You’ve been on the top of our mind lately here at Legacy Research…

Stock market volatility is through the roof.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. is now at 466,299.

And the economy is in deep freeze…  

Millions of Americans are losing their jobs. And the government is now the biggest employer in the country.

If you’re like our friends and family, you have lots of questions…

What should I do with my money? How will I know stocks have bottomed? How long could this last? Will there be another Great Depression?

Rest assured, we’re here to make sure you have all the answers.

For as long as this crisis lasts, we’re tearing down the “paywall” to our best ideas, insights, and recommendations on the virus and its impacts on your health and wealth.

That’s why today, I’m sharing with you the top insights from the Legacy Research team about protecting your wealth in this crisis.

It’s a special report we’ve put together for you called the Coronavirus Crisis Playbook.

It lays out timeless strategies for protecting – and growing – your wealth in a crisis.

For example…

In Chapter 1, you’ll learn from Teeka Tiwari why it’s crucial to follow a simple asset allocation strategy heading into… and out of… a crash.

In Chapter 4, you’ll learn all about the best time to jump back into stocks after a plunge.

And in Chapter 6, Legacy Research cofounder Doug Casey shows you how to identify best-in-breed gold stocks.

Click here to download the Coronavirus Crisis Playbook



Chris Lowe
April 10, 2020
Dublin, Ireland

P.S. Our Friday Daily Cut mailbag edition will hit your inbox at 5 p.m. ET. We’ll be putting the spotlight on the increased levels of surveillance governments and corporations are rolling out to fight the pandemic.

As you’ll see, it’s one of the most controversial issues right now among your fellow Legacy Research readers. Their No. 1 concern: When the government takes away your liberties, it rarely gives them back. So keep a look out for that later on…

And if you have any thoughts on that… or on any of the other topics we’ve featured in our Daily Cut dispatches recently, you can reach out to me and the rest of the Daily Cut team at [email protected].