Greg: The first step is to open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. This allows you to swap your fiat currency – your dollars, euros, yen, or whatever – into cryptocurrencies.

Start by opening a Coinbase (COIN) account. It’s one of the largest crypto exchanges out there. It’s easy to use.

Once you’ve got that set up, take small positions in bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

Those are the two cryptocurrencies with the highest market values. They’re the dominant players globally. They have the brand recognition and top-flight development teams behind them.

Once you’ve done that, and gotten comfortable owning and storing your crypto, you can start to get involved in other opportunities, like what Teeka covered during last night’s event. He believes it will unlock 10 lifetimes of S&P 500 gains over the next 365 days.

Chris: Readers who missed the event and are ready to dive in can watch the free replay here.

Thanks for talking with me, Greg.

Greg: My pleasure.