“Thank you, Big T”…

Today, we’re sticking with the latest opportunity on world-renowned crypto investing expert Teeka Tiwari’s radar.

It hinges on a bitcoin (BTC) supply shock coming next year. This will take out almost all new supply and send prices skyrocketing…

First, I (Chris Lowe) want to share with you some reader feedback. It came in yesterday for Teeka – or “Big T,” as his readers call him.

I took a leap of faith with Teeka in late 2017. My investment in cryptocurrencies was minimal, as I wasn’t sure what it was or what I was doing… I just followed Teeka’s recommendations.

Now, four years later, I can retire with no mortgage and no debt. Thank you, Big T, for all your research and for making me a believer!

– Sharon M.

It’s one of hundreds of thank-you notes his readers have sent in over the years. (We’ll share more of them in today’s mailbag below.)

When you see the level of financial freedom he’s helped them achieve, you’ll understand why…

Teeka has been helping readers profit from crypto for more than five years…

After listening to a speech on bitcoin at a technology trade show in Las Vegas in 2016, he had what he describes as a “crypto revelation.”

He went from being an extreme crypto skeptic to the first guy to focus a major investment advisory, Palm Beach Confidential, solely on crypto.

Since then, the gains he’s given his readers the chance at are like nothing I’ve seen in my 15 years in the newsletter industry.

Teeka first added bitcoin and ether (ETH) to the model portfolio in April 2016.

At writing, they’re up 15,104% and 51,197% respectively.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $152,040 and $512,970.

That just scratches the surface…

Teeka’s top five open recommendations are up 2,886%… 3,992%… 30,029%… 33,092%… and 44,034%.

I talk a lot in these pages about how big ideas can deliver life-changing gains.

And Teeka’s track record is more proof that it’s not just hot air.

If you’d put just $1,000 into each of these top five recommendations, and held on like he urged, you’d now be sitting on more than $1.1 million.

I know what you may be thinking…

“That’s great for Teeka’s followers. But those kinds of gains are in the rearview mirror. I’m too late.”

And given the outsized gains Sharon and other Teeka readers have been able to make… that’s a natural reaction.

But if Teeka is right, you have another chance to stake a small amount of money and grow it into a multimillion-dollar fortune.

The catalyst is an event that will rock the bitcoin market next year. Teeka calls it the “Final Halving.”

You won’t hear about it from the folks in the mainstream press. As usual, they’re clueless about what’s going on behind the scenes in crypto.

But this event will cut the number of bitcoins coming to market to virtually zero by 2022… and send prices soaring.

A typical halving is when a crypto’s code cuts new supply in half…

Take bitcoin as an example.

Its halvings are programmed to happen about every four years.

The most recent bitcoin halving was in 2020. And the last programmed halving is set to take place in 2140.

These events are great for investors. When the supply of an asset falls… and demand either stays put or rises… the only way for prices to go is up.

Teeka uses a recent example from the automobile industry to hammer the point home…

Automakers are suffering from a shortage of computer chips. This year, Ford (F) made 160,000 fewer F-150 pickup trucks because it couldn’t source the chips that go into it. At the same time, demand for cars is at a record high.

This has caused prices to skyrocket. F-150s now sell for about $4,400 above their official list price right now. That’s a 13% jump.

Automaker stocks are also taking off… Ford is up about 380% in the past 18 months. Smaller auto stocks connected to Ford are up as much as 2,155%. That’s a halving in a nutshell. It cuts supply and forces up prices.

The same is true for bitcoin…

Unless demand falls, prices have to rise as new supply tapers off.

Take a look…


This chart plots the bitcoin price against past programmed halvings (red vertical lines).

As you can see, each past halving has been a catalyst for a bitcoin rally.

The “Final Halving” is set to have an even more bullish effect…

It’s not programmed into bitcoin’s code, like the halvings we’ve seen before. Unlike this one, investors saw those coming.

And the “Final Halving” will cause a much more extreme tightening of new supply.

It sounds shocking… but Teeka says we’re about to see the supply of new bitcoin drop by as much as 98.2%. And because it’s not preprogrammed, few see it coming.

Here he is again…

The world believes bitcoin’s final halving won’t take place until 2140. But based on my research, the real Final Halving is coming next year. And it’ll make all the preprogrammed halvings to come obsolete.

So how does this new type of halving work? Bitcoin insiders have done something that was supposed to be impossible. They’ve discovered a backdoor way to cut the number of new bitcoins to near zero in 2022.

They’re going to pull forward more than a century’s worth of gains… and nobody’s talking about it.

If you don’t already own bitcoin, now is a good time to buy…

As we saw above, past halvings have coincided with big run-ups in price.

This time, instead of taking out 50% of new bitcoin supply, the “Final Halving” is on track to take out nearly 100%.

I know that may sound impossible. But Teeka has the phone numbers of dozens of top crypto and blockchain venture capitalists on speed dial. And that’s what his research has led him to conclude.

He’ll reveal everything during his Final Halving event – including details on a group of six explosive crypto plays he believes could be among his biggest halving winners of all.

It kicks off next Wednesday, December 8, at 8 p.m. ET.

So if you’ve missed out on the life-changing gains Teeka has delivered so far – or want a chance at replicating your past success – make sure to secure your free spot here. Then clear some time in your schedule to hear everything directly from Teeka.



Chris Lowe
December 1, 2021
Dublin, Ireland