Welcome to TheWeekly Pulse. Join Tom Beal, Legacy’s Member Success Advocate, and Chris Lowe, editor of The Daily Cut and Legacy Inner Circle, as they explore the big trends shaping the markets in these unprecedented times.

This week, Chris reports on a trend he’s been tracking since we launched Legacy Inner Circle in 2015 – the War on Cash.

The government wants to seize control of your wealth by getting rid of banknotes and coins. And the COVID-19 pandemic has turbocharged its plans.

In a purely digital-currency world, the feds will be able to track, monitor, and record all your financial transactions. Worse, your savings will be subject to whatever crazy policies central bankers come up with to cope with the next financial crisis…

But, as Chris reveals, there is a way to protect yourself – and profit – from the coming change in our money system.

In today’s video, Chris shares details of his recent conversation with Casey Research chief analyst Nick Giambruno. Nick just released a brand-new report that shows how you can weather this financial storm… while growing your wealth.