Less than 14 years…

If inflation stays at its current level – a yearly rise of 5.4% – that’s how long it will take to cut your uninvested wealth in half.

In 14 years, every $1,000 you have stuffed under the mattress will be worth just $479.

So today, I’m shining the spotlight on a “cure” for inflation available in the crypto market.

You see, a group of Legacy Research readers has had the chance to earn an average yield of nearly 10% on a subset of the crypto market.

That’s double today’s inflation rate.

And this same group of readers has had a shot at gains of more than 30,000%.

That’s enough to make your worries about even higher inflation melt away.

Before we get to the source of those gains, it’s important you grasp a bedrock truth…

Inflation eats away at your returns…

The investment returns most folks talk about are their “nominal” returns.

These are your returns before you factor in inflation.

Say you make $100 on a $1,000 investment. Your nominal return is 10% (since $100 is 10% of $1,000).

But if inflation is running at about 5% like it is now, your “real” return is 5% (since 10% minus 5% is 5%).

And as the name suggests, your real return is all that matters. It’s what determines what your returns can buy you.

Think of the inflation rate as the rate your returns need to surpass to grow your wealth.

That’s where this new subset of crypto comes in. It can help you clear that hurdle handily.

Teeka Tiwari calls these cryptos “Tech Royalties”…

For newer Daily Cut readers, Teeka is a former Wall Street vice president and hedge fund manager.

And since he joined us at Legacy in 2014, he’s focused on helping readers grow their wealth through crypto.

So far, that’s been a roaring success.

For instance, he first recommended bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) at our Palm Beach Letter and Palm Beach Confidential advisories in April 2016.

Since then, bitcoin is up 14,211%. Ether – the crypto associated with the Ethereum platform – is up 46,289%.

But Tech Royalties are a new way to invest in crypto. And they’ve fast become one of Teeka’s favorite ways to play the crypto boom.

It’s why Teeka launched Palm Beach Crypto Income

The mission of this elite crypto advisory is to help readers profit from this new class of crypto investments.

And once you learn how Tech Royalties work, it’s easy to see why. They have the explosive upside of small cryptos… and they pay out regular royalty-like income.

How is this possible?

Many blockchain projects pay out rewards in crypto. It’s similar to how a stock pays shareholders regular cash dividends.

These rewards are a way for a blockchain project to drive the adoption of its technology by allowing early investors to take part and cash in on the project’s success.

Tech Royalties are extra attractive in today’s inflationary world…

As I mentioned, prices of everyday items are rising at more than a 5% yearly rate.

Meanwhile, bond yields and interest rates are close to record lows.

The 10-year Treasury note yields just 1.5% a year. And you’ll earn a yield of just 0.27% on the average 5-year certificate of deposit (CD).

Those are the nominal yields. In real – or inflation-adjusted – terms, these supposed savings vehicles are making you poorer every year.

By contrast, Tech Royalties in the Palm Beach Crypto Income model portfolio average a nominal yield of 9.7%.

That works out to an average real yield of 4.3%.

And that’s just on the income side…

As I mentioned earlier, you also have explosive profit potential.

In the model portfolio at Palm Beach Crypto Income, recommendations Teeka and his chief analyst, Greg Wilson, made to their readers are showing gains of 3,399%… 3,579%… even 30,238%.

That last one is enough to turn every $1,000 grubstake into more than $300,000.

If you had put in $10,000 when they recommended it, this Tech Royalty would have made you a millionaire three times over.

If you have a family, that has the potential to create generational wealth…

It’s something your kids – even your grandkids – could benefit from for decades.

What’s Teeka and Greg’s “secret sauce”?

Crypto rewards on Tech Royalties are denominated in crypto. That’s different from stock dividends, which are generally denominated in U.S. dollars.

So your crypto rewards appreciate at the same rate versus the dollar as the underlying coins do.

Take the crypto associated with decentralized app platform Tezos (XTZ). It’s a competitor of Ethereum.

When Teeka and Greg first added XTZ to the model portfolio in March 2019, it paid out a reward rate of about 7% a year.

But since then, the dollar value of XTZ has shot up 1,188%. And so has the dollar value of the reward income it pays.

The effective reward rate today for folks who acted on Teeka and Greg’s initial recommendation is 74%.

Factor in inflation, and that’s still an effective real yield of 68.6%. You won’t find this caliber of yield in any other asset class on the planet.

Even better, we’re entering a golden era of Tech Royalties…

That’s because of a catalyst coming soon that Teeka calls the “Second Phase.”

He believes it’s an opportunity to make more in one year than you could in 10 lifetimes on the stock market.

That may sound crazy. But he has a proven track record of delivering “crazy” gains for his readers.

It’s why Teeka is holding a free livestream event called Tech Royalties 2.0: The Second Phase on Wednesday, November 3, at 8 p.m. ET.

You can join his livestream by signing up here.

He’ll talk about the ”Second Phase” and why it’s so bullish for Tech Royalty investing.

And for the first time, he’ll release his full premium research report on his No. 1 Tech Royalty pick to event VIPs. This will also cover how to buy the pick and how to start earning Tech Royalties from it immediately.

All you have to do is sign up for his VIP list for free right here.

Like I said, the income available in Tech Royalties is enough to keep you well ahead of inflation. And the explosive gains have the potential to dramatically alter your financial situation.

So I hope to see you at Teeka’s livestream next week.



Chris Lowe
October 28, 2021
Barcelona, Spain