Welcome to The Weekly Pulse with me, Chris Lowe, editor of Legacy Inner Circle, and Tom Beal, Legacy’s Member Success Advocate.

It’s our mission at Legacy Inner Circle to identify the major profit trends shaping the market early on… so our members can profit.

That’s why every week, we publish the most essential ideas from the Legacy Research team. I’m talking about investment strategies that will protect and grow wealth, even in the most uncertain times. 

Today, Tom and I bring you a sneak preview of this week’s Legacy Inner Circle dispatch. On Friday, we’ll be bringing our paid-up subscribers an in-depth Q&A with Greg Wilson, chief analyst at our Crypto Income Quarterly advisory.

Greg takes us on a deep dive into the most exciting profit trend in cryptocurrencies right now – one that means it’s now possible to earn income on your crypto holdings. 

And with banks paying less than 0% interest on dollar deposits, now is the perfect time to take advantage.

This week’s edition of Legacy Inner Circle highlights a new, potentially life-changing opportunity in this asset class. 

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