Everyone is talking about the metaverse…

But when you hear the term, what springs to mind?

Maybe it’s Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donning virtual reality (VR) goggles and wandering around a 3D world as a cartoon version of himself…

…or kids getting together in multiplayer online games such as Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.

…or the Stephen Spielberg movie Ready Player One, which revolves around a virtual world you enter using VR.

These types of narratives are what most mainstream press reports focus on.

But the metaverse isn’t just about goggles and games.

It isn’t about handing more power to Zuckerberg and other Big Tech moguls, either.

Quite the opposite…

As I (Chris Lowe) have been showing you, it’s about creating a new version of the internet they can’t control… one that catapults cryptos into the mainstream.

That means you have a brief opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a megatrend that will create a new generation of millionaires.

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Today, I’m continuing my campaign to get you to take the metaverse seriously…

It’s become a major theme on our radar here at Legacy over the past several months.

Here’s how our crypto investing expert, Teeka Tiwari, put it over at our Palm Beach Confidential advisory…

The metaverse is destined to become the new center of social interaction the way the local pub was for centuries… TV was for decades… internet chat boards were in the 1990s… and Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are now.

It’s a megatrend of broad applications that will lure the entire world into its seductive maw… the same way the smartphone has eaten the attention of almost 6 billion people. Soon, we’ll all be plugged into this technology in an entirely new and transformative way.

If you’re already a paid-up Palm Beach Confidential subscriber, you can read Teeka’s full take on the metaverse here.

But in short, he says it’s the most powerful profit trend he’s come across since he first officially recommended bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) in April 2016.

That’s saying something…

Bitcoin is up 15,402% since Teeka’s original recommendation. And ether is up 47,626%.

So even if the metaverse seems “out there” to you, stick with me today.

Once you see what it’s really about… and where the profits will come from… you can piggyback on this megatrend for potentially life-changing gains.

VR headsets will help bring the metaverse to life…

And the 3D graphics they generate give them a visual wow factor. That makes them great fodder for cable news.

But the lifeblood of the metaverse will be another recent tech breakthrough – crypto.

Currently, Big Tech companies such as Facebook/Meta and Google (GOOG) harvest their users’ data and hawk it to advertisers.

And the profits from this data mining flow into these companies’ coffers. Their users get zilch.

But that changes when you build the internet on top of decentralized blockchains. It’s what our tech expert, Jeff Brown, calls Web 3.0. Jeff…

Web 3.0 is based around a model that has built-in monetary incentives for everyone. Web 3.0 social media, for instance, will allow folks who post on platforms and share their data to share in advertising revenues.

Or take the Brave web browser. It allows you to use crypto to tip the creators of web pages you visit. That means they no longer have to rely on banner ads to monetize their content. And Twitter (TWTR) is in the early stages of enabling crypto payments on its platform.

The most successful metaverse projects right now follow the same models. They’ll not only create monetary incentives for their users. They’ll host entire economies.

NFTs will play a central role in all of this…

Most folks know NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, in the context of digital collectibles or pricey artworks like the one Mike Winkelmann (aka “Beeple”) sold at auction in March for $69 million.


Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple. Source: Christie’s

But NFTs can also represent authenticity and ownership of other scarce digital items. That makes them great building blocks for a digital economy.

For example, they’re already at the core of the popular blockchain-based metaverse game Axie Infinity.

Each character in the game is an NFT you own and can sell to other players.

NFTs also represent scarce digital “land” in metaverse worlds…

This is a tough one to wrap your head around. But there’s a real estate boom going on in blockchain-based metaverse worlds.

And the “land” for sale is in the form of NFTs.

Take Decentraland. It’s a metaverse world built on the Ethereum blockchain. (That’s the same blockchain ether is native to.)

Digital land there is going for big bucks. As Yahoo Finance reported in June…

[Decentraland’s virtual land] sales happen every day, but one recent purchase by investors took numbers to a whole new level. The price of $913,228.20 marks the most lucrative purchase of NFT land ever and is more than enough to buy a few real houses in many cities globally.

It may seem crazy to spend nearly $1 million on virtual land.

But you need this land before you can set up a business – say a mall or a casino – in Decentraland. And because this land is in the form of NFTs, its scarcity is guaranteed. That helps it retain its value.

Even better, you can easily trade your land with other people – all on a blockchain, without any middlemen.

Think of it like the rush to buy internet domain names in the 1990s…

Before you can set up an e-commerce website, you need a domain name.

That’s why folks in the 1990s snapped up popular names.

Just ask Zappy, who works alongside Teeka at our Palm Beach Special Opportunities advisory.

Back in 1998, it may have seemed weird when he shelled out $80,000 to buy the domain name Beer.com. But two months later, he sold it for $7.5 million – an 8,650% return.

The profits have also been wild for investors in blockchain-based metaverse worlds…

MANA, the crypto you need to buy land in Decentraland… and SAND, the crypto you need to buy land in metaverse world The Sandbox… have skyrocketed this year.


And they’re up 409% and 438% since Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta on October 28.

That dwarfs the 9% rise in the Facebook/Meta share price over the same time.

These cryptos show the Web 3.0 model at work: Users of Decentraland and The Sandbox are making money as these metaverse worlds become more popular.

That’s why I’ve been urging you to consider cryptos to profit from the metaverse…

That’s the route Teeka is taking at Palm Beach Confidential. It’s also the primary route Jeff is taking at Unchained Profits.

If you’re already a paid-up subscriber of either of these advisories, you can find their individual recommendations for the best metaverse/Web 3.0 plays there.

If you’re not already signed up, you can start profiting from this megatrend by buying bitcoin and ether.

These are the two big “blue-chip” cryptocurrencies. They stand to shoot up as blockchain-based metaverse worlds accelerate mainstream adoption of cryptos.



Chris Lowe
November 22, 2021
Barcelona, Spain