Two megatrends are colliding…

Our mission at The Daily Cut is to keep you up to date with the top profit trends we follow at Legacy Research. That’s the alliance between Bonner & Partners, Casey Research, Jeff Clark, and Palm Beach Research Group.

We’re talking about trends you can profit from over several years… even decades.

And as regular readers know, two of the most exciting profit trends today are the crypto revolution and the wave of cannabis legalization spreading across North America… and the globe.

Now, these two trends are coming together…

Integrated CBD is a cannabis company that farms 10,000 acres of hemp in Arizona. (Hemp is a close cousin of the cannabis that gets you “high.”)

And it started tracking and verifying each step in the crop production process on a “blockchain” – the technology behind cryptos.

As you’ll see, it’s part of a wider trend… one that will see us upgrade the internet we know today with blockchain technology.

One day all crops will be tracked this way…

That’s according to pioneering digital currency investor Marco Wutzer, who heads up our Disruptive Profits advisory.

I (Chris) talked to Marco for Friday’s issue of Legacy Inner Circle. (Inner Circle members can catch up on the full Q&A here.)

And he told me that supply-chain tracking in agriculture is one of the biggest growth areas for blockchain technology…

Just think about the benefits of tracking produce from seed to sale on a tamperproof, decentralized blockchain. It allows auditors to verify that the crop originated where the farmers say it originated. And it’s not just for hemp. You can use this kind of system to track the entire life cycle of any crop.

You can timestamp photos of crops on a blockchain. You can also lock down the location where the photo was taken. And thanks to the proliferation of digital sensors, you can also now record the temperature.

This will revolutionize a bunch of different industries. Marco again…

Take the wine industry. Using a blockchain to store and share this data, winemakers will be able to prove this sensor has reported these temperatures for these grapes on these days. You’ll know this wine is good because it was never exposed to heat.

Or take the meat industry. You’ll know your steak isn’t rotten. You’ll be able to see it was always stored below a particular temperature across the whole supply chain.

Blockchain provenance tracking will also be important for luxury goods. When you buy a leather handbag, you’ll be able to tell the leather came from “X” farm… was made in “Y” factory… then went to “Z” wholesaler before ending up in the store.

It will come with a digital certificate. It will allow you to see the entire provenance chain. You’ll know your Louis Vuitton handbag is not fake, but the real thing.

At Legacy, we’ve been writing about cryptos for the last three years…

Teeka Tiwari was the first guy in our industry to launch a major newsletter all about cryptos – Palm Beach Confidential.

In April 2016, Teeka recommended bitcoin. It was trading for just $428. Since then, even after a brutal bear market last year, it’s up 2,467%.

But Teeka is not the only crypto and blockchain expert at Legacy.

Over at our Bleeding Edge tech investing e-letter, Jeff Brown has been uncovering innovation in the blockchain industry.

He’s written about everything from fighting crime on the deep web… to upgrading legacy money transfers… even how blockchain technology could be used in space.

And later this month, Jeff will be in Washington, D.C. He’s advising members of the House of Representatives and the Senate on how to stimulate innovation in the U.S. blockchain industry.

Marco adds his own unique perspective on the crypto economy. He was an early investor in e-gold, a forerunner of the gold-backed cryptos we’ve been telling you about. He later made so much money with cryptos, he retired in his 30s and dropped everything to travel the world with his wife.

Legacy Research cofounder Doug Casey took an interest in cryptos early on, too. And like Marco, Doug believes this is about a lot more than new currencies…

Many cryptos have great utility outside the monetary sphere. In the near future they’ll be used to record real estate and stock transactions, transmit and store data privately, and hundreds of other things.

Only perhaps 25 million out of the 7 billion people in the world currently use them. I promise you that five years from now that number will be more like three billion. They’re going to get much bigger in the developed world, but vastly bigger in the Third World.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you how this is leading to the buildout of what Marco calls the “New Internet.”

It goes back to one of the big themes at last year’s Legacy Investment Summit…

Folks who joined us in Bermuda for our inaugural event will recall one of the fieriest debates was over where the crypto revolution is headed.

I sat down with Teeka, Marco, and anarcho-capitalist and crypto advocate Jeffrey Tucker to talk about the future of cryptos… and how to invest in it.

As they pointed out at the time, there will be near infinite applications of blockchain technology. Pretty much every business that currently uses a database will switch to some form of blockchain. And that’s just about every business in the world…

We’ll be continuing the conversation at this year’s Legacy Investment Summit in Carlsbad, California.

So, if you’re interested in a deep dive on cryptos – and an opportunity to meet Marco, Teeka, Jeff Brown, and the rest of the Legacy team – reserve your spot here.

Meantime, here’s what you can do if you’re just starting out as a crypto investor…

Marco says the first step is to buy some bitcoin. It doesn’t have to be a large dollar amount. Even $100 will do. (Remember, bitcoins are divisible into 100,000,000 smaller units called satoshis.)

Bitcoin allows you to capture most of the upside of the crypto economy. Marco again…

The U.S. dollar is the reserve currency of the global economy. Bitcoin is the reserve currency of the crypto economy.

To buy most other cryptos, you first need to buy bitcoin. That’s why I call it the “on-ramp” of the crypto economy. Bitcoin is also the most established cryptocurrency. It has the strongest network effects and the biggest brand recognition.

Bitcoin is no longer the most advanced blockchain technology. But thanks to its first-mover advantage, it will be a major player for years to come.

So if you haven’t already, check out this guide Teeka and his team put together.

It lists the top three online crypto exchanges to buy bitcoin. Plus, it shows you the four digital “wallets” Teeka recommends you use to store your bitcoin.



Chris Lowe
July 8, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal