Welcome to The Weekly Pulse. Join Tom Beal, Legacy Research’s Member Success Advocate, and Chris Lowe, editor of The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle, as they explore how to be a successful investor in these unprecedented times.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to throw governments and markets for a loop. In this week’s Weekly Pulse video, Chris and Tom keep the spotlight on the best profit opportunities out there.

Chris explores why it’s so important to have alternatives to the U.S. dollar – such as gold and bitcoin – in your portfolio.

That’s why, in this week’s issue of Legacy Inner Circle, Chris will be unlocking research by Casey Research analyst Nick Giambruno. Normally only available to paid-up subscribers of The Casey Report, Nick’s essay reveals why bitcoin is “the world’s hardest money…”

Also, Chris reports on a recent conversation he had with Legacy Research cofounder Bill Bonner, who’s marooned in Northwestern Argentina due to the coronavirus travel restrictions there.