Welcome to The Weekly Pulse with me, Chris Lowe, editor of The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle, and Tom Beal, Legacy’s Member Success Advocate.

This week, we focus on a theme we’ve been tracking at Legacy Research for more than five years – the War on Cash.

Central banks are mounting the biggest power grab in history… And it could spell the end of your financial freedom.

It’s all part of a plan to eradicate physical cash and replace it with a new, digital-only national currency.

For this week’s edition of my paid subscription, Legacy Inner Circle, I’ll be talking to Dan Denning, coauthor of The Bonner-Denning Letter, all about it.

We’ll explore why the new “digital dollar” is a disaster waiting to happen – and what you can do to turn it to your advantage. 

For a sneak preview, join Tom and I for this week’s Weekly Pulse video above…

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Chris Lowe
Editor, The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle