These technologies will give us god-like powers… Or they could lead us into chaos… In the mailbag: “Between drugs and abortion, the gov’t wants to own your body”…

It could make you a fortune… and redefine the world at the same time…

I’m talking about some of the ideas Jeff Brown, our tech expert here at Legacy Research, will be revealing tonight.

At his “Early Stage Tech Summit,” Jeff will go live with four of his biggest predictions about the future of tech.

Plus, he’ll give details on four early-stage tech companies he believes could make you a small fortune in the years ahead.

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But you don’t have to wait until tonight to hear more…

Today and tomorrow, we’re handing the reins of The Daily Cut over to Jeff.

He’s been uncovering a tech story so massive, it will change our lives in ways that are hard to imagine.

We’re talking about humans with superpowers… brain implants that connect us to the digital world… even bringing people back from the dead.

All these are much closer than you think.

And as Jeff reveals below, these bleeding-edge technologies will either elevate mankind to new highs… or plunge us into chaos.

Your Grandkids Will Be Made in a Lab

By Jeff Brown, editor, Exponential Tech Investor

Over the next decade, everything there is about being human – how we think… how we’re born… and what it means to die – will change.

As I (Jeff) have been telling my readers, it’s the biggest inflection point in human history.

Simply put, the changes in the next decade will dwarf anything we’ve seen before.

The impact will be bigger than anything we saw with the internet… the internal combustion engine… even the printing press, when it revolutionized the “information technology” of the 15th century.

I realize this is a bold claim…

I don’t make it lightly. In fact, I wouldn’t have said something like that even three years ago. The tech just wasn’t there.

But it’s here now.

It’s a theme regular Daily Cut readers will be familiar with. Bleeding-edge technologies are on their way whether we like it or not. They’ll either elevate mankind to new highs or plunge us into chaos.

If you’re skeptical, let me show you the evidence…

Science fiction movies and novels often give us a sneak peek at future technologies.

Before we had FaceTime, TVs, and airplanes, there were ideas of “telephotos,” “moving pictures,” and “flying machines” in sci-fi movies and pulp fiction.

But there’s a new technology being developed right now that’s much more personal than any of that… even though it may sound impossible.

I’m talking about “super powered” humans.

Researchers at Brown University have made tiny wireless brain implants called “neurograins.”

These 0.25-square-millimeter implants can communicate very fast with external devices such as a computer or smartphone.


Three tiny “neurograin” brain implants (Source: Brown University)

They’ll give you control over your computer and smartphone just by thinking about a command.

Rather than moving a mouse or tapping a keypad… you’ll just think about opening a new Word document… or emailing that Thank You note to your aunt.

What’s more, these implants harvest energy from the brain’s electrical system. So they don’t need their own power source.

Neurograin implants have dramatic medical applications…

For paralysis or stroke victims, these implants will be paired with a “smart” wheelchair (one that reads the digital output from these implants) or prosthetic limbs to restore motor skills.

Thinking bigger, like I mentioned earlier, this technology could grant us “super powers.”

It will give us the ability to communicate and control objects through thought.

Let that sink in for a moment…

What we consider “normal” human abilities could change dramatically.

But it’s not the only technology that could give us “superhuman” abilities not long from now…

Gene editing will also give us god-like powers over our own bodies…

My readers will be familiar with “CRISPR” genetic editing technology.

It’s like software programming for your DNA. CRISPR allows scientists to cut a genetic mutation in your DNA and replace it with a healthy version.

One day, CRISPR will allow us to cure each of the roughly 6,000 crippling diseases caused by genetic mutations.

And that’s not where it stops…

CRISPR can also be used to change the genetics of human embryos. In essence, this groundbreaking new tech could help us create “better” human beings.

Take a moment to think about the ethical implications of all of this…

For instance, should we use gene editing to boost our IQs? What about creating people with denser muscle tissues?

These are questions we’ll have to grapple with over the coming years.

Now, further stretch your imagination.

What if a nation – say, a rival of the U.S. such as China or Russia – sets up its own gene-editing program?

And what if the aim of that program is to make sure every newborn is stronger and smarter than any other in the world?

This is what Aldous Huxley predicted in his sci-fi masterpiece Brave New World. It was also the goal of the Nazis. They wanted to create a “master race.”

