Colorado River toads have been known to paralyze dogs that attack them…

The toads, which are found in Northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S., can even kill dogs that get too close.

They secrete a venom from parotid glands, wart-like glands on their backs and necks.

And that’s not the only substance Colorado River toads create to protect themselves.

They also make a powerful psychedelic compound called 5-MeO-DMT.

When vaporized, a single deep inhalation of 5-MeO-DMT brings on strong psychoactive effects within 15 seconds.

And research shows these effects include a range of mental health benefits…

As one 2019 study revealed, one inhalation can enhance lifelong satisfaction and ease anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

That’s why colleague Teeka Tiwari recently predicted that psychedelic medicine stocks would be the next “trillion-dollar trade.”

“Big T” believes they’ll be the next new investment class, after crypto, to come out of nowhere and rocket to a $1 trillion-plus valuation.

So today, we’ll look at how psychedelics are shaking up the world of mental healthcare… and how you can profit.

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I’m not talking about the kinds of ideas you hear about in the mainstream financial press. By the time the folks at CNBC and Bloomberg start to cover a new trend, it’s often too late to make life-changing gains.

That’s why Teeka follows a simple playbook…

There are two steps…

  1. Find a massive trend in its early stages

  2. Develop a network of industry experts that can help guide you into the right companies riding that trend

He used this playbook in 2016, when he recommended bitcoin (BTC) at $428 and ether (ETH) at $9.

Today, bitcoin is up 11,325% from Teeka’s initial recommendation. Ether – the cryptocurrency associated with the Ethereum blockchain – is up 35,856%.

And like Teeka predicted, bitcoin hit the $1 trillion valuation mark earlier this year.

Meanwhile, readers who had the courage to act on Teeka’s recommendations on smaller cryptocurrencies have had the chance to make gains of 25,048%… 37,573%… even 44,292%.

But make no mistake… it’s not easy to stick out your neck to back an emerging trend. Over to Teeka…

You can’t even begin to fathom the flack and ridicule I took for recommending bitcoin back in 2016.

People accused me of pushing “magic internet money.” They said only terrorists and criminals used bitcoin. My publisher thought I was insane. Folks were uncomfortable with the idea, to say the least.

But I followed my research, and I trusted my network of industry insiders. I understood crypto would go from a market of a few million users… to a market of hundreds of millions within a few years. And truly life-altering profits would follow.

Now, Teeka is risking ridicule again by backing the psychedelic medicine megatrend.

Psychedelics are more controversial than crypto was in 2016…

Back then, guys like the CEO of JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Jamie Dimon, called crypto a “fraud.”

But at least crypto didn’t have the negative baggage psychedelics do.

If you’re of a certain age, you probably associate these compounds with Timothy Leary, hippies, and the 1960s counterculture movement.

And psychedelic compounds such as LSD (“acid”), MDMA (“ecstasy”), and psilocybin (from “magic mushrooms”) have reputations as party drugs.

So I understand a negative reaction on a personal level.

But as investors, we need to look past the stereotypes and follow the evidence. And it says these compounds show huge promise in treating a range of mental health issues.

Take treatment-resistant depression (TRD)…

As the name suggests, this type of depression doesn’t respond to existing pharmaceutical drugs.

TRD affects about 100 million people around the world.

But there’s hope…

In 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted “breakthrough therapy” designation to psilocybin for TRD.

That’s a big deal… Because the FDA designates a drug as a breakthrough therapy only if clinical evidence indicates it’s an improvement over previously available therapies.

Then in 2019, the FDA gave the same designation to a program to treat major depressive order – also known simply as depression – by the Usona Institute, a nonprofit medical organization.

Meanwhile, the Department of Veterans Affairs has approved psychedelic drug use to treat PTSD in veterans.

The list of mental health issues psychedelics could treat goes on. As the British scientific journal Nature reports…

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy could provide needed options for debilitating mental-health disorders including PTSD, major depressive disorder, alcohol-use disorder, anorexia nervosa and more that kill thousands every year in the United States, and cost billions worldwide in lost productivity.

The potential to alleviate human suffering here is immense…

Folks with PTSD have scary flashbacks and tormenting nightmares. They may also have problems in relationships and jobs.

And PTSD is one of the most common health conditions among U.S. service members.

A 2018 study showed that between 5% and 20% of the 2.7 million who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan suffered from PTSD.

And if you know anyone who suffers from depression… or if you’ve suffered from it yourself… you’ll know how miserable it can make you.

It leaves you feeling sad… empty… hopeless… even suicidal. (Read colleague Tom Dyson’s account of his battle with depression here.)

More than 264 million people suffer from depression worldwide.

That’s a terrible human toll. And there’s an economic toll, too, from health expenses and lost productivity.

If we continue to see positive trial data on how psilocybin can treat this illness better than pharmaceutical alternatives… it will be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of our lifetimes.

It’ll also be life-changing news for those who add psychedelic stocks to their portfolios…

That’s why Teeka has brought Zappy onto the team…

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin is a top thought leader in psychedelic medicine.

He’s helped celebrities such as Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez access the healing power of psychedelics.

In 2016, he made an award-winning documentary about it called The Reality of Truth.

And his latest documentary, Lamar Odom Reborn, follows NBA and reality TV star Odom’s psychedelic intervention to help break his addictions and lifelong anxiety.

But Zappy didn’t start out as a go-to guy in psychedelic medicine.

He started his career on Wall Street. And like Teeka, he became a vice president at an investment bank while in his early 20s.

Since then, Zappy has been spotting trends – such as internet domain names and legal CBD and cannabis – for decades. He bought the domain name, for instance, for $80,000 and later sold it for $7 million.

Zappy’s knack for identifying early-stage trends naturally drew him to the psychedelics industry. And he’s spent the last 15 years researching psychedelic medicines and their therapeutic powers.

This has given him unique insights into cutting-edge therapies and investment opportunities. Zappy…

I spotted the domain name trend in the 1990s and legal cannabis in the early 2000s. Many people initially resisted these paradigm shifts. But I stayed the course. I believed in my own vision of the coming profits. And it paid off.

Today, I see another massive trend – in psychedelic therapeutics. By coupling my expertise in the psychedelic space with my Wall Street background, I can see how it will play out.

E-commerce… cryptocurrency… cannabis… These have all proven to be incredible new asset classes. But psychedelic therapeutics – with their proven medical and mental health benefits – are poised to be the biggest one yet.

Here’s how to take action…

You can find out more about why Teeka and Zappy believe psychedelic medicine is the next “trillion-dollar trade” in this special presentation they put together.

You’ll also get the chance to join them as a subscriber at their Palm Beach Special Opportunities advisory and access their top psychedelic stock recommendations.

Your second-best option is to buy shares in the Defiance Next Gen Altered Experience ETF (PSY).

It holds a basket of 20 companies working on psychedelic and cannabis-based therapeutics.

Treat these stocks as you would early-stage biotech companies.

The potential for gains is huge. But there’s a high risk that some therapies will fail to reach the mass market. So make sure to treat psychedelic medicine stocks as speculative positions in a well-balanced portfolio.



Chris Lowe
August 25, 2021
Dublin, Ireland