Wall Street has found a new way to lie to you…

We’re just over two hours away from the start of colleague Teeka Tiwari’s “Project DEEPWave” livestream event.

Teeka’s event kicks off at 8 p.m. ET tonight… So if you haven’t already, now is your last chance to reserve your spot.

Teeka is broadcasting from his home in Puerto Rico. I caught up with him earlier this week via Zoom. And from that conversation, I can tell you, this event is going to be incendiary.

You see, Teeka and his team have spotted something highly irregular going on in the stock market recently.

This activity is 100% legal under U.S. securities law. But it’s still deeply disturbing.

Because it involves hidden trades that some of the world’s richest investors are placing on private exchanges.

Wall Street has lied to Main Street with these anonymous trades… and tilted the playing field in its favor.

Understanding what’s going on is critical for you as an investor…

One of the core principles of free and fair markets is transparency.

You can’t agree on a price… or figure out a market trend… if you’re not seeing all the trades being made.

Sure, regular investors like you and I can’t compete with the amount of cash Wall Street firms spend on research… high-speed connections to stock exchanges… and market-crunching algorithms.

Last year alone, Wall Street investors shelled out more than $3 billion in commissions for high-level research. And if you want access to the top algorithms – or “algos” – it’s often impossible.

But it’s a fundamental principle of market fairness that everyone sees the same data… no matter who you are… or how deep your pockets are.

You may not have as much money in the bank as the typical Wall Street suit. But at the very least, you should expect to be on a level playing field with them in terms of the data you see.

It would come as a shock to most folks if the chart they pulled up on Yahoo Finance or The Wall Street Journal… wasn’t the complete chart.

After all, how can you trade if you don’t know what’s really going on in the markets?

You’d be flying blind…

But today’s stock market isn’t even close to transparent…

And as a result, the playing field isn’t even remotely flat. One side (Wall Street) gets to see everything that’s going on. The other side (Main Street) is left in the dark.

That was Teeka’s big discovery…

As regular Daily Cut readers know, Teeka isn’t just America’s most trusted cryptocurrency expert. Before getting started in crypto, he worked on Wall Street and ran his own hedge fund.

And last November, he launched a new trading advisory, Palm Beach Quant, here at Legacy Research.

In this service, Teeka uses a powerful trading system to detect predictive patterns in stock price moves. This is based on centuries of historic market data that he and his team have analyzed.

That’s how they spotted this irregular activity I mentioned up top. Teeka…

At the beginning of the second quarter of this year, I noticed a string of strange anomalies in my trading data. Data that had been working for years suddenly went “wonky.” The trading action was so far off the norm, I knew there had to be a flaw somewhere in my data collection.

This troubled Teeka so much, he and his team began a three-month investigation to get to the bottom of it.

Teeka has an intense drive to help his readers…

And he puts mountains of energy and heart into that mission.

As his longtime managing editor, Chaka Ferguson, put it…

I’ve seen him, after he’s flown overnight from Moscow to Fort Lauderdale, arriving bleary-eyed at our Delray Beach headquarters to brief staff on his latest research.

The next day, he’d catch a red-eye to California to research an investment opportunity. Then, he’d be off to the Colombian highland jungles with an armed escort in search of more life-changing gains.

Teeka knows from experience what it’s like to get knocked down… and to get back up again.

He started off life in the foster care system in Britain. But by pure force of personality, he made his way to New York as a teenager, with barely a hundred bucks in his pocket.

He flipped burgers. He washed cars. He even talked his way into a job on Wall Street, at the age of 18, by offering to work for free. And just two years later, he became the youngest-ever vice president at Shearson Lehman.

But Teeka eventually quit Wall Street to help regular investors really move the needle on their wealth.

It’s why he and his team spent more than $1 million investigating what’s going on – including consulting with experts… buying massive data sets… and building new algorithms from the ground up with a whole new data set.

The conclusions from Teeka’s investigation are startling…

It’s not just that some of the market data you and I look at every day as investors is off by a bit. It’s off by a lot. Teeka again…

Big Wall Street firms, hedge fund managers, and big-money men of every ilk were making public statements that had the effect of changing the data we see on our charts.

At the same time, they were using private exchanges to “hide” their activity – much of which was opposite to their stated positions. So it never shows up in the charts you and I rely on.

These aren’t trades you’ll see on the New York Stock Exchange ticker tape. They don’t show up on stock charts. And you’ll never have the chance to get in on them. Our research shows 40% of all trading volume will never show up on the public charts.

The good news is, after months of intensive research, Teeka has found a way to level the playing field for regular investors.

It’s as close to a “lie detector” test as Teeka has ever seen…

Because they can hide their activity on private exchanges, Wall Street bigwigs can try to cover their tracks when they place big trades.

But by including this usually hidden data in his own algorithms, Teeka and his team can spot these lies. As he explained it…

In testing, when we saw money managers go on TV and say, “I’m buying,” this data feed said, “No. That’s not true.” And when they went on TV and said, “I’m not selling,” again, this data said, “No. That’s not true.”

Teeka says this little-used data set caught every “lie” he and his team threw at it.

And after a spell of lagging performance, once he factored this new data into a series of backtests, his trading results improved dramatically.

In fact, it gave him an opportunity to generate trades that averaged gains of $19,740.

I can’t go into too much detail here…

But like I said up top, at 8 p.m. ET tonight, Teeka will be hosting a free online briefing.

It’s all about exactly how Wall Street is secretly profiting by misleading the public.

What I can say here is that Teeka’s discovery tarnished the reputation of one of his investing heroes (a household name).

It also reveals how Wall Street is making out with billions in profits… and leaving scraps for everyone else.

You can learn more about it in Teeka’s free briefing in just a couple of hours. Reserve your spot here.

Good investing,


Chris Lowe
June 25, 2020
Bray, Ireland

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