And CRISPR technology in the wrong hands could one day accomplish that.

It’s why this is rising to the level of a national security threat…

The U.S. and other Western democracies have spoken out against genetically-modifying human embryos.

But the Chinese have shown a willingness to take a different route.

Last November, gene-edited twins were born in China. The man responsible was Chinese scientist Dr. He.

And our ability to change the course of life goes beyond gene editing…

Take this example from scientists at Yale.

In April, they took a pig’s head from a local slaughterhouse. Then they brought it back to their lab.

Roughly four hours after the pig was slaughtered, they pumped an artificial blood mixture into its brain. This restored the pig’s brain’s cellular functionality.

In other words, its brain cells were able to produce energy and remove waste – helping to maintain the brain’s internal structures.

This didn’t restore consciousness to the pig, only mechanical function. But it’s still a remarkable first.

Now imagine this technology progressing further…

What if we could restore consciousness to a recently deceased brain?

For instance, what if you could bring a human brain “back to life” long enough for that person to settle their affairs and say goodbye?

I’m not telling you that’s a good thing. Only that there are many technologists looking at extending life.

And the early results show it may not be as impossible as it first sounds.

In short, we are at a key inflection point in history…

Thanks to these breakthroughs in tech, our society is about to either become one of abundance for all… Or it will descend into chaos.

And the role we play in that starts with understanding the trends that are unfolding.

That’s why tonight, I’ll be hosting an “Early Stage Tech Summit”…

It’s a free tech investing summit I’m putting on at 8 p.m. ET.

We’ll be broadcasting from The Study at Yale. It’s a venue a stone’s throw from Yale University, where I’m enrolled in a 10-month executive leadership program.

And I hope you’ll tune in…

There’s a lot I haven’t told you yet about the future of technology. It’s more than I can fit in these pages.

But tonight, I’ll reveal four of my biggest predictions for the future of tech, on camera. And I’ll show you why key investments in a few small tech firms could make you a small fortune in the years ahead. Join me right here.

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Daily Cut

I’ll look at a specific example of how new technology could plunge our society into chaos… if it isn’t checked.

I’m talking about “deepfakes.” These are videos created by artificial intelligence (AI) software that can make anyone look like they’re saying anything.

And the only way to stop them from undermining our sense of what’s real and what’s not is to fight back with “good AI.”

Until tomorrow…


Jeff Brown
June 12, 2019
New Haven, Connecticut


Chris here – In Monday’s Cut, we asked: Who owns your body, you or Uncle Sam?

And at least one of your fellow readers believes it’s the latter…

Apparently, the government does. Between the drug issue and the anti-abortion issue, the government at some level wants to own your body.

– Tom D.

Meantime, the latest mailbag debate is a spin on the classic, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

That’s after the following back and forth between two Cut readers last week…

It would be really nice if we could change all politicians every two terms.

– Ralph C.

Ralph C. has it right. Politicians are nothing more than parasites, and it doesn’t matter which end of the political spectrum they represent.

– Al R.

And today, we’re getting mixed opinions about whether power corrupts… or attracts the corrupted…

For all the reasons stated [in the June 10 Daily Cut] and more, we need to limit these elitist politicians’ terms. Power corrupts! It’s the nature of the beast and needs to be harnessed…

– Douglas A.

They are/were already parasites looking for a host, one of which is power. I say eliminate elections, institute a lottery.

There should be some people remaining that have not been dumbed down and confused via the public education cartel in America and can manage the country without selling out to the Deep State and shadow government.

– Ernest B.

Power does not turn politicians into parasites. The type of people who are in politics and want power are parasites to begin with. That is the type of human that the political world attracts.

– John A.

Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” but a few years ago, I read a variation on this that I think is spot on. It said, “The problem is not so much that power corrupts, as that power attracts the corruptible.”

Term limits are an appealing idea, but even now, most of the real power in Congress resides in the congressional aides – the employees of the congressmen who actually write the bills, tell the congressmen how to vote, and coordinate their daily activities.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to get term limits, just that, even if we did manage to get them, don’t expect them to bring the results we would hope for.

– Gordon F.

Does politics attract “parasite” types, or does power turn politicians into parasites? Is new tech just another tool for Uncle Sam to control our bodies? Join the conversation at [email protected].



Chris Lowe
June 12, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

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