At Legacy Research, we’re sharing with you our best research – paid or free – about how to come out the other side of this crisis with your health and your wealth intact.

Legacy Lockdown Library is our handpicked selection of reports and e-books from across Legacy Research Group to help you get through the lockdowns with your sanity intact.

Coronavirus Crisis Playbook

Coronavirus Crisis Playbook

The Coronavirus Crisis Playbook is full of insights from the Legacy Research team about protecting your wealth in this crisis. It lays out timeless strategies for protecting – and growing – your wealth in a crisis. For example… In Chapter 1, you’ll learn from Teeka Tiwari why it’s crucial to follow a simple asset allocation strategy heading into… and out of… a crash. In Chapter 4, you’ll learn all about the best time to jump back into stocks after a plunge. And in Chapter 6, Legacy Research cofounder Doug Casey shows you how to identify best-in-breed gold stocks.

Tom Dysons Homeschooling Resources Cover

Tom Dyson’s Homeschooling Resources

Tom Dyson and his ex-wife Kate have discovered many useful online educational resources during their time travelling the world together with their three kids the past couple of years. If you or anyone you know is having to begin a homeschooling program right now because of school closures, you might find these online resources useful.

The Gold Investors Guide Cove

The Gold Investor’s Guide

The world is awash in serious systemic risk. The risk has reached truly historic proportions. And all signs point to the next crisis lurking around the corner. That’s why it’s essential to have some exposure to gold today. It acts as wealth insurance for your savings. And it has a long track record of weathering every financial disaster. In this report, we’ll explain the catastrophe we see coming and why gold is your best protection against it… and we’ll share the best ways to invest in the metal today.

The Cryptocurrency Quick Start Guide PBO Cover

The Cryptocurrency Quick-Start Guide

Welcome to cryptocurrencies. If you are new to this space, don’t worry; we’ll show you everything you need to get started. Trading cryptocurrencies can be compared to trading traditional stocks. In this report, we’ll compare the two ecosystems, tell you how this space being new works to our advantage, and answer the biggest questions most beginner crypto traders have.

Three Simple-Steps to Buy and Store Cryptos Cover

Three Simple Steps to Buy and Store Cryptocurrencies

Want to buy cryptos, but don’t know where to start? This simple step-by-step guide shows you how and where to buy bitcoin, the “reserve” cryptocurrency… where to store your bitcoin… and the best exchanges to use to buy other cryptos.

Five Straightforward Ways To Protect Cover

Five Straightforward Ways to Protect Your Cash

The United States economy is far more vulnerable than people know. And in the event of a severe economic depression, your wealth will be at risk. Here are five easy ways to protect your cash if the worst should happen.

Protect Yourself in a Deflationary Cover

How To Protect Yourself In a Deflationary Environment

In the 1920s, America was in the midst of a boom. The stock market was roaring and the economy was soaring. But as the explosive growth of the Roaring Twenties began to taper, the economy could no longer support such a massive debt load. What started as a trickle of defaults soon turned into a torrent, as people who had grown dependent on strong economic growth could no longer meet their debt obligations in a slow-growth environment. These defaulted loans caused more than 9,000 U.S. banks to run out of money and fail. Money disappeared. Deflation took hold. And the economy collapsed. Today, we face a similar threat.

Great American Credit Collapse Cover

The Great American Credit Collapse

For decades, the United States has mostly been greeted by economic expansion. This growth is thanks to America’s seemingly endless supply of credit. But in this report, Bill Bonner shows why the source of America’s strength could be the cause of its fall. When the great credit collapse comes, everything will fail. And you need to be prepared.

Smartest Move You Can Make Cover

The Smartest Move You Can Make in the Age of Dying Credit

The best investments can be hard to find. You have to track them down, research and study them, and then wait for years to buy them at a good price. In this report, Bill shows why buying a house is no longer the best investment you can make.

When The ATMs Go Dark Cover

When The ATMs Go Dark

For the last 30 years, economist, author, and businessman Bill Bonner has been watching a worrying trend in the U.S. economy… This book tells the story of what happened to America over that time… and what to do as this phenomenon reaches a final, and disturbing, conclusion.

DRT Guide To Options Trading Cove

Jeff Clark’s Guide to Options Trading

The Guide to Options Trading is a step-by-step guide to using options the right way. If you’re a beginner, start here. You’ll learn everything you need to know about calls and puts… how to pick the right options trade… and how to manage risk while adding some pop to your portfolio.

Taking Back Your Privacy Cover

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Back Your Privacy

A handful of Silicon Valley companies now have tremendous power over what you see and what you can say. At The Daily Cut, we’ve been shining a light on the growing surveillance around the world. If you haven’t taken our pointers yet, it’s not too late.

Idea of America Cover

The Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost

A collection of essays selected by William Bonner and Pierre Lemieux
Bill Bonner invites readers to reexamine long accepted notions of what America is and what it means to be an American. Bill carefully chose each of the written works included in the striking anthology to spark imagination, thought, and debate. Each of the selections–some well-known classics and others the thoughts of less conventional thinkers–builds on the next, engaging readers in an exploration of the concepts that are fundamental to our view of who we are. The Idea of America is a true celebration of the spirit that is America.

End of the Road Cover

End of the the Road: A Rogue Economist in Argentina

By Bill Bonner
As many readers know, Bill Bonner spends much of his year high in the Argentine mountains. At Gualfin (which means “end of the road”) Bill experiences the life of a gaucho. In this report, Bill recounts all the most memorable stories from the ranch. From cattle wrangling… high-altitude vineyards… and even a “war” with the locals… it’s all found in this special collection.