Chris’ note: Yesterday, we heard from Teeka Tiwari on how you can use bitcoin as an “escape hatch” from the debt ceiling crisis. So, if that’s top of your mind, make sure to catch up on that here.

Today, I’m keeping the focus on the world’s first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is up 65% this year. And if Teeka is right, it’s going a lot higher. That’s down to an upgrade that will radically transform what the bitcoin network can do.

As he reveals below, one day, we’ll post every important document – from contracts to national constitutions – on the bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is about to change forever…

And I bet not 1 in 1,000 people know about it.

It’s all down to a transformative new technology that’s taking the cryptocurrency by storm.

It allows you to inscribe new types of data on the bitcoin network… not just financial transactions.

And as I’ll show you today, it’s the one of the main reasons I’m betting on much higher prices for bitcoin in the years ahead.

Maximal Value

The new tech taking the bitcoin network by storm is something called an ordinal.

I won’t bore you with the technical details. All you need to know is that, for the first time, this allows you to create “NFTs” on the bitcoin network.

Here’s a great analogy from crypto website CoinMarketCap…

Imagine two one-dollar bills. Both are completely fungible [or mutually interchangeable] but have a serial code, which allows us to identify each dollar bill as unique.

But if one bill was signed by Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, it becomes a “dollar NFT.” You could still spend it as a regular dollar, but the signatures make the bill’s value skyrocket.


Ordinals work in the same way. They take advantage of the fact that each individual Satoshi [the smallest unit of bitcoin] can be uniquely identified by its equivalent of a “serial code.”

Purists say bitcoin should be used only for financial transactions.

But thanks to ordinals, we can now use the bitcoin network to store any type of data – not just financial information.

And I believe the maximal value of the bitcoin network will be down to this new ability to store all types of data securely and transparently.

Most Trusted Network

Right now, we do most of our recordkeeping on centralized databases. These are targets for cybercriminals.

And in poorer countries, records are kept on index cards in file cabinets.

How can we trust governments or businesses won’t tamper with them?

Bitcoin is different…

Thanks to advanced cryptography, and its decentralized design, it’s impossible to hack the bitcoin network. And its ledger is open for anyone to audit. It’s the closest thing to digital truth you can find.

And people will pay good money to document their most important records on the most trusted network – bitcoin.

In the future, we’ll post every important document – from contracts to national constitutions – on the bitcoin network.

That way, we’ll know the documents we’re reading are the real deal.

Can you imagine how valuable that kind of network would be?

Why I Own Bitcoin

Friends, I don’t own bitcoin for what it is today. I own it for what I believe it will become in the future.

It’s the reason I invested in internet stocks in the early 1990s.

I didn’t buy them for what the internet was back then – slow, expensive, and difficult to use.

Instead, I thought, “I’m not sure how this is going to work out. But it’s going to be transformative. So, I’m going to bet that companies would figure out how to make money from it. And I’m going to make money by investing in those companies.”

Sure enough, the internet got easier to use. We rolled out broadband connection and 5G mobile WiFi. Adoption exploded. Today, more than 5 billion people are online.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft… and hundreds other smaller firms… figured out how to make money online. Folks who backed them early, and held for the long run, made fortunes.

That’s one reason I’m betting on higher bitcoin prices.

But there’s a new development brewing that will be even more impactful than the creation of ordinals.

5 Billion Crypto Users

This new development is set to drive crypto user adoption to 5 billion by 2030.

That’s twice the speed of internet adoption.

And when that happens, the crypto market will mature. It will become less volatile. And it will start to trade more like the stock market.

The days where you can buy into crypto projects that will shape our future for pennies on the dollar will be over.

Next Wednesday, June 7, at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll fill you in on the details, as well as the special sub-sector of crypto lead the next bull run.

